Spirit Message of the Day – You Are Timeless and Eternal

“You are stronger than you think. I know who you are. I know the good of you, the multiplicity of you, and the incredible richness of you. I know what you have survived. I know what great lies have been told. I know how hard the path has been, how deep the despair, how savage the untruths. I am here to help you restore your own sense of glory, your own truth, your own shining self. the truth is that you are all things and all beings, you are magnificent and truthfully Heaven is your mother, the Earth is your mother, the Sea is your mother and the fire of creation is yours, too.”

“You are all these things – star-being, dragonkin, sea-creature, Earth dweller, and forest child. You are sea and salt, and wood and stone, and you are grander and more magnificent than words or thoughts can tell you of. Know that these different parts of yourself naturally can dwell together – that there need be no war within, no conflict, no refusal to acknowledge all of who you are. I am here to tell you that soon you will come to understand the whole of who you are, and that there is no evil or darkness within you, only instinct and truth, all of which is right and innocent.”

“Grow and begin to feel more secure in the truth that who you are is timeless, ageless, and have wisdom from far beyond this lifetime and far beyond this planet. The truth of who you are is beyond all of our imaginings, because you are vast, powerful, and wondrous. I, who am the mother of this Earth, tell you so, and know you to be so. You are me, and I am you. And your capacity to become who you truly are is now a possibility. Do not be frightened by the power of who you feel within you – know that this power is to be used for good, to assist, to love, and to create.”

“You are an amazing, galactic being, an earthy, sensual being, a glorious body and soul entwined. I am here to let you know that you are eternal, beyond time, beyond space, beyond form. You are. And I am here to show to you that who you are is of value to us of the stars, of the sea, of the land. We support you and we love you. Always.”

“In the beginning there was one being…she was all things and nothing. She was the creator of all, and yet known by no one. She was alone, and yet without her, we would have no existence. She is Tiamet – a being who is at once galactic, crystalline, mer-soul and Dragonfae. She is the ancient primordial mother of us all. known to the Sumerians as the mother whose body formed the Earth and the galaxies, her story is one of a female all-powerful lightmother who survived the attempt to destroy her. She is Alantean, galactic and angelic in form, and her understanding and ancient wisdom is profound.”

“Tiamet is truly a being from beyond the stars. Her energy is beyond that of individualised energy and when we have this card show up in our lives, we know we are being connected with her in profound, radiating ways. She is here to remind us of our very nature, the roots of our existence, the atoms of our being. Through her all-beingness, she shows us the real possibility of unity and through her survival and her destruction, she shows us that we are indeed eternal, and that life is cyclic. She is associated with a galactic empire known as Arkadia, a Sumerian dynasty of 2500 BCE. the Arkadians greatly venerated and respected Tiamet.”

“Her energy can be almost overwhelming, but she is such a strong, super-protective mother being that she knows that any seeming significant during this time of climatic Earth change. She brought to this beautiful planet the knowledge of building pyramids and ziggurats. She was said to have been sacrificed upon a ziggurat during the battle to take from her the Tablet of Destinites…but this was truly the place of her reformation and recreation.”

“You are more powerful than you realize. The knowledge of the eternal nature of the soul, be aware of your own soul’s journey through time and space, be aware that you are made up of galactic (star) material, earthly materials, of the ocean and of fire. A time when others say things about you that are not only untrue, they are inspired by their own fear. Soon you will have recognition and a kind of rebirth, and you will realise that you are a strong warrior, a being whose spirit can never be vanquished, just as your complexity and brilliance can never be fully captured in words or images.”

Go on, and recreate your life from this ending that seems hard to bear. What you go on to create will have beauty, genius, wisdom, and grace in it. You may face challenges in finding a home, or a construction or dwelling may not be going to plan. Build on, and know that your plans will reach fruition, for generations to come. Astrology, astronomy, and the science of the stars.”

“Build something for you, now, and for the generation to come. Consider the legacy you wish to leave for your descendants and for the planet, and work from this place. Surround yourself with people who share your values and insights, and learn more about what it is that you can do to stop others being persecuted. Know that no matter what appears to have happened and no matter how tragic or disastrous it may seem to be, you are in face strong enough to not only cope, but to transcend this circumstance and rise again. You are greater than those who have hurt you and you no longer need to live with fear. You will soon be free, washed clean and reborn to yourself. Never underestimate your own strength. Just quietly begin to build again.”

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Live From Your Wisdom With Integrity

“People expect all those who are your guides and teachers to come in forms that are soft and sweet. I am neither, and I am stern and serious, because you are in danger of forgetting that which has been taught to you due to distraction. I ask of you now whether you have the commitment to carry through with the tasks you have decided you wish to complete. Because the words ‘Yes’ and ‘I will’ are simple. But to teach is to impart priceless wisdom and for others to ignore the lessons, simply means this entire planet is being held back.”

“Forgive me, for I become impatient at the pains you have put yourself through and I see that again there is the possibility of going over old ground. You must understand – you have already learned so much. What we wish for you to do now is to have the courage to live from the wisdom you’ve gained, rather than the fear which ensures you overlook all that which you have learned. I have been with you before, and you and I have already learned a great deal together. And let me say this: if you choose to behave as though you are deaf and blind, and have no senses, you will again feel pain that is simply not necessary!

“So now, choose to follow guidance and learn the lessons you have already worked with…and when you have learned it for the last time, teach it yourself. By demonstrating the qualities you wish to see in the world, by applying action and discipline to your dreams, I will also be relieved, because I will no longer have to bring the lesson to your attention again and again, time after time.”

“And my patience will no longer be tested! Together we can teach the new ones -they need you to live from your wisdom more than you think. Know too, that no matter how much you feel you have already learned, and how wise you may believe you already are, that you still have a great deal more to learn. In this new school you will be entering, you will be an apprentice once again, surrounded by others who are just as eager, wide-eyed and sure of themselves, too, at times!”

“She is wise and ancient, and seems very stern – and she is, because she has a serious task. But what one does not often see is the laughter in her eyes, the warmth of her voice and the strength of her endurance, for she has taught thousands and will teach many more. Her home is the natural world and her lessons are the themes of your life. Ignoring her wisdom she has given is like polluting the fresh water of a spring, or poisoning your own food. Do not compromise your life. Trust the stern and wise teachers of your life, for they know how precious you are. Know that their harsh words at times contain so much truth: so look beyond what seems to be unfair and seek the wisdom in what you have been taught. Think of the Master of Martial Arts and the rigours the young apprentice must go through in order to learn. This master is your current, most gifted guide.”

“Studying seriously, working towards a goal, feeling like abandoning a task before it is complete, being disrespectful, feeling threatened by another approach to learning; wanting to leave ‘school’ before it is time; having authority issues.”

“Take your studies very seriously and pay attention to the messages. Take any ‘Why are they picking on me?’ moments to mean that in fact you are not clearly acting on your true path, and be practical about all steps. So, if you wish to write, do so. Listen to your muse and be creative. Do not simply seek to obtain what is needed externally – create it from within and send it out into the world through your efforts and discipline. Be proactive and do not rely on the powers that be. Rely on yourself and counsel. Heed teachings and have integrity. Treat elders with respect and do not forsake ‘old’ energies and wisdom for this season’s latest trend. Within your family, an elder has something to say to you. Listen to them, even if they do seem a little fearsome!

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Celebrate Ostara The Spring Equinox 2011

Ostara – The Spring Equinox 2011

It’s time to celebrate Spring at Ostara. If you’re one of our Northern Hemisphere readers, you’re celebrating Ostara on March 20, while down below the Equator it’s time for Mabon. Either way, this is a time of year in which we can celebrate balance — there are equal hours of light and darkness in each day. For those of you observing Ostara, this is a time of rebirth and renewal as the earth comes back to life.

What is Ostara?

Ostara is the beginning of spring. It’s the time when new life begins to appear in the ground, despite the continuing chill in the air. The spring equinox has been marked for eons by people in a variety of different cultures and belief systems, and there is a great deal of folklore surrounding this time of the year.

Ostara History

Deities of Spring

Spring Equinox Around the World

Setting Up Your Ostara Altar

Ostara Prayers

Ostara Rites and Rituals

Celebrate the season of Ostara, the spring equinox, with rituals and rites that honor the season of rebirth and renewal!

Ostara Rite for Solitaries

Ostara Rebirthing Ritual

Labyrinth Meditation for Spring

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Chocolate Rabbit

The Magic of Ostara

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal as the earth comes back to life. Why not celebrate the themes of the season with a little bit of spring magic?

Egg-Laying Bunnies and Mad March Hares

Garden Magic

The Magic of Serpents

Spring Flower Magic

All About Mabon, The Autumn Equinox

If you’re one of our Southern Hemisphere readers, you’re watching the autumn equinox approach right now. It’s a time of harvest and bounty, and the gifts of the earth are to be celebrated and treasured.

Mabon History

Mabon Rituals

Mabon Traditions and Folklore

Mabon Prayers

Mabon Magic

What is Ostara?

Ostara Customs, Traditions and Folklore

Ostara, the spring equinox, has plenty of folkore and customs connected to it. From the festivals of ancient Rome to the colorful egg hunt, learn about some of the traditions surrounding the spring season.

Floralia: The Roman May Day Celebration

Long before the medieval peasantry of the British Isles erected their Maypoles, the ancient Romans were partying hard in honor of Flora, their spring fertility goddess. She had her very own festival, called Floralia, and there was all kinds of merrymaking going on!

Beware the Ides of March!

March 15th is known as the Ides of March, and seems to come with dire warnings attached. Learn a bit about why this day is seen as a dangerous time for some people!

Ostara Cooking

Looking for recipes to brighten up your Ostara celebration? Here’s where you’ll find information on seasonal treats such as eggs, breads, light soups, salads, and desserts for the Sabbat.

Mint Chutney

Use fresh mint leaves to make a tasty chutney for your Ostara celebration. Serve it with meat, or on top of roasted veggies.

Roasted Lamb

Ostara is the time of the spring lambs, and this marinated and roasted leg of lamb is the perfect dish for your Ostara celebrations.

Ostara Crafts

If you’d like to jazz up your altar, walls, or the entire house with decorations for Ostara, here’s where you’ll find several fun and easy craft projects. There’s more to this time of year than colored eggs, so be sure to check out these ideas!

Make a Spring Weather Station

Ostara is a time of year when weather can change dramatically, often at a moment’s notice. Set up a home weather station so you and your family can track changes in rain fall, wind direction, temperature, and barometric pressure.

Make a Miniature Greenhouse for Ostara

At Ostara, it’s still too cold to plant your seeds outside, but you can certainly get your seedlings started indoors. Make an indoor greenhouse, put it in a sunny spot, and watch your garden begin!

From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan on About.com

Spirit Message of the Day – The Path You Take is Your Life Purpose

“How do you know which way to go
Whether upon that path you’ll meet friend or foe?
Will you end up in the slippery swamp
Where the red-eyed crocodiles romp?
So at the crossroads you must stand
And ask the fairy folk to lend a hand”

“Many times on our life’s journey we will come to a crossroads where an important decision needs to be made. We are confronted with a choice that will change our lives forever. Wisdom and courage are needed! When seeking for direction, it is important that we listen to the voice of our inner selves. Be wary of what other tramps and travelers will tell you. Rely on your own insight to guide you. Contact your source of strength and sincerity before you decide.”

“Decision-making helps you to discover a strong inner center from whence your whole energy can move in the right direction. Don’t move until you get a clear idea of where you want to go. The answer will arise from within of what’s best for you but so too will all the hidden doubts and fears. With awareness you can avoid falling into the swamp. Your mental alertness is the magic tool you most need at these times. Be careful not to stand at the crossroads longer than necessary; don’t postpone your decision. Once made, act upon it like a warrior and know that great benefits will ensue.”

“You are now ready to become a true traveler on the road, undaunted by decision-making. Whatever path you take, you will succeed. Your shining optimism and warm heart will attract friendly help and support. The light from this fairy will shine upon you to dissolve any fear of traveling on alone.”

Today’s St. Patrick’s Day Message is from Irish Fairy Cards for inspiration and guidance by Jaya Moran.

SpiritBlogger would like to remind you that no matter what step you take, or what direction you decide to move in, it is your unique life path.  Move forward, and be confident it is the right direction for you. The path you take represents your life’s purpose. To schedule your personal life path reading, go to Angel Soul Storms.

Spirit Message of the Day – Awaken Your Ancient Wisdom & Lineage

“I am Mab, some call me Queen, and it is of your independence and personal sovereignty that I wish to speak to you at this time. Each day you see and feel injustices in your world, and each time you remain mute, you allow the energy to spiral. Now is the time to make the difference, now is the time to take back the power the Mother, the Earth Goddess from whom we all were birthed, gave to you to safeguard and keep wisely –the precious gift of being on this planet.”

“Understand that you are energy and can use more than the old aggressive ways…use your energy and your mind, breath work and what you call prayer, but what I call magick, to speak and allow your voice to reach others. You are more powerful than you know. When you find yourself struggling within the cage of anger and fear, breathe love, and rest and revive yourself with knowledge of your own strength. Know the Dragonfae are with you, and will help to transmit your messages around the world you dwell in now. For I know, and I tell you, that a reckoning will be made, and that you are a part of this magickal planet’s rescue team. Be strong. Be wise. Stay safe. And change the world!”

“Mab is indeed the Queen of the Old Ways, and she works with the younger Dragonfae to safeguard and keep the knowledge of the Earth alive, and to keep the fairy realm safe from human ravages and interferences. She moves very quickly –she is electric, her energy charged at times, despairing and sad at others, and slow at others when her enormous energy becomes drained. She is fierce and so courageous, and she uses her magick to ensure her realm is safe, and to safeguard humans in turn.”

“She is often portrayed as being a Queen, but her crown is of light and of energy. She is connected to our own dreams, and she ensures that what we wish for, when it comes from love and magick, comes to us. She appears to many of us in her dreams and is very beautiful. she has a flock of young Dragonfae who work with her (apprentices!) and report back to her on what is happening in the world in those times when her energy is too exhausted for her to travel far. She is so wise, and has seen so much, and yet she is ageless. She never gives in and she will never abandon her people, the fae and all the elements.”

“When you draw this card, know that you are loved and protected by Mab too, that you are beloved for your unique and even odd qualities, and that blending in is not the way. This card and Mab are for everyone who has ever ached at their separation from the Old Ways.”

“Getting back to the basics of enchantment and magick, reconnecting with the old ways, and seeing them as eternal. Understanding the karmic history of your area, and applying the principles and lessons in the present moment. Telepathically receiving messages, and trusting in them. Knowing that your thoughts have energy, and can have an immense impact on what happens (think of the threefold law). Indulge in some old-fashioned magick, believe in your own abilities, and trust in the ancient ways of wisdom that run in your blood, as well as in the planet’s heartbeat.”

“Respect old magicks — learn more about the ancient lineages of magick. This does not mean to become a creature of what is called the past, but to understand and respect magickal heritage and connections. Ask Mab to assist you with clearly defining and deciphering telepathic information, and ask her to let you know how you can assist the Earth. Many of the creatures of this planet are now facing extinction. Mab assists them, and will help you to activate others’ care for them too. Older family members may also reveal that you have a magickal lineage. They may do this is subtle ways, but they shall do it.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Honor Cycles of Time – and Move Forward with Grace

“At this time of life change, you are drawing to you other beings and people, including divinities, who bring you solace, comfort and their unconditional love. You are surrounded by this comfort even in the beings of this Earth known as pets, but who are truly your guardians and beloved companions…these pets are those who comfort you with their love and warmth, and their desire for your well-being, your company and your happiness, come what may. You may draw to you new friends at this time, or just be gifted with the kindness of strangers.”

“There are many wonderful beings in this world, some of whom are being sent directly to you to bring you comfort, to hold you, and to rock you safely to sleep each night. You are a being who is valuable, and who is loved beyond measure. Allow us to come close to you, and let us in. Be prepared for kindness, small gifts and valuable windfalls when I make an appearance. Also, know that the old way of viewing this stage of life has fallen away…there is no need to take the lie up again. Let it be, and come forth into this new stage as beautiful as we know you are. I also wish you to know that the time for change is coming: that you are passing from childhood of a kind, to a true deep maturity…this is a fine thing, and we will celebrate together, you and I, together with the friends who want so very much to meet you!”

“Older than any being truly knows, she is the Mother of Mothers, and her lineage is as ancient as vast as time and space themselves. Yet this Grandmother of us knows that we sometimes need to be held and to be rocked, as well as instructed and taught well. At this time, Grandmother Magicks comes to tell you that yes, your new way of living may seem too difficult at times, but now that you have awaken, there is no going back to sleep. There is so much that she wishes to show you; please go to her in trust and love, and allow her to introduce the inhabitants of amazing realms to you, safely, and in great love.”

“There are many untruths about growing older: growing older does not mean forsaking your beauty, your vitality, your sexuality or your energy. It does mean being there for those who are younger than yourself, and stepping into the shoes of a mentor, without losing your identity. It is time to grow up when she appears, and she will assist you in growing through this stage. She appears at menarche (when a woman beings to menstruate) and at menopause (when a woman’s period begins to change, and finally departs). So she is a blood Grandmother too, and teaches us the wisdom of the body’s cycles, and of living with them in joy and harmony, rather than shame and fear.”

“Respect your cycles – understand more about your body and its needs and functions. Treat every function of your body with love and respect. Unearth and dissolve negative conditioning about bodily functions and know that Grandmother Magicks will re-teach you what there is to learn about your body, sex, sexuality and fertility so you can pass it on with love and wisdom. There will be no more shame about the physical body in your bloodline. She heralds a new beginning of empowerment. Growing older, you can still be beautiful, vital, desireable, and powerful. Do not fall victim to the false lies of the cultural hypnosis that tell you that to be older is not desirable. To be an ancient – a Grandmother – is to be wise. And there is no better thing.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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