Spirit Message of the Day – Prepare For New Beginnings

“Agrimony is a perennial of grassy places, native throughout most of the British Isles and Europe, introduced in America, growing up to three feet tall. It has a starry yellow flowers that are apricot scented and turn into rust-red burred fruits. Its leaves, fragrant when crushed, have small toothed leaflets between pairs of larger ones.”

“The card show Agrimony in full bloom at the time of the Druid festival of Alban Hefin, the Summer Solstice in June. To one side grows the first of the Celtic Ogham trees Beith, the Birch – the tree of beginnings and purification -which offers the same qualities as Agrimony. In the distance stand the lonely stones of the ‘Druids’ Circle’ erected during the early Bronze Age at Penmaenmawr, Wales.”

“One of the Gaelic names for Agrimony is mur-druidheann, which has been interpreted as ‘sorrow of the Druids’. However, a more complete interpretation would explain that it is a ‘dispeller of sorry used by the Druids’, since Agrimony has the special property of helping to liberate people from depression and lethargy by eliminating negative energy from their aura and their home.”

“If you have drawn this card, this may suggest that you are ready to let go of feelings, thoughts, or attachments that are no longer serving you. Agrimony brings a sense of purification and liberation that makes you want to step boldly forward into a new phase of your life, or perhaps a new job or relationship. Any sorrow that you may have been lingering in your home or workplace will soon vanish as swiftly as the night vanishes at dawn.”

“If however any feelings of sadness or lethargy may be weighing you down at present. Life may seem to have lost its savour, and you wish that it felt like Spring again. Often, such feelings come from attachments that once may have brought you joy or comfort, but which now seem to have ‘turned’ – just as milk that once was nourishing, can later turn sour. This may mean that you need to spend some time ‘spring-cleaning’ your life, both inwardly and outwardly.”

“See if you can give or throw away any unnecessary clutter in your home, and ask yourself ‘Do I really need this?’ of just about everything. Just as physical pain is a sign that your body needs attention, so feelings of sorrow and lack of energy may well be symptoms telling you that you must look after your own needs before those of others – at least until you feel better. By doing this, blockages will clear, negative energy will be dispersed, and you will start to move towards a new phase in your life.”

“Such was the name the Roman writer Pliny gave to this herb, which is also known as Church Steeples, Cocklebur and Sticklewort. The herb is a powerful astringent, tonic and blood cleanser, and for centuries was used to treat debilitating conditions in which the patient seemed drained of energy. In France, Agrimony is still used as a major ingredient in a spring tonic tisane, and in Germany it was highly revered for its protective properties and is often mentioned as an ingredient of a sacred ‘nine-herb bundle’, used as a panacea for all kinds of physical and spiritual or psychological afflictions.”

“In addition to its tonic and healing properties, Agrimony is also able to bring deep and peaceful sleep. Its dried leaves and flowers can be used to make a herb pillow, and such is its power that the sleeper will only awake when the pillow is removed, according to this Old English rhyme:

If it be leyd under mann’s heed,
He shal sleepyn as he were deed;
He shal never drede ne wakyn
Till fro under his heed it be takyn.

“Agrimony is the perfect herb for a lustral bath taken before meditating or engaging in any kind of spiritual work, or before participating in a ritual. To make an infusion, pour 1 pint of boiling water over two teaspoonfuls of chopped leaves, and leave to steep for ten minutes. The infusion can then be drunk as a tea, added to water for cleansing, or poured into your bath, which you can also strew with leaves and flowers if you wish.”

“In Druid magic, Agrimony is used as an incense to cleanse the aura and the ritual circle, acting in the same way that sage is used in certain Native American traditions for ‘smudging’. The dried leaves sprinkled over glowing charcoal exert a powerful cleansing and purifying effect.”

Today’s message is from The Druid Plant Oracle: Working with the Magical Flora of the Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

Spirit Message of the Day – Use Pure Intention To Take Aim

“The Arrow Master appears to help you target your intentions and hit the mark with detachment, thus teaching you how to shoot straight for the stars. The message is to be deliberate about focusing your dreams and desires with positive intention and about aligning your pure intention and will with Spirit. Then let them fly on the wind, directed by the Divine, until they reach your goal.”

“The only way to hit your target is to allow the arrow of your intention to fly unencumbered by your eagerness to see it travel exactly the way you want it to go. You may think it needs to veer a certain way to reach your goal, but in the invisible realms, human power alone cannot make this happen. The Divine has timing and an idea of how the arrow flies and upon what wind it’s carried. Nonetheless, if you don’t step forward and take the action to shoot, you’ll never score a winning mark. This is a fortunate message as long as you remember the Law of Detachment. If you can release your desires, then be assured that you’re right on point and everything is progressing on time in the right way.”

This card may also serve as a challenger for you to let you know that if you continue on your present course, you could be shooting yourself in the foot. You’re being challenged now to take a look at the motives behind why you want to reach your goal at all. Is this a path of true destiny or the lure of fantasy and ego desires? Are you setting your intention to win something away from another or to get what you want whether or not it’s good for all involved?”

“Remember, also, that life is not a competition.” Not everyone wants the same things in, with, and from life and there is more than enough to go around. “The concept of competition and scarcity is flawed and encourages a perception of lack and false notion of desperation. Be confident and have faith your time will come; in the time that is absolutely perfect for you. Be very clear that you’re pointing in the right direction, and don’t chase your arrow.”

“If your intention is to find an easier, softer way or shortcut to your goal, it’s time to give up that notion, since it won’t work or survive in the long run. Don’t be seduced by quick, “get it now” schemes or ideas.” Know that what energy you put in, you’ll get more than double the rewards for your efforts. This is the time to ask for the highest intentions, to replace the old ones. Sometimes a new set of arrows and another target altogether are needed. Then you can never miss your mark.”

Today’s guidance is from Widsom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid.

Spirit Message of the Day – Walk the Creative Path, Embrace The Unknown

“The Cerinthe brings a message of creativity and asks us to be willing to find new ways to express our creativity. The passionate message from the spirit of the deliciously waxy, blue Cerinthe flower is one of pure self-expression and creativity. In its open expression of blissful presence, it shows us that to be fully present with one’s own pure creativity brings with it a deep understanding of self and a greater connection with life itself.”

“In this modern world, we may sometimes feel we are surrounded by chaos, so it is vital that we each find and nurture our inner core. This will give us a solid base from which to go forward in the craziness of our hectic lives without being knocked off balance. The sublime beauty of the Cerinthe flower is within us all — if we can but accept this we will have made a giant leap in faith and understanding. To help us even more to hold our heads high, to feel that we belong and to know that we are connected with everything that is, we must access our own creativity. If we can do this it acts as a reflection of the beauty within us and helps to nourish and strengthen our own core.”

“We are all creative — acknowledge the ways that you can develop and express your own creativity. If you have picked this card today, the Cerinthe flower spirit calls on you to open new doors to self-expression. Your inner beauty and creativity are crying out to be acknowledged and activated. Be inspired by the Cerinthe flower and begin to access your own infinite source of pure creativity.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

Cerinthe Major Purpurascens
Blue Honeywort This wonderful plant has a long association with bees. More than 2000 years ago, Virgil described using this plant as an offering to swarming bees in order to entice them into a new hive: “Here sprinkle the odors ordained, crushed balm and lowly tufts of honeywort, and make a tinkling round about and clash the cymbals of the goddess Mother; they will settle on the scented seat and in their way creep into the inmost covert of their nest.”  It got its name “cerinthe” because of the waxiness of its leaves and because it was thought bees got wax for their hives from this plant. In his 16th-century herbal, Gerard recommends growing honeywort just for the pleasure of sipping the nectar bee-wise from the tubular flowers and enjoying the pleasantly waxy flavor of the leaves. This plant is very attractive to bees because of the great amount of nectar in the flowers; hummingbirds will also visit it. Although it was popular in the Renaissance–enough to rate a mention in Culpeper–this native of the Mediterranean region was subsequently rarely grown the West until a couple decades ago. Apparently because it is a quick-growing plant–it can go from seed for blooms in 10-12 weeks and have two generations in one season–this is considered a Mercury herb. Because it is so favored by bees, a martial insect, it would be a good herb to use in works where you want to win over a hostile force or attract defensive hosts. This member of the borage family is also known as the blue shrimp plant and the blue wax flower.

Excerpt taken from www.alchemy-works.com

Spirit Message of the Day – Release To Take Flight

“What burdens are you carrying on this part of your journey? Are you transporting those of others out of generosity, obligation, or codependency? Is this burden so heavy that it slows you down? This marker called burden asks you to stop and look at your responsibilities, your commitments, and all that you bring and actively choose to carry with you on your journey.”

“Are you clinging to an unhealthy situation or burden out of fear? Are you taking on the burdesn of others to prevent them from getting hurt? Do you know that this adversely enables others to avoid learning their life lessons and doesn’t really help at all? Drawing this card encourages you to release others to their own path. It may also be time for you to re-evaluate your intentions and analyze why you’re helping. Perhaps you like helping because it makes you feel needed. If this is the case, it is time to let go of this burden, for it’s born of self-centered and selfish reasons.”

“Release all burdens you’re carrying for others to the universe and let the divine assist you in this process. Remember, anyone you may be aiming to help has their own unique path to walk, their own special journey to explore, and their own angels and guides to assist, just as you do. Trust in the divine plan for all.”

“On the sacred path to the Isle of Avalon, you must be aware that you pack all the essential wisdom tools you will need to chart your course. Integrity, kindness, compassion, discernment, discretion, faith, forgiveness, truth, and love are merely a few of them. Take stock, and once your tools are counted, see if the rest of what you’re hanging on to is healthy, appropriate, and in the best interest of all parties invovled. Now is the time to leave behind any unnecessary burdens; and focus on your own path and life journey. Rest assured you have all the strength you need to carry only what is yours.”

Today’s message is from The Wisdom of the Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Live Beyond Resistance To Find Bliss

“The effervescent open armed joy and bliss of the Ox Eye Daisy spirit brings a sense of completion. It is only possible to feel a deep state of bliss if we first surrender ourselves to all that is. As we drop through the layers of emotion protecting our innocent inner core, we meet a point of resistance. If we can allow ourselves to sit with and experience all that is, then we can transmute any pain into consciousness and bliss. First, we need to know how we feel, then we can move past the resistance and without judgement accept exactly where we are and how we are.”

“Try this now. Sit quietly and notice how you feel inside and where there is any resistance, pain, or tension. Just sit, allow it to be and notice if you would rather be avoiding it. We have many ways of running away from ourselves. Just surrender and accept it and, as you continue to be in the moment with your feelings, all resistance will fade and you will become aware of something else.”

“Once we can surrender to our own state in the moment, we can learn to access deep calm and tranquility. Within this state is the potential for bliss and a miraculous sense of heightened awareness. Start to live your life beyond all resistance and notice those moments of bliss begin to expand into more and more of your being. As we take time to be aware of how we feel, we can use it as a tool to become conscious and live more in the moment. An expansive sense of bliss is the reward, so keep practicing and revel in the essence of the Ox Eye Daisy spirit.

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

Spirit Message of the Day – Have Faith In Your Direction

“The Archangel Raphael is helping you find peace with an unsettling situation, so he sends you this card. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you desire or like what’s going on, but it does mean that you’re willing to come to peace with the situation. The Universe and the angels hear your prayers for a healing resolution. They’re now asking you to surrender the entire situation to them through the process of acceptance.”

“This is similar to going with the flow and trusting that everything is working out exactly as it is supposed to. This isn’t a time to resist or force anything. Speak your mind openly and honestly; yet at the same time, find that balance of grace and acceptance.” They say hindsight is 20/20 and sometimes it’s not always clear how to make sense in the midst of chaos or a particular situation, until we’ve passed through it and can look back to reflect to see meaning. Trust that the universe is working to improve the situation at hand and it is not necessary to do anything out of the ordinary.

“Other possible meanings include: The angels are working behind the scenes in answer to your prayers, thoughts, and wishes. Hang in there, as things are improving. Keep giving up your worries. Practice letting go of all expectations or planned outcomes. An unforseen positive turn of events is on the horizon; be patient. Expect a miracle, as one is here for you. Accept that everything is going in the right direction.”

Today’s message is from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards.

Raphael is the healing archangel. His name in Hebrew means “God Cures”. He represents the qualities of truth, concentration, and healing.

He begins with purifying our minds and erasing false beliefs. It is our thoughts that trigger health problems, not our body. All healing facilities and practitioners (both traditional and alternative) are guided and helped by Raphael. Your call upon Archangel Raphael invokes his presence to clear blocks within the energy body so that the flow of universal life-force energy can heal both the cause of the block and its physical manifestation. Health and vitality are your natural state of being. Your symptoms give clues to help you find causes of imbalance. Ask Raphael to guide you with clarity and love in your process of healing and feel free to invoke him for the healing of others as well.

Raphael manages the Virtues order of angels. He is affectionately known for his powers of healing and for saving people from danger. Because of his knack for rescuing those in unfamiliar territory or dire straits, he is also said to protect travelers.

Raphael usually intervenes when people are wounded or in pain, and some say he still visits hospitals, ministering to the sick and injured. He also comforts those in spiritual pain or in wrenching emotional ordeals. He has been called the “Angel of the Sun” because of his ability to rekindle the spark of life in sick bodies. And his reputation for performing “medical miracles” has also earned him the title of the “Angel of Science and Knowledge”.

Excerpt from: http://earthspiritmedicine.org/

Spirit Message of the Day – Feel Affinity With Nature

“Today’s message is one of balance. Nature is a perfect example of harmonious balance. The spirit of the Lupin flower presents us with its simple message: to seek a more balanced approach to living. Take note of the exquisite balance in the make-up of this flower and let it be a perfect reminder of our own potential for balance and calm.”

“Perhaps you have been feeling out of balance lately and need to bring about changes in your life? One of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to gain perspective and balance is to spend time in nature – walking, swimming, gardening, or simply sitting and being. Take time to connect with a specific flower or a tree.”

“Notice the perfection in a flower or a leaf, and feel affinity with all living forms around you. Close your eyes and feel your heart opening to the consciousness of the spirit of any plant, flower or tree you are close to. In your mind, ask the flower or tree to take away all your negativity and imbalances, leaving you cleansed and harmonious. In return, send back warmth, and appreciation and love.”

“Simply keep your heart and mind open and imagine a response coming back to you from the spirit with which you are connected and you will be amazed how much they have to offer. Feel at one with nature and all balance will be perfectly restored, leaving you feeling refreshed, clear, and open.”

“You have chosen the Lupin flower spirit to reflect your sensitive nature, so nurture your soul’s desire and find your own path to balance every aspect of your wonderful life.” Allow yourself to feel affinity with nature today.

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

Spirit Message of the Day – Open Your Curiosity

“Notice repetitious signs and pay attention to your inner guidance, as this can yield valuable information. The Universe is giving your important messages today, and by drawing this card, you’re asked to pay extra attention to them. Notice conversations you overhear, music lyrics on the radio, comments made to you by others, and inner feelings and thoughts. Look for common threads among the signs, as they’re forms of guidance to help you manifest your Divine purpose and desires.”

“It’s not your imagination that the Universe is sending you signs and Divine guidance. Anytime you hear, or feel something three or more times, especially within a short time period, it’s information worthy of your attention. These signs also give you feedback about your current belief system, since your thoughts attract mirroring experiences. Use these signs to heal beliefs that dishonor you, and swim in the direction that your guidance points you.”

Today’s message is from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue.

Spirit Message of the Day – Destiny of Kind Reverence

“When this High Lady appears, she brings you a deep and meaningful message: she reminds you that only Love is real. It is the sole unconditional and true power behind all means of manifesting out of the unseen world into the material world.”

“With kindness, reverence, and consideration, Love’s greatest creative power is ignited by the conscious action of compassion. Generosity of the heart, reverence, respect, and empathy for all living things bring you profound power to live a life of happiness and contentment. Love compassion, and kindness to all must be the impulse behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions –when your intention is to create a prosperous and abundant life. Unconditional love returns tenfold.”

“The High Lady also reminds you that when she chooses to be your ally, she brings you evidence that you’re loved. All manner of synchronicities align in your favor.” We only need be aware of others and the world surrounding us to see evidence and proof.

“If your question refers to a relationship, you’re required to think of the other person and inquire what is in their highest good. Give selflessly without asking for or expecting anything in return, and let go. What is yours will come to you. Kindness always returns somehow. You will surely receive that which you give…in more ways than you can imagine.”

“Perhaps the High Lady may serve as a challenger for you as she gently reminds you to snap out of self centeredness. The ego has set a sneaky trap for you. You may have forgotten that to create an abundant life, you must be conscious of how your choices impact others around you. Are you trying to manipulate others to get what you want without consideration for them?”

“It is possible that your good intentions are about helping too much, enabling another person to remain the same and preventing their growth? Sometimes it’s better to let others hit bottom with their own suffering rather than trying to make it easier for them. Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind.”

“Be conscious that you aren’t alone in this world. Begin to behave as if the God in all life – in every person – matters. Remember that the living world is a sacred community, and you’re a magical and important part of it. But you’re not the only one who counts. Let the High Lady of Love and Compassion guide you and be your friend today. Think first of others and she will orchestrate your ultimate success.”

Today’s message is from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid.