Spirit Message of the Day – Give and Take

“In the German fairy tale called Brothers and Sisters, the animal and human relationship has a significant role. The animal represents a deeper part of the consciousness where instinct and drive reign. The human is the rational component, directed more by intellectual consideration than innate survival. The basket of apples symbolizes love. The flower garland on the girl’s head is emblematic of love and transformation. Her dress is covered with flower patterns, representing the creative life and the willingness to grow.”

“The faces in the trees are the souls of the forest. The three mushroom on the tree have magical connotations, the spider web is an auspicious sign. The multicolored flowers symbolize the gamut of emotion, and the ferns evoke feelings of solitude. The puddle is the unconscious, the brook in the background is emotional energy, and the twin tree symbolizes compromise.”

“Love can be an emotional force that activates strong will, great purpose, creativity, and all manner of positive expression. But if a relationship grows burdensome and breeds discord, it’s time to review the situation and make adjustments. The love of one should feed the love of another. if there is balance in the relationship, then other areas of your emotional life will benefit as well.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot book and deck.

Spirit Message of the Day – Precisely When You Find, You Are Ready.

“In the German fairy tale Puss in Boots – The cat is our guide. It is cunning and wise and can provide us with valuable lessons. The path is illuminated with dappled lighting. It is juxtaposed with shadows, which imply that challenges lie ahead. The forest is littered with thorn bushes and broken limbs, symbols of obstacles and potential suffering. It is a place where referring to our inner animal guides and mentors will be necessary.”

“The cat wears a belt, signifying strength and mastership. The three feathers are emblems of individuality. The bag over the cat’s shoulder could contain clues to his ability to assume humanlike qualities. The large bag contains gifts for the king, symbols of potentiality. Ivy vines are crawling up a tree, representing monetary growth. The mushrooms on the tree trunk contain magical powers and remind us of the supernatural forces at work. The rocks are symbols of stability. The cat’s strategic foot placement on a rock further solidifies his position as a trustworthy mentor.”

“The mentor can provide us with fundamental knowledge as we proceed to explore new terrain. It is important to embrace our animal instincts and to follow the model of our animal teachers. By referring to our inner animal, we can draw from a resource of innate wisdom that may prove useful in certain situation.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s book and tarot system called The Fairy Tale Tarot.

Spirit Message of the Day – Ahh…The Possibilities

“A life is not measured by the games that are won, but that you lived in the moment and learned how to have fun.”

“Remember that feeling of being invincible, optimistic, wide-eyed, and carefree? Remember that excited sense of anticipation you have felt for most of your life? Remember plotting your course around ‘the fun’ and saying ‘Let’s Go!’ and ‘Let’s Get Together!’ often? When almost every day was an adventure?”

“First of all, back then, you never even knew you felt like that. It’s only with the clarity of hindsight that you can now see the magic that really did hold you in the palm of its hand. And today, you are still carried, ever so lovingly, by that very same magic. Choose to feel it again, now. It never left you. It’s still there. Don’t let another year or ten or more go by before you recognize today’s magic. Because right here and now, even more so than back then, you are poised to have more fun than you have ever had before! Oh Yeah!”

“Having fun is why you’re here. It’s not frivolous, it’s not just for kids, it’s important! And the art of having fun lies in the appreciating wherever you are, whenever you are. Its potential hides at work, it hides in your routines; it even lurks in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It begins by realizing that every moment that ticks by brings you closer to manifesting your heart’s desires, understanding life’s mysteries, and comprehending that you are bathed in love always. It is a wonderful life and it offers endless opportunities for fun to those who seek even when they wouldn’t think of seeking! Here’s hoping you find plenty of fun this week!”

Today’s message is from author Mike Dooley’s new book entitled Choose Them Wisely Thoughts Become Things!

Spirit Message of the Day – Direct Your Focus

“If all the want were squelched in me, there’d be no march through eternity.’

“Without a port, the ship will stay at sea. Without a target, the arrow hits the ground. Without a destination, the journey’s incomplete. And without desire, a soul is half alive. Fellow adventurer, let your heart choose your targets in time and space. Fill yourself with expectation and revel in the awareness that your desires are meant to be.”

Today’s message is from the author Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely, Thoughts Become Things!

Spirit Message of the Day – Today, the Present

“Be bold and go forth like it was meant to be. Your dreams are the gifts that will set you free.”

“Nothing throws the gears of the universe into motion quicker than your actions. So when it comes to living the life of your dreams, begin simply by doing what you can. When you do what you can, the universe responds in kind, doing what it can with an infinitely greater and farther reach than your own.”

“Suddenly, supernatural chain reactions are triggered that would never have otherwise been triggered. New avenues become available, and new vistas and vantages become apparent. Work is done behind the scenes, new characters are introduced, and the script is completely rewritten.”

“Expectations are exceeded, sights are raised, and forces unseen propel you onwards, all because you simply did what you could. Don’t wait for your ducks to be lined up. Do what you can this week!”

Today’s message is from author Mike Dooley’s book entitled Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things!

Spirit Message of the Day – Keys To Authenticity

Living the Authentic Life

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself. –Lao-Tse

“You are meant to live an intimate and authentic life, a life that honors the depth of who you are, a life that nourishes your heart and expands your mind, a life that is unencumbered with what others think, a life that empowers you to be who you really are.

And yet, with the pressure we feel from others and life in general, the question may remain, “How can I live such a life?” “What steps can I take toward being just ‘me?’” In my own life, I have found the following practices to be invaluable and successful components in experiencing an authentic life:

Taking Care of Yourself

Nurturing your body, mind and spirit must be a priority in your life. Accept that you can only give to others to the extent you are giving to yourself. Putting yourself first is not “selfish,” but “Self-full.”

Dare to Be Yourself

Strip away the mask and let yourself just “be.” Take time to have fun and allow yourself to find humor in being human. Know that your purpose for being born wasn’t to live life according to what society deems correct. Your purpose is to discover your true self and live from that awareness. If you resonate to the color violet, then be violet, not brown. I once read a quote from Rabindranath Tagore who wisely asked, “That which oppresses me, is it my soul trying to come out in the open, or the soul of the world knocking at my heart for its entrance?”

Give Only From the Heart
Doing anything out of obligation dishonors both you and the other person, and will only leave you feeling resentful. Do an “inner check” before you say “yes” to anyone. If resistance surfaces, do another inner check. If heaviness or resistance occurs again, trust what you feel and do not commit to something that is not in alignment with your heart.

Look Inward for Your Fulfillment, Not Outward

Within you resides a wellspring of creativity and love. Turn within to become aware of what is driving your needs. Is it because you are feeling unloved, scared or lonely? Practice giving what you want to receive. Extending love, from the heart, is the fastest way to fill any emptiness you may feel.

Appreciate Yourself

Take time to appreciate how far you have come on your journey. Notice what you have worked through and your commitment to growth and healing. Doing so builds both an inner and outer abundance over time. It will help you to see the glass, or your life, half full rather than half empty.

Let Go of Guilt

No one is harder on us than we are on ourselves. And many of us feel guilty for taking care of ourselves, setting healthy boundaries and saying, “No.” Having been programmed to feel responsible for others, we often find it hard to recognize our own needs. Practice dropping any guilt you feel for honoring yourself. Guilt is limiting and crippling and does not serve you. Living an authentic life means being free from what others think. It requires giving yourself permission to live life according to what your heart and soul desires.

Become Aware of Your Intentions

If your intention is to be real and congruent, then everything that is not authentically you will reveal itself so you can choose to release it. Spirit will illuminate anything in need of releasing when you set your intention to grow. Yet if your intention is split: pleasing others, wanting one of the Three P’s: Power/Prestige/Prosperity, etc., then you will experience the effects of your split-mind thinking and your life will never, ever, be completely fulfilling. Practice purifying your intention.

Ask, Listen and Follow
Be willing, right now, to ask for guidance in developing an authentic relationship with yourself. Ask for guidance in releasing beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that do not honor your true essence. Start with, “Who am I, really? For so long I’ve based my perception of myself on what others think that I’ve forgotten who I am. So, who am I, truly?” and, “What steps can I take to live an authentic life?” Finally, be willing to hear the gentle yet firm Voice, and trust what it says.

Such is the Life of the Authentic Soul

We need only ask and we will find that our relationships, finances, work, and relationship with our self begin to transform. How many times per day do you ask for help from Spirit? And, how often do you listen to it? And then, what about following what you hear? The amount of inner peace and happiness you experience in your life is directly proportionate to the amount of energy you expend on asking, listening and following the Voice within.”

Today’s guidance is by author Laura Grace.

Spirit Message of the Day – Vow Integrity

“Ever since human beings could speak to one another, they have been making promises and keeping them or not keeping them. Those who keep their promises are regarded as people of integrity, while those who don’t keep their promises are regarded as people who at best can’t be taken seriously and at worst can’t be trusted. Sometimes we forget how powerful our words are, and we use them haphazardly or unconsciously, creating expectations that are never fulfilled, leaving disappointment and distrust in our wake.”

“On an even deeper level, there are promises we may have made to ourselves that we don’t remember because they have slipped into our unconscious. An early heartache may have been followed by a promise never to trust love again. Without realizing it, we may be fulfilling that promise and wondering why our love life looks so grim. At an even deeper level, many people who recall past lives become aware that they made a promise lifetimes ago that they are still keeping. For example, a vow of poverty taken in a lifetime as a monk may be holding someone back from fulfilling his earning potential now. Upon realizing that we have made a promise we no longer wish to be beholden to, we can perform a ritual of requesting release from that bond. In doing so, we clear ourselves of outmoded connections and patterns, returning ourselves to a clean slate. Then we can resolve to remember that our word is sacred and to be very conscious of any promises we make to ourselves or to others.”

“We may ask to be released from any promises made to ourselves or others in our present, past, or future lives, consciously or unconsciously, that are holding us back from fulfilling our greatest good. We may ask that love, light, and healing be sent to any souls who have suffered from our inability to be true to our word, including ourselves. We can ask for the wisdom to do our best and from this point forward to be true to our word, promising only what we truly intend to deliver.”

“The resulting clear conscience and liberated energy will illustrate this truth: We are only as good as our word.”

– Northwest Author Unknown

Spirit Message of the Day – Love Another, Love Thyself

Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.

– William Shakespeare –

What a grand thing, to be loved!
What a grander thing still, to love!

– Victor Hugo

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
that word is love.

– Sophocles –

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

– Thoreau –

Spirit Message of the Day – Reawaken to Change

“The harmony of sixes engages the senses in a more thoughtful, relaxed state of mind before new challenges and changes can be addressed. Take time to reflect on  the journey at hand without worrying what will be. Think about what it is before you decide how to implement necessary adjustments that may facilitate further growth.”

“It is important to look within and determine what aspects of our psyche need to be further assimilated into our conscious being before we can experience a sense of wholeness. Snow White goes through stages of development; the first seven years being childhood followed by seven years of adolescence. But before she can fully transform into an adult, she must go through a symbolic death and shed the innocence and unawareness that had allowed her desires to remain repressed within the recesses of her psyche.”

“The stairs ascend through a labyrinth of wise faces. Those are the souls of your past lives and experiences. They are benevolent observers as the dwarves navigate the treacherous path to carry Snow White to a higher plane. The bite of the apple marks the death of childhood innocence and the beginning of change. Snow White rests in a transparent glass coffin, symbolizing her vulnerability during metamorphosis – like a cocoon, Snow White is the resting psyche, waiting for an opportunity to reawaken and blossom into adulthood. The dwarves, symbols of puerile comforts and familiarity, are helpless in reviving her. The seven dwarves can also symbolize spirit messengers from the collective unconscious, absent from consciousness/day and present to Snow White in the unconscious/night. But it will take the kiss of a prince, the animus, to deliver her to maturation and higher consciousness. The tangled roots signify unrest and confusion – this may be indicative during times of transition. The swords lying on the path help to balance the energies between the chaos of the roots and the stability and equilibrium of the rocks that rest adjacent to the path.”

Today’s guidance is from Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot.

Spirit Messge of the Day – Reclaim Your Power

A Powerful Expression
“You can allow yourself to express your power. Being powerful is safe for you, knowing that you express your power with love.”

“You have all of the power of your creator within you! All the power of divine love, wisdom, and intelligence is available to you. You have the spiritual power to see angels and the future. you have intellectual power to tap into the universal wisdom of the one mind. You have emotional power to empathize with others, and physical power that is truly unlimited.”

“The angels  ask you to give them any fears you may have connected with being a powerful person. Your angels are a quiet and beautiful aspect of your true power, stemming from the only power in the universe; divine love. Allow yourself to shine with the radiant love so that your true power can radiate out into the world in miraculous ways.”

Today’s message is from Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.