Spirit Message of the Day – Time to Fly!

“Throughout our lives we play many roles. Sometimes there are rituals that mark our change from one to another, like graduation or marriage. Mostly, though, our changes go unmarked. But they still happen. Changes and transformations take place on many levels, some obvious and external, like starting a new job. Some are more internal, like shifts in our spiritual or psychological views.”

“Sometimes these personal transformations coincide with a dark time in our lives. the dark time may be in response to a loss of some sort. It could just as easily be a conscious withdrawing, kind of like putting yourself into a cocoon. It is an odd and intriguing mystery how so many miraculous changes take place in the dark, unseen by anyone, sometimes unseen even by the person experiencing them. And, even with consciously initiated transformation, you cannot always be sure what the final outcome will be.”

“The Gothic Rose sorceress knows all about transformations. She abides amongst black roses, symbols of the exquisite beauty of the mysterious growth that occurs in the darkest, most secret places. She holds a black orb, a seed of nothing and of everything. In it are all possibilities. Not until it has sprouted, grown, and bloomed will she know for certain what it will be. Her gloves are adorned with a slim crescent moon, because even though her arms plant the seeds, the outcome is still hidden. Her eyes have endless tears because she never forgets that during the miracle of new life, old life must be sacrificed. And so she mourns the loss of all life even as she creates new life. Above her is a stunning moth, a clear sign of the completed transformative process. As the moth emerges from the dark and closed cocoon, it spreads its wings and flies toward the light.”

“You are in some phase of transformation. This can be a scary and exciting time. You may not even know what is coming next, but you’ll be eager to find out. Spend time getting to know the new you. How are you different? How are you the same? What effect will these changes have on your life? What excites you the most? What frightens you or makes you nervous? One of the dangers of this period is the desire to stay within your metaphorical cocoon. It is, after all, a safe place. And who knows what life as the new you is going to be like. There is always a bit of stress with anything new. That’s all natural, but don’t let it stop you. Like the Gothic Rose’s moth, reveal your beautiful, new self, and fly toward the light!”

Today’s message is from Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore with art by Jessica Galbreth.


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