Spirit Message of the Day – How Lightning Lives

It’s me, the universe talking. “Action begets action; Yours begets mine!” What are you waiting for?

“You know that feeling when all of a sudden it seems like everything you ever wanted to happen starts happening at once? When you’re totally blown away, on top of the world, almost feeling like you don’t even have any more dreams because they’re all coming true?”

“Yet you’re slammed because you’re stretching yourself like you’ve never stretched before, just trying to keep up with your dreams, and everyday some new magical realization hits you. And you’ve never felt so happy in your life, except that you wish so badly that everyone close to you could have the same overwhelming experiences, the same sensory overload; and more, you wish everyone on the planet could feel it to, at least just a little, because it’s so intoxicating.”

“Now you feel like you understand all the tough times, all the slow days, and all of the phases when it seemed like absolutely nothing was happening in  your life, and you wonder why you haven’t always felt like this, because what you feel is so much more than just the joy of dreams of coming true; it’s like your feeling the heartbeat of everyone’s life at once. You begin to realize that there’s always been so much more to be happy about than sad, and you wonder what it was that used to trouble you and how it could have seemed so real or how it could have seemed bigger than the beauty you now face.”

“You just shake your head, knowing how perfect everything is, how perfect it’s always been, and how perfect it will always be, and you give thanks, with your hands over face, tasting the salt of your tears, because you know that this, this feeling, more than anything else you’ve ever experienced, was so meant to Be.”

Today’s guidance is from Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things! By Mike Dooley.

Spirit Message of the Day – Instinct, Intuition, Innovation

“Talk a little, sing a lot. Walk a little, dance a lot. Simile a little, laugh a lot. Dream a little, live a lot!”

“Living the life of your dreams isn’t just about dreaming; it’s also about living–following your impulses, turning over every stone, and stepping out into the world so that the wind can catch your sails.”

“See, it’s as if your dreams paint the picture and the Universe stands ready to bring it to life. You have to go outside and move around in the proper directions so that the old picture and the new can be seamlessly fused together. Every single door you open this week, every hand you shake, and every smile you flash will actually give the Universe another front, another chance, to slip into your life with its magic and wonders, to cut and paste, and fuse on. Got Glue? Live a Lot!”

Today’s message is from Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things!

Spirit Message of the Day – Divine Jubilation & Remembrance

“Imagine it. Move towards it. Has to happen. It always works.”

“And then, all of a sudden…you’re on top of the world, an overnight sensation, the cause of intergalactic jubilation. What seemed like unending preparation has now culminated in your delivery. You can do no wrong; your vision is clear; your mission divinely inspired. Smiles, laughter, and accolades surround you. Friends, family, and loved ones salute you. The time is right, the place chosen, and the ultimate test is about to begin. You’re ready.”

“As if struck by lightning, the scene instantly changes. The next thing you know you’re a wee little babe and all the festivities become a distant blur. The images and vibrations of ‘the party to end all parties’ rapidly fade away, while the songs and laughter still ringing in your ears are replaced with harsh voices and loud speakers. Strangers surround you, and what you had felt as an indescribable lightness of being has been replaced with gravity.”

“Nothing, absolutely No Thing, could be worth this. There has to be a mistake. Something must have gone wrong. In total shock and broken-hearted, alone and frightened, you hear a calm voice rising above the ruckus. Warm hands are now drawing you through the air, holding you safely. As the motion gently stops, you hear words that cause every cell of your body to ring with vitality, recalling the preparations that made this all possible; confirming the clarity of your earlier convictions; reminding you of countless agreements, treaties, and rendezvous plans; and instilling within your heart a vision of the perfection, love, and purpose you were born of.”

“‘My dearest, welcome to the world. We’ve been waiting for this day such a long, lo-o-ong time’. Then without logic or rationale you think your reply, in words as alien to you as the artificial light in your room, ‘Me too’. And while this experience passes swiftly and you quickly forget all the calm voice evoked, it imparted a confidence that will never again leave you and a remembrance that all is well, that everything is going to be forever OK, and that you are here because it’s where you most wanted to be, in a world that most wanted to have you.”

Today’s message is from Mike Dooley’s Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things! book.

Spirit Message of the Day – Embrace The Practical Mind

“The image of the wise old man epitomizes wisdom. He is the focus and provides clear vision through a fog of potential obscurity. The beard, symbolic of maturity, contains sparkles and spirals of vitality and new ideas. The ivy of immortality grows on the throne, the seat of authority. It is decorated with spirals and trefoils, representing integration, continuity, and balance.”

“The surrounding ferns create calm and solitude conducive for contemplative thought. The roots connect the unconsciousness with conscious thought processes. The old man wears a crown with stars, a connection to spiritual enlightenment and the cosmos. His illuminated tassels keep him bound to the earthly plane, where he exercises his leadership role. Many faces can be seen in the world tree, connecting the material world with the amorphous souls present in nature.”

“The wise old man represents fatherlike leadership, with a lifetime of experience serving as his compass. He reminds us that we need to proceed with a rational mind and retain a connection with conscious deliberations. The Emperor coexists with the feminine and intuitive principle represented by the Empress.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s The Fairy Tale Tarot.

Spirit Message of the Day – Live As Your Authentic Self

“Live, laugh, love, and have fun! Just a moment more and your turn will be done!”

“Heavy but true. Right here and now, it’s your turn. What greater motivation could exist than knowing it won’t always be your turn? What error could you make or how badly could you fail that its occurrence could compare to the loss of Not trying and never knowing?”

“Of course, you are eternal, and it’s quite possible that the gift you’ve set out to experience will lie in your silence and calm. But if it’s fear that’s holding you back from bring your true self, then maybe it’s time to counter it with the understanding that for now you Can do something about it.”

“Life here, in time and space, is where we learn our lessons, experiment, and grow. These are the reasons we are here -to find out who and what we really are. You’re not here to be Superman, Superwoman, or superhuman. You’re here to be You. And by being you, you’ll learn your lessons, make your mark, and be happily on your way to the next great adventure.”

“Mistakes, failure, and fear are par for the course. They help make it a course. They’re part of the adventure, and they’re OK. Work with them, deal with them, face them, and before long, you’ll laugh at them. And you’ll be glad for the lessons they taught.”

Today’s message is from the Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things! book by Mike Dooley. 

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Spirit Message of the Day – Breathe Happiness

“Every thought you think sends waves into motion. Every word we speak reaches millions of ears. And every act you perform literally rearranges the stars. Now what was it you wanted me (the universe) to do for you?” I am at your command.

“In a world as totally awesome as yours, where do you even start? Visualize. Just once a day, because if you do it more, you may become too anxious over the future you are dreaming of, perhaps becoming discouraged. Besides, why do it more when there is so much you already have and so much you already are that can be enjoyed in the present.”

“Visualize the ultimate emotion you’re after: happiness. Feel the joy.  Hear yourself excitedly talking and laughing with friends. Emotion, after all, is what supercharges your thoughts and accelerates the manifestation of your dreams. Practice FEELING what you really want to feel. Not only will you draw experiences that will match those feelings into your life, but you will achieve it all so much faster!”

Today’s message is from Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things!

Spirit Message of the Day – Merge With Infinity

“Walk in the green forest of silence, swim in the blue ocean of joy, dance in the golden light of love, and laugh in the raging river of life.”

EVERYTHING MATTERS – Everything. Every single word you speak, every single deed you perform, and every single thought you think is recorded and reverberates throughout eternity.”

“Yet nothing is so important that it can take away from the infinite possibilities that will always lie before you – possibilities that carry the potential for love, joy, and laughter such as you’ve never known. No matter where you’ve been, no matter where you are, the best is yet to come. Everything matters! Not because time is fleeting but because your dreams are waiting.”

Today’s message is from Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things!

We are responsible for realizing our dreams. In every moment there are a million choices to choose from. Behind every experience is an action (or lack of). Behind every action is a choice. And behind every choice is a thought. It has been said: Be careful what you think, because your thoughts become your words. Be careful what you say, because your words become your actions. Be careful what you do, because your actions will become your character in life. Be careful who you become, because your character will become your destiny.

Spirit Message of the Day – Be Present. As Above, So Below

“Whatever You Want…Wants You!”
“Imagine that there’s another world, beyond the reach of your physical senses, just outside of time and space; a world that mirrors your own – not the physical things, but the intangibles; a world that mirrors your thoughts and dreams, your beliefs and expectations. And imagine that every thought you entertain comes to life in this other realm with a single mission: to “jump worlds” and join you in time and space.”

“Now, imagine that these two worlds run exactly parallel to one another and that they’re invisibly fused together in the here and now. Pretend that every here and now comes from this other world, from all your prior thoughts, not from your past, not from the world of time and space that surrounds you.”

“Do you Realize what this would mean? It would mean that your future, beginning today, will Not unfold based on your past or based upon the existing conditions of your life, but Will unfold based entirely upon your thoughts and dreams, your beliefs and expectations.”

“OK, you can stop pretending and imagining because this is exactly how things really are. This is why all things are possible! All things come from thought, and your thoughts are determined by you. How cool is that?”

Today’s message is from the Mike Dooley book entitled Choose Them Wisely – Thought’s Become Things!

Spirit Message of the Day – Innovate With Imagination

“Swans represent the combination of air and water, thinking and feelings qualities. They are also associated with poetry and hope. Their crowns connect them to their royal heritage. The ropes are associated with the extensions of energies and the passage from one realm to another. the wings provide freedom from the restraints of earth. The sword with feathers is circulating with dynamic motion. The multitude of spirals in the girl’s hair suggests her connection with solar and lunar energies. The castle represents the safeguarding of dreams.”

“Like the resourceful swans carrying their sister, it may be necessary to expand your repertoire to include activities that may be reaching beyond your comfort zone. Reacquaint yourself with your inner voice and engage in challenging endeavors that will invigorate your spirit.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s The Fairy Tale Tarot.

Here and Now
“Cast yesterday aside and bid tomorrow adieu,
because there’s nothing here and now, that you can’t do!”

“As supremely powerful as your thoughts of yesterday were, there’s something else that can blow them all away, and those are your thoughts of today. Here and now is where and how. Dwell on what could have been or what should have been and the dissapointments of yesterday will revisit you today and be projected into your future. Hinge your happiness on tomorrow and it’ll always lie a day away, like a carrot on a stick.”

“Your powers of appreciation and manifestation lie in the moment, this very moment, without regard to the past or the future. In fact, once you finish with this page, your chosen focus and attention will dictate how today will unfold. Shazam!”


Spirit Message of the Day – Remember Your Happily Ever After

Once Upon a Time…
“we took a journey that led us through a forest of self-discovery. It was here where we encountered the wolves, monsters, fairies, and all those things that helped to define who we are and where we were going. And now we have finally arrived.”

“We can see the castle on the horizon. It shines like a beacon and heralds the end of a long journey well traveled. Through the tangle of the roots and trees, the calmness of the reflecting waters welcomes the traveler to a more placid place, where light and dark integrate and synthesize into greater awareness. The castle represents the anima of knowledge. Access to these offerings of wisdom is the ultimum reward. There are all manner of spirits hidden within the elements, ready to assist us through our path to maturation. They represent collected wisdom and can only be discerned if our hearts and minds are open to receiving their messages.”

“The flying birds symbolize the spirit. They are launching themselves from the safety of their nests and into the multifaceted splendor of the golden castle. They represent transcendence and the ability to balance mind and spirit. The serene water is the unconscious fully mirroring consciousness, representing the balance between the physical body and our spiritual essence. The outside of the castle represents the physical place of conscious thoughts, while the interior supports the unconscious, collective unconscious, and spiritual matters.”

The wild woods in the foreground contrast the softness of the clouds and are a reconciliation of opposites. The branches represent the earthly plane and physical reality of our being against infinite, ever-changing layers of the world beyond. Together they compose the wholeness of the universe. By traveling through dark forests and encountering creatures and spirits, we have the opportunity to expand ourselves in ways we did not necessarily think possible. We have been provided lessons through innumerable situations that feed into our psyches and help us become more attentive to our conscious thought processes. Through it all we have learned to follow our intuition and to listen to a deeper part of ourselves that has finally brought us to happily ever after. We can only attain ‘wholeness’ once the shadow, omni present in our journeys, has been confronted and integrated into the psyche.

“We have arrived at happily ever after. We have full integrated the many and often complicated elements of our being and have eyes wide open to the illuminative power of wholeness. We embrace the multivalent layers of our inner life and can now appreciate the treasures that lie within.”

Today’s message is from The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt.  

If for only a moment – imagine right now- this is your happily ever after. You have everything you’ve always wanted. How does it feel? Where are you? What are you doing? Whom are you with? What are you thinking? Sit quietly for a minute. Remember these thoughts and knowlingly carry this feeling with you tomorrow. Watch what you’ve just imagined come to life right before your eyes.
Transcend. Align your will with your desire. Remember your bliss and find your happily ever after…again.