Spirit Message of the Day – Transition and Transformation

“You are in the process of deep and beautiful change. Butterflies earn their wings through great effort. The process of change is often painful, for it is never without losses and sacrifices. If you are to transform from one form to another, a part of you needs to die. Letting go isn’t easy, especially when you’re used to thinking a certain way about your life and how you live it.”

“Just as a snake sheds its dead skin, or a caterpillar ‘dies’ so that a butterfly can be born, you’re required to release your old ideas and embrace a necessary change so you can live  your best life. Perhaps you’re being asked to let go of low self-worth, a dream that no longer serves you, a relationship that is draining, or unhealthy habits. Despite your fear, you must accept that this is a transformational time for you. There will be some loss involved, but you’ll love what you become.”

“There are times of chaos and darkness that occur, much like the growing pains experienced by the caterpillar who is in the process of becoming a butterfly. There is a tendency to expect the worst when the first signs of difficulty arise – when something is taken away, or unwanted circumstances come to challenge you to let go of old ideas about how life is supposed to be. You are not a victim. Rather, you’re experiencing the temporary discomfort we all must go through before the beauty is revealed.”

This message is by Colette Baron-Reid – The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Throw Wide Open Your Heart

“I am of the Earth and of the Sol-star’s light. I am the opening of the flower, the love that lives in the flower of your heart. I love you, and wish for you to draw this love energy into your being.”

“I am a power source that you cannot neglect. Because even if you feel you are a being of winter, and that your heart has grown cold and hard in order to ease the pain, I tell you that you are now ready to reveal your own life source and warmth to another being. The love you have to share will be appreciated and returned. More so, this warm and loving heart energy will be its own reward, as you awaken again to your feeling nature. Please open your heart in this moment.”

“Allow yourself to love. See the beauty in warmth, and smile as often as you can. Bring forth your joy, and see the opening of others’ hearts. Wear yellow, red and gold: all the colors of my friend, the Sun, and you will feel a great flow of energy awakening throughout your body and energetic being. Please see that the seeds you planted need warm earth in which to grow. Yes, they can survive when it is cold, but they cannot thrive. So be warm, extend your energy, and know that your truly radiant self will create great opportunity and abundance around you. Simply extend some heart energy, and I will support you and love you until you are the radiance of the Sun incarnated in your own form. Love. Be Loved. Love.”

“Grian is the sister of the Moon Goddess of the Dragonfae, Aine, and is a solar Goddess/Dragonfae Queen. She is of the golden light and she brings warmth and courage, joy and growth wherever her feet fall. She is the force that drives the plant to flower, the fruit to be born from the vine, the seed to spring forth into life. Her hands glow with this life-force, and her Dragonfae companions breathe flames around her as she sleeps to ensure she is warm. She brings warmth and fire to those in wintery climates and carries with her the coming of spring. She is very spring/summer in her feel, and is very much about the dawn of a new light, and sunset and ‘dying light’. She is necessary for our continued life, for moving forward in comfort, and she is a being who can also bring forth abundance and luxuries, those that spring naturally from the planet. She is very beautiful, warm, and comforting. For anyone experiencing cold, fatigue and even joint pains, she breathes ease and joy into us.”

“Grian’s Dragonfae – self in her natural form is small and delicate yet, immensely strong – like beams of light and flames from the Sun. She is sensuous too in nature, and protected. When Grian breathes out, flowers bloom. Where her feet fall, clover and herbs, green grass and moss spring forth and all that she touches and looks upon is blessed with vibrant life force. She gives and breathes into being life itself. Her radiance is kind and gentle, but immeasurably powerful. she has the power to change landscapes, climates, and our feelings…”

“A time when dreams and wishes are quickly and easily realized. Fertility is accentuated, and your attractiveness and personal beauty are appreciated and commented on. Throw wide open your heart and experience the joy of feeling. Beautiful emotions, warm friendships, loving relationships. Displays of love – extravagant love. New projects and ideas. Self-love grows, and attracts others to you when Grian is with you.”

“Grow something! Herbology. Earth magic, solar connections, solar connections, solar energy, warm-blooded creatures, smiles and reaching out physically to people. Solstices, particularly summer solstice, the time of Beltane, and any sunny warm day. Warm wind, and growth spurts in your life, when energy flows with ease and momentous change happens easefully. Wear reds, golds and yellows to create sunshine energy in your life, even on the greyest of days.”

Today’s guidance is by Lucy Cavendish Oracle of the Dragonfae.

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