Message of the Day – A Light That Surrounds

“We are the fae, and the dragon. We are the blood of the ancients and the blood of the star-seekers, woven till indivisible, yet each strand working its magick. We are enchanted and practical. We are mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons. You are the wise women, the crone, the hag, the maiden, the light-footed innocent, the courageous mother bring forth life from her womb. We are born into blood, and this blood within us is of our ancestors.”

“Our ancestors know that our bloods have mingled many times and that those of us who seek to distinguish ourselves from each other know not the truth. I am One. You are Me. I am You. We are One. That is the truth of the nature within you. Find the magick of the knowing. Find that which you fear and know it within your own blood and heartbeat. For that is the way to conquer all fear, all ignorance and all separation from the Mother. You are Her. She is You. and she is within you and will remain with you forever. There is nothing beyond her, and to deny her now is to deny what you are. I am Dragon. I am Fae. I am Goddess. I am human. I am all there is, and there is all in me – just as there is all in you. See this, and cease to seek separation.”

“Brigid is the great Irish Celtic triple Goddess, mother of all, Goddess of the forge, or birth, of the hearth and home, and of sacred wells and waters. Transformed by the Church into a Christian Saint, she pre-dates her Saint counterpart by some 4,000 years. She is a well of kindness and strength, the patroness of those who are going through any form of struggle to be born into another time in their lives. she carries a sword to be born into another time in their lives. She carries a sword and knows that this time will be eased if you hold onto hope, and understand that this is an experience that all beings endure…but it will not last. So do not struggle, because the light is in sight and it will be warm and safe and good very soon, and you will be better off for having known the hardship you are currently experiencing.”

“Finding the common areas between yourself and another very different person. Understanding that aging is a part of the human process. Moving beyond conditioned fears. Understanding the truth of the other, having compassion and respect for difference, understanding of soul truths, great love. Women having children and mother issues all come up when this card makes her gracious presence felt.”

“Work with candles, flames and keep the light going in your life. Reduce the artificial light in your life and increase the sun and moonlight, the starlight, the light from flame and candlelight. Be sure to strive for justice, as Brigid ensures that what is right and fair will indeed take place. Make an offering at a waterway (the sea, a well, a lake, or a river).”

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

Spirit Message of the Day – Dance With Grace

Take Time to Dance
“When we ask for guidance, take action, and put our faith in an outcome we can’t yet see, we’ve begun to dance with Grace.”Cheryl Richardson






“This card represents music; storytelling; and the passing of truths, myths, and legends from generation to generation through the spoken word or song. In ancient Avalon, the traditions and stories of the people were gathered on leaves that served as letters in a living alphabet and were tended in vast, long houses. Here the Druids and priestesses came to read and weave the stories of magic and the sacred relationship to the God/Goddess and the Mystery. Those schooled in the art of music and storytelling were given the task of informing their world and keeping the stories of their culture alive. They were given the name of Bard.”

 “When the Bard appears, you’re asked to seek answers in your personal history. Go back into your own story and find the threads of the patterns in your reality, and trace their length to the present. Perhaps you’ll be surprised by how much of your past, or that of your ancestors, still weaves its influence on you today. The Bard asks you to retrieve the stories woven in the past. Perhaps you need to learn about the history of someone, or something important to your inquiry. The seeds of the future are always hidden in the soil of your past. It’s time to dig a little to find the clarity you need. Don’t be afraid to learn the patterns of history. The only way to honor them or change them is to know them.”

“Perhaps it’s time to listen to music, let your spirit dance, and allow yourself to be carried into the land of memory and listen to its messages as the strings of your soul are strummed by the Divine. The Bard reminds you to stay in tune with All-That-Is today. You are music, and your story is sung in the Universe.”

Today’s guidance is from Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.  

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Spirit Message of the Day – A Test of Courage

“When you stumble upon the Desert Prince, you receive a gift. The plant life that exists in the desert environment is well defended, tough, and succulent even though it gets little or no water. In spite of external conditions, extraordinary life can form and thrive. As an ally for you, this card reminds  you to be tough, have courage, and dare to dream no matter what the circumstances may be. It may seem to be a hard time, but not only will you survive – you will thrive. In spite of conditions, you’ll succeed. Dry spells are also true tests of faith and courage. Expect nothing less than what is in your most precious dreams and watch miracles happen.”

“As your challenger, the desert prince card reminds you: Don’t be fooled by the beauty of the desert prince now, for you are being faced with a mirage. Sometimes you can’t see the truth because your thirst for achievement and recognition may blind you to the true nature of your situation. Perhaps, too, circumstances prevent you from being able to see with clarity. Beware, when faced with something that seems too perfect, miraculous, and easy. If you think it’s too good to be true, it is. Pay attention to false promises at this time. Don’t be swayed by shortcuts and flattery. The best way out of this is to accept that every life has a desert period – just accept this for now, and cross it one step at a time. You will be led to green pastures and fresh, clean water with divine appropriate timing.”

Today’s message is from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid.

Spirit Message of the Day – Create Positive Expectations

“When this card shows up as your ally, it requires you to examine your perceptions. Do you see the world as perfect and beautiful? Can you retrace your steps from your past to now and see the perfection in the way reality has been created? Truly, perception is everything. A glass half-empty is the same as a glass half-full, yet so different according to how it’s perceived.  The Eyes of Beauty remind you that if you move forward with conviction, all is well now and always will be. You will see true prosperity as a result. Expect to see beauty and you will attract your highest good.’

“As a challenger, this card, could be a sign of self-centered fear, expressed through harsh judgement which is behind your current circumstances. Are you seeing only the flaws in your circumstances or in another person? Are you looking at what is wrong instead of what could be made right? If you take some time to adjust your eyes and see things exactly as they are, you cannot help but admire their perfection. Release your expectations and demands, and be with the truth of the way things are now. You’re whole and beautiful and perfect, and what you observe is, too. It may not be exactly what you want, but perhaps in shifting your vision, you will find clarity and will see that it’s exactly what you need at this time. A total shift in perception is what is required now.”

Today’s message is from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Guidebook by Colette Baron-Reid.

Spirit Message of the Day -You Are a Divine Expression

The beautifully fragrant Peony flower reminds us that we are each a unique and divine expression of the divine. “We live in very interesting times. Although there is widespread disconnection from our creator and from a simple way of living, something is shifting. Many people are beginning to feel dis-satisfaction at the pace and chaos of contemporary life. Deep within us, there is a part that is demanding more attention, that we are now taking time to seek out. It is like the pearl in the oyster – the perfect expression of the divine within each of us. We are simply out of practice with how to reach it.”

“Peony flower spirit encourages you to rediscover that peaceful temple within to find a personal fulfilment that will far surpass the ups and downs of daily life. If we can gain more connection with our creator, through an ability to feel that presence within, then we will gain a true feeling of interconnectedness with all life, and the little annoyances and judgements will drop away.”

“By picking this card, you are being shown that you will be seeking a more spiritual path in your daily life, tapping into your own divinity. Take time to sit quietly, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Begin to recall a time when you felt an expansive sense of bliss, perhaps when you saw an amazing sunset, or an exquisite landscape. What you experience in that moment is your own pure connection with Source. Use this simple exercise as a way of accessing your divinity. Sit in silence and absorb the tranquility and joy of this beingness. We are all divine beings connected with the magnificence of our creator.”

Today’s guidance is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

Spirit Message of the Day – Unexpected Relief Is Coming

“The Banes are deadly plants that also offer gifts if used wisely. Native to Britain, Wolfsbane (also known as Monkshood) and Hemlock (not to be confused with the conifer of the same name) grow in damp, shady conditions, whereas Henbane likes drier, sandy soil. Hemlock and Henbane are foul smelling. This card shows Wolfsbane growing in the light of the full moon. To the right is Hemlock and to the left Hebane. Spent arrow heads lie on the ground.”

“Life can sometimes seem almost unbearable. If you have chosen this card, it may mean that you are currently surrounded by pressures and difficulties. But life is fundamentally mysterious, and out of the blue something can happen that acts as a catalyst for change. We are so used to the high drama and ‘big stories’ of movies and television that we easily forget the immense power of the smallest things. Just one remark of a friend or stranger, one line in a book, or a dawning realization of your own can trigger a new direction in your life, or a turning point in your affairs. Such a gift may come to you from a completely unexpected direction, bringing relief to your situation, that you would have never imagined. Consumerism has trained us to look for the biggest when really we should be looking for the best.”

Today’s message is from The Druid Plant Oracle: working with the magical flora of the Druid tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Release Judgments of Self and Others

“In China she is the Great Mother also known as She Who Brings Children; the approachable and merciful goddess of peasants and Madonna figure. She is the principle of yin portrayed as unconditional love. She was a human woman who gained immortality and goddess stature. Her father planned for her to marry well, but she resolved not to marry at all. She begged to be allowed to go to the monastery every day. Her father finally relented, but with instructions to the monks to make life so hard for her that she would not stay. When nothing seemed to bring about the desired result, she was threatened with execution if she did not give in. At the appointed hour a tiger rushed out of the hills and saved her. That is why she is sometimes called the compassionate rebel.”

“Kuan Yin served as a symbol of the Chinese assimilation of Buddhism. She is often depicted meditating, giving the sign of a blessing or holding an infant in her lap. Converted Asian Catholics continue to worship Kuan Yin as the Virgin Mary. She represents healing, heath, childbirth, music, flowers, protector of fisherman and sailors, and is the champion for the unfortunate. Her symbols include the weeping willow, the lotus flower, raindrops (sometimes symbolized by beads or pearls), the sea, and an infant. Her figure is often seen with a tiger. In the Chinese culture red symbolizes joy, good fortune, health, happiness, peace and prosperity which is why it is worn by brides. In terms of color, red is the soul of China.”

– Excerpt taken from Seasons of the Witch 2010 Weekly Calendar by Victoria David Danann.

“Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone. Gentleness is strength behind true power, and it comes from feeding yourself with nourishing words, thought, deeds, intentions, and all forms of food. Shield yourself from harshness by placing an intention to attract only kind and gentle life lessons and relationships. Transform harshness into gentleness by refusing to see anything but the shining light that’s within each person and situation. This intention begins with your relationship with yourself. Be very gentle with yourself in all ways. Be happy, be kind, be sweet, but most of all, be true to you.”

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Spirit Message of the Day – Be the Center of the Storm

“My message is one of calm. Repeat after me, ‘I am still within, whilst all around me is moving’. As we go about our busy lives, it is sometimes easy to forget to breathe properly. Speeding up throughout the day, in an effort to get everything done quickly with our hectic schedules, our breath becomes more and more shallow. The deeper you breathe into your stomach and chest, the slower your heart will beat, enabling your whole body and nervous system to experience stillness and calm.”

“The flower spirit of the Nigella, also known as Love-in-a-Mist, reminds you to take time to pause and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and slowly fill your lungs with cool, blue celestial light. Imagine the soft, hazy blue of the Nigella flower flowing into the crown of your head from above, filling first your stomach and then your lungs. This is a powerful healing energy from Source the Universe the God/Goddess. As you draw in this breath of life, take a moment to reflect and be still admist the chaos you feel outside. Feel and clearly visualize each cell of your body drinking in this pure serenity from above. Imagine this blue energy resonating out from your body, flowing inside then outside of yourself, and then filling the space around you, so that you emanate and are surrounded by a cool and gentle calm.”

“Open your eyes again and re-experience the world around you with more clarity and awareness. See the beauty in everything and stand aside from the mass consciousness of speed. Perhaps you have become too wrapped up in material gain, consumed by worry or fear, or caught up on outside recognition and control. Everything true and essential is by its very nature simple and accessible to everyone in the world. Even if you do this breathing exercise for just a few minutes each day, it will bring you a sense of peace and inner calm.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

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