Spirit Message of the Day – A Brilliant Solution Within

“A brilliant solution is on its way. At present, you are confronted with a challenging situation, which feels almost as if it will overwhelm you. The might of the challenge is not truly as it seems, because within you are clever and indeed brilliant solutions to this dilemma. They reside within your mind and in your ability to stay calm under duress.”

Do not allow yourself to be bullied by someone or something that seems so much more powerful than you. Keep a cool head and plan your strategy. You have formidable resources in the intellect you have been given, in the power of your mind and imagination. Explore yourself, and truly think your way out of this one. You have powerful allies who will assist you, and your intelligence and your brilliance are here to be worked with. You currently have all you need in order to overcome this challenge: this obstacle is one you can easily disarm.”

“Be calm, center yourself, and allow the solutions to filter through from your higher intelligence. You have a beautiful and brilliant light inside of your mind, and as you shine it more and more brightly, this situation that seems so troublesome will soon fade away. You have brilliance. You have intelligence. Believe in your gifts and your ability, and use them, now.”

“Oonagh is physically and mentally divine – incredibly beautiful, but she is also a very practical Dragonfae queen, who created a beautiful, blessed court where all could create and become who they most truly are. She is very practical and clever – she comes up with diplomatic and brilliant ways of protecting those she loves. The strong hunters and warriors rely on her advice and always take it because of its subtle brilliance – and through taking her advice, they always bloodlessly vanquish those who would harm them, and have plenty for the tribe. She disarms rather than destroys.”

“There is a practical approach to a seemingly unsolvable problem; if you take this tact, it will have fantastic results. Be innovative and clever. Put your own needs first. There is a way out, and it involves using your wits and wiles. Brainstorm solutions – get really creative. Think of the different talents that you have, and think of how to present yourself in order to outwit someone who wishes to take advantage of you. Do not feel that because you are a gentle and beautiful person that you cannot give as good as you get, and better! You can indeed outwit this foe – using distraction and ingenuity, you will defeat the threat at hand and win with integrity!”

Todays message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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Spirit Message of the Day – New Facebook Page

Fair Greetings,
Are you currently a fan of my Spiritblogger’s Blog site or/and Spiritblogger’s blog for Kids! site? If so, I wanted to let you know I have a new interactive Facebook page. Please visit and click the Like button if you’d like to be part of it. https://www.facebook.com/AngelSoulStorms I’ve set the page up under my business name: Angel Soul Storms (www.angelsoulstorms.com) and plan to answer people’s questions, discuss the art of card readings, share tips and tricks of spirit communication, and offer personalized intuitive, spirit, and oracle card readings for purchase.

Thank you for your compliments and support over the past few years! Looking forward to talking with you.

Bright Blessings,
Angela (the Spiritblogger)

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Spirit Message of the Day – Transformation by Creation

“She boasted upon him, a warrior song
To sharpen his steel, to face down the throng
Now peace must be checked, there’s action to take
Like the strength of the sun that appears at daybreak”

“It is time for transformation and action. It will take strong action to break the inertia that is affecting you right now. Sometimes it’s best to play along and do your best to keep the peace, but this is not that time. Often, you need to create a little friction or even face a conflict in order to grow, and this is the message that the ash card has for you. You have planned as much as you can; now it’s time to go into the situation at hand and take care of business. Facing a challenging situation will transform you and help you forge a new reality.”

“You may be in a situation where you are frustrated by feeling like you have a lack of control over how things are going. If you are concerned about risks involved in taking action, remember there is often more to risk in the future by standing by and doing nothing, however easier that may be. Do not allow yourself to become a pawn; if you have been waiting to take action until the time is right, this is your wake-up call.”

“The ash tree is part of the magical triumvirate of the faerie grove: oak, ash, and thorn. Ash is a tree that is steeped in myth; it was believed by the Norse to be the world tree Yggdrasil. The sun god, Lugh, was described as bearing a magical spear of ash wood called Millar. It was said that no batter could be sustained against it or against the man who held it. One of Lugh’s titles was Lugh of the Long Arm, possibly suggesting the spear as part of him.”

“Here, on the ash card, we see Lugh with the sun shining on his shoulders through a mighty ash tree. He wears woad war paint as he sharpens his bronze spearhead with a stone, preparing to decisively face a conflict head-on. Lugh has many talents – among them blacksmith, cup bearer, bard, wheelwright, hero, historian, poet, harper, craftsman, sorcerer, and warrior. Lugh is truly a man of action, and his action is backed by wisdom. As he sharpens his spear, focusing upon his goals, he breaks inertia and knows that the initiative he takes will bravely bring about change in the world. On a spiritual level, he is aware that in order to make the music and write the poetry he loves, he must sometimes boldly shake things up and fight for what is needed to protect these things in life. In addition to its popularity with the Celts for making spears, the ash was also the wood of choice among many fletchers for making arrows.”

“The European or common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) is native to most of Europe and has quite a few close cousins in the United States, such as white ash, blue ash, and green ash. Ash is a deciduous tree with a tall, domed crown. They commonly are around fifty to seventy feel tall, and some of the oldest are around 250 years old. Its bark is smooth on young trees, becoming darker and rougher with age, bearing many furrows and ridges. Its leaves are some of the last to open in spring and are pinnate, compound leaves with seven to thirteen broad, serrated leaflets.”

“Most trees have either male or female flowers (and can switch year to year); only occasionally will one tree have both. The tiny bunches of flowers are dark purple, without petals; the females’ are slightly longer than the males’ and are pollinated by the wind. European ash has less than remarkable autumn coloring and is one of the first trees to drop its leaves. Sometimes the ash drops dull green leaves, leaving behind bunches of long, winged seeds that stay on the tree during the winter. These are referred to as ash keys; it is said that carrying one in your pocket is a powerful protection against enchantments. green ash keys harvested in the early summer can also be picked and eaten.”

“Ash wood is commonly used to make many items that point to its association with taking action, energy, and transformation, as well as with Lugh and his many talents: baseball bats, tool handles, hockey sticks, smoking chips, flooring, and oars are just a few.”

Today’s message is from Voice of the Trees: A Celtic Divination Oracle by Mickie Mueller



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Spirit Message of the Day – Discover Hidden Treasure

“You may currently find yourself in a time of positive forward motion. This is the time for positive momentum as you come out of a period of restriction. You’re in a stage of new adventure and discovery. You may feel compelled to take a trip, change your hair, or move your home or business. Regardless, you can’t remain where you are anymore. You feel compelled to go forward. No matter what your inquiry, you will see your dreams take form and doors previously shut begin to open as if by magic. Movement is also a state of mind. The fog lifts, and you now know the actions you need to take. This isn’t the time for fear. Let it go and move forward.”

On the other hand: Do you feel as if you’re walking in circles, seemingly not getting anywhere? Consider the spiral that travels up and around. Two steps forward, five steps back – even backwards movement helps you progress and reach your goal. You may need to revisit some of the places where you forgot to look for treasure. Another message is this: Lessons need repeating for those who refuse, or are unable, to learn them the first time. Consider this another invitation to mastery.”

Today’s message is from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

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Spirit Message of the Day – Happy Mother’s Day 2012

A Very Special Happy Mother’s Day to You!

May your day be filled with Celebration of Motherhood,
Love & Magick!

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Spirit Message of the Day – Celebrate Your Abundance

“The suit of Fire represents our ideas and inspirations. It’s where we feel passion, display amazing creativity, and set our dreams into motion. This element corresponds to our career, art, adventure, risk taking, and self-development. Fire can also represent any of our passions. This card shows friendly dragons as the symbol for this suit because of their fiery nature and their iconic place in our imaginations.”

“This card means: You’ve worked hard and are now rewarded with contentment, peace, and abundance. The freedom your success has afforded you provides deep feelings of satisfaction. You’ve safely navigated your way through the obstacles to a place you can feel proud of. Matters at home are rewarding. Someone may be getting married or planning to move in with a partner. Peace and harmony have been established, and now you seek stability and commitment.”

“Additional meanings of this card include: A milestone event in your career. A successfully completed project. Count your blessings. Feeling elated. Engagement, marriage, or honeymoon.”

Excerpt from Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine & Steve A. Roberts

If you look deeper into the significance of this specific card: This is a good time for gratitude. Examine the abundance that surrounds you. It’s okay to take time to feel fulfilment and satisfaction of attaining your goals. Reflect on everything you have, appreciate everyone that’s in your life, value your connection with community and your contribution; think about what positive things they add to your life. It’s easy to work hard and focus on the next task ahead; however, take some time to relax and enjoy what you’ve accomplished to date. Similar to the suit of wands, this card signifies energy, fire, and action. Enjoy and appreciate the steps you’ve taken to help achieve your goals and dreams. Part of manifesting one’s desires and happy life involves taking action but then releasing and letting go to trust that what you put out into the universe will come back to you ten fold.  Take time to celebrate the harmony and abundance you’re feeling. Have fun and revel in the joy of the moment today.

– The Spiritblogger



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