Spirit Message of the Day – Travel Through Time; You Are a Timeless Being

“The feelings you have, of time contracting and expanding, are real insights, not simply your imagination. Time is a living dimensional being, whose powers include the ability to devote more time to those of us who require it, and for time to speed up or slow down when it may be necessary, too. It is in this way that we are able to divine and travel through threads and weavings of time, and move forward into seeing our future…in truth, we are already there. And much of who we truly are remains an echo.”

“The time beings of the Dragonfae, of whom I am one, know this, and guard and protect you from confusion. Similarly, they can assist you when you require time to be created. If you feel you are short of time, send a thought message to me, the Guardian of Time, and I will send you all the help you need to meet your goals within the time you feel you have. Know that time is available to work for and with you; you need only tune into it as a dimensional reality, and connect with the time beings.”

“Call upon me to create the time you need, and call upon me when you wish to speed time up, too. Travelling will take a shorter time, time will expand to assist you to meet the deadlines for pressing tasks, and arriving on time will be perfectly simple and easy, no matter the apparent obstacles. Above all, know that you are a timeless being. Know that you are dimensionally vast, that you are protected, cherished and loved by the Time Guardian. From this time forth, you will become the time traveller you were born to be, that is part of all of your inheritance.”

“The Dragonfae Lord is a keeper of time: he arranges and rearranges its weavings and natural laws, dedicating portions to individuals that can expand and contract according to the will, the beliefs and the measure of the heart of each being working with time. He is teaching us all to understand that time is indeed subject to its own special laws. His great lesson is this: if we work with time, rather than trying to compartmentalized, control, and define it, if we return to the lunar and solar and astronomical ways, if we celebrate the time changes apparent in nature all around us with the Wheel of the Year, then the time span we have will be richer and more joyful, our vocations will be discovered and we will no longer struggle to cram so much into our days.”

“Because changing our perceptions is such a mammoth task, the Time Guardian is something very tired, as the prevailing human mindset now is of time needing to be contained and watched. He encourages us all to experience the natural flow of energy we call time, and experience its multi-dimensionality. There is one simple way to work with him. Be in the present moment, more often. You have enough time.”

“Feeling pushed for time, that time is moving too fast or too slow, feeling left behind, or that all is moving forward so fast we are no longer important or relevant. A need to ensure that natural timekeeping is kept. It is likely, when this card comes up, that you may have a theme of running late, or never having enough time, or of feeling that time is not on your side. Not so!” If we are fully aware, focused on living in the present moment, and are intimate with all things, we can embrace where we’ve been and where we will go next; who we were, and who we’d like to be, all at the same time, in the moment called now.

“Nothing would make you  happier than to start to greet the sunrise, to enjoy the sunset, to diminish and dampen the unnatural sources of light in your home that give the appearance of a uniformity of time. Time changes, flows, and moves as you interact with it, rather than entering into a struggle against it. Grow closer to natural time. Give yourself a watch-free day soon, and begin to understand what time is from the solar position, the moon cycle, and how you feel. It will help maintain an abundance of energy, and it also means that you will be in the flow, making it impossible for you to be late to what it is you are meant to be doing.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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Spirit Message of the Day -Honor the Sensitivity of Timing

“Timing, as they say, is everything. We pay attention to time in so many ways. We acknowledge the importance of large chunks of time, such as childhood or summertime. We celebrate birthdays and other annual events. We mark the passing of days and months with a calendar. Some of us organize our time down to the hour with a daily planner.”

“Then there is another, more nebulous concept of time. If we have something to tell someone, we may ‘wait until the time is right’, even if we don’t know exactly when that will be. Sometimes we may break off a relationship or refuse a project, saying, ‘This just isn’t a good time’. These sorts of times aren’t measured by a clock or a calendar. They are spaces in time created by circumstance. The moon has her own timing and phases. Each phase has different energy and can be used to enhance the magic in your own life. Below is a brief idea of what each phase is particularly suited for.”

New Moon: beginnings
Waxing: growing and increasing
Full: completion, the full power of the moon
Waning: decreasing, eliminating, banishing

“So, for example, if you wanted to start a new diet, setting a start date during a waning or new moon would be better than during a waxing moon. Experienced practitioners of moon magic break the phases down even further. they also pay attention to what astrological sign the moon is in, as those positions bring their own specific energies.”

“Our Maiden Moon is a priestess dedicated to honoring the moon. She holds a wand topped with a full white moon, to gather and focus the moon’s power. She wears a slim black crescent about her waist, because every phase of the moon should be respected. The hem of her gown is decorated with spirals and swirls to remind her that all her magic affects the flow of the universe. Her calla lilies are signs of grace and beauty, the subtle, elegant luminosity of the moon. The crescent on her head indicates that the moon is foremost in her thoughts.”

“Whatever you are thinking of doing, pay attention to when you plan on doing it. The matter at hand is particularly sensitive to timing. This may be either lunar timing or circumstantial timing. Whichever it is, do pick carefully in order to assure the best possible success.”

“If you are planning on doing something, use these journal questions to help you determine the best time. Describe what you want to do. What aspects of this would you consider a new beginning of something? What is the role of increasing growth in this project? Is this something you’ve already started? If so, how close to completion are you? Is it something that requires a lot of energy? how does the idea of decreasing or banishing play into the plan?”

“Whatever phase you select, you can enchant your charm to focus the moon’s energy to support you in your plan. You can do this enchantment during your selected moon phase or during a full moon. Carve a circle in a white candle and then add a crescent. Anoint the candle with either jasmine or ylang-ylang oil (both are associated with the moon’s power). Light the candle, and place your charm in front of it. Say this:

“Goddess of the night
Guide me with wisdom
And your shining light.
I honor you when dark
I honor you in fullness
And as you fade and go.
Goddess of the night
Fill me with your wisdom
And this charm with light”

“When you are done, if safe and appropriate, let the candle burn out. If not, snuff the candle. Carry or wear your charm as a symbol of the moon’s power that is within you.”

Today’s message is from Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore and card art by Jessica Galbreth.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Happy Heart Day 2011


“Fair river! in thy bright, clear flow
Of crystal, wandering water,
Thou art an emblem of the glow
Of beauty – the unhidden heart-
the playful maziness of art
In old Alberto’s daughter;

But when within thy wave she looks –
Which glistens then, and trembles-
Why, then, the prettiest of brooks
Her worshipper resembles;
For in his heart, as in thy stream,
Her image deeply lies-
His heart which trembles at the beam
Of her soul-searching eyes.”

–Edgar Allan Poe

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Spirit Message of the Day – Synchronise With Lunar Time & Energy

“The Lady Luna Speaks: You know that I shine upon this Earth and that we belong to each other. Yet you have disconnected, for all your knowledge, when only a few moments spent beneath my rays would cleanse your entire energy field, assisting you in shining your light at the full moon. And with my dark time, you may go within and find the secrets you have kept hidden from yourself and look at them without blame or fear. So I ask you now, as my moon Dragonfae fly about me, sending the energy ever turning, to connect with me, Lady Luna. When you do connect, you will be more complete and the yearning and sense of hopelessness that I feel from you from time to time will ease, be soothed and finally, dissolve. Take my healing power and light as yours: as they are.”

“Reflect upon me and I will reflect upon you, and your dreams and visions will gain strength, clarity and power, all the while keeping you safe and grounded. My light has shown over the Dragonfae, the magickal world, the beings you call human and all those of the animal and plant kingdom, the minerals, the dreams and the flowers and all are all mine, and I am theirs. My light ran through the veins of your ancestors and they understood me better than you, for all your knowledge, sometimes do now. Please, let us be friends and companions once again. Do not be afraid of my light and my night time self, for you are the same as me and we are both older than time itself.”

“The moon is a Goddess in her own right. Her magick is unique and otherworldly, and is shared and distributed amongst every single being on the planet. She has many names and guises including the dark crone self, from whom we must not run, but whose hand we may take and be led into the secret chamber of our own hearts. She is also known as Arianrhod, Aine, Selene, Artemis, Diana and the Triple Goddess. Her domain is that of dreams, starlight, magick and the in-between places. She is neither black nor white: she is silver and is radiant. Her messages and work are constant and yet ever-changing. Our emotional well-being, our need for water and our love and dreams are all assisted by Lady Luna. She is compassionate, loving and is a regulator of all our energies and of our emotions. We shut ourselves away from her when we use electric light, when we draw the curtains on the moon and when we pollute our skies to such a degree that the Earth can be no longer be bathed in her light.”

“Moon cycles are to be worked with at this time. Others feeling that your new magickal behaviours and practices are ‘lunacy’, understanding your night time self, receiving messages from crystals (of which the moon is composed) and discovering far more about your true and hidden self. Discover how moonlight affects you and work in tandem with her beautiful cycles. Introducing others to her work. Beginning projects at new moon, working towards completion at full. Going within when she is waning and going to dark.”

“Learn your moon sign: this will give you many clues as to who you are at the core of your being, who you are under the layers and layers of (unmagickal) conditioning that can rub away and erode our natural intuitive abilities and magickal gifts.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Fly With Courage Into the Unknown

“For wonderful outcomes; all decisions must be made in the spirit of trust and adventure: the very spirit you have displayed in asking us to assist you. In order for you to understand which direction you must now travel in, you must gain a higher perspective. It is not mean to try and be ‘better’ or in any way ‘higher’ than anyone else, but to fly as an eagle or one of the Dragonfae would, high above the situation, so you can see its ramifications and lessons, its wisdom and knowledge spreading through time and space. This way you will know which direction to take next.”

“Ask the Dragonfae to send you visions and messages from this higher perspective, so we can assist you to make the decision, always understanding that while you may see much from this perspective, you will never know all. We will fly you high above this crossroads and from this point you will see your choices in their splendour and diversity.”

“These beings are  your magickal helpers, they are able to lift you up in order to assist you in seeing. If you feel you cannot see, they will describe to you the choices before you, but they will also help you to understand that at this time you are indeed at a crossroads, and that you are under their care. They are kin and they will walk or fly the road with you, until you are ready to take the steps yourself. Be unafraid of the decision you now need to make, of the move that may be necessary. Your haven is within  your heart, your sanctuary is within your soul. Be ready to become a being who travels and explores, who is about to embark upon an adventure to unknown lands, both inner and outer.”

“Travel, change of address or circumstance, be prepared to carry what you feel is yours forth into the new place that is calling you in the world, a new time, a shedding of your sacred place-skin, a return to an ancient home; a calling to a future self, and an answer. help from powerful companions when it comes to relocating, friendships in faraway places. Astral travelling to lands that are sometimes known as ‘fantasy’ realms, but which are in fact dimensional realities you have access to – now. Ask the Dragonfae to carry you safely there are back. Promotions, recognition, increase in attention in your career.”

“Making plans to move forward, packing up and letting go of the old, reducing the amount of material possessions that no longer speak to you, becoming the wanderer, the traveller for a time, a time of exile where you may be unsure of where your home lies. Know that this is the time of the being who migrates and takes flight, and who has many lives and homes in this one span of time where you are in your present earth body which, by the way, is a sacred tool. Use it to fly above what you can see from the ground, and gain a higher viewpoint. Think of the Dragonfae, flying high above, and you will fly further than you have dreamt of. Consider the element of air more often.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

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