Spirit Message of the Moment – An Unexpected Pause Offers a Gift


“Wolverine warns us to take what we need and to prepare well for the future. She invites us to expwolverine_1lore the wilderness, to spend time alone and to journey deep within the sacred self. In doing so we may find the space to address our fears and heal ourselves. Wolverine supports the simple truth that if you do not know yourself then no one else will ever truly know you, and endorses taking emotional risks that will allow others to get to know your true heart. She assures us that it’s never too late to welcome love back into your life.” 


“Two is the number of duality, increase and marriage (concept). It unites the opposites that are equal; the feminine and the masculine, the dark and the light, night 372bfa9cf0127cfdaf1eca2ad00f9a69and day, and the negative and the positive. The Twos remind us that sacred difference is what usually brings balance to a situation. some say the Twos are closely linked to the energies of the High Priestess, mainly because they speak of duality and that awkward moment spent worrying before a choice is made, trying to do more than one thing at a time, listening to your inner voice or trusting your intuition. They offer grounding, choice and direction when confusion would normally rule the mind.”

The one thing we can always expect is change – which may include unexpected stops or pauses along our life path. You may find yourself at a crossroads where you may feel it’s time to make an important or critical decision. Take all the time needed to decipher how you truly feel about the situation. Part of the journey forward means stopping frequently along the way to evaluate, reassess, and refocus our path to ensure it still aligns with our changing vision, needs, wants, highest self, and life purpose.Which part of yourself do you need to tap into before you can move forward with passion and joy? What is needed to show and express your true heart in order to be your authentic self in all situations? Will love, gratitude, peace, grace, self-awareness, being emotionally open, or forgiveness towards yourself, others, or the world unblock you, lighten your load, and give you the freedom you seek?

Today’s guidance was excerpted from The Bohemian Animal Tarot by Scott Alexander King

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Spirit Message of the Moment – Take the Reign of Change


“I am Raven. I am the deep magic from the north and the ancient connection between you and the immortal. I am proof that your world is changing. You are missing the hidden threads that bind your experi73372_474598435933242_2130469691_nence. There are great things at work. There are manifestations at your feet. I want to help you see the magic and teach you how to use it. I am the bird that transports you from one realm to the next. I am the portal, granting you access from the solid grounds of Earth. I am that which appears from nothing. There is no greater power than your own will to sustain your vision. When you see me coming down from the lonely mountainside it is time to take the reign. I may appear only once, so grab the chance when you see it. Take your whims and ground them. Take your futility and shatter it to pieces. Stop accepting the chaos around you. Stop allowing your energy to dissipate and give it form and substance.”


“You are a magician. You are the missing piece of the puzzle. You are connectivity. You are Raven.”

lisahuntToday’s guidance is from The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck by Lisa Hunt and Lesley Morrison.

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Spirit Message of the Moment – You Are Worthy of Love, Give What You Desire

“Love each other. Passionate love seems to be the realm of fairy tales and romantic epics, but it truly is a part of your life and being too. Know that when you draw this card, you are a beauti374391_311536158954833_2008261214_nful being, worthy of bliss, romance, and adoration. There is a God and a Goddess for everyone and you are about to discover that for yourself.”

“Know that within you is everything you need to draw to you perfect love and perfect trust. Know that physical and soul passion can be ignited. Asking is the beginning. Your search for a soul mate is over, because with you now is the truth; that by believing in your true nature — the passionate and romantic being that you are – you are drawing to you the one who will adore you. Be quiet and still, and believe. Sensual delight, physical ecstasy and bliss are yours.”

“These beings have been through many trials in order to be together. They are true soul mates, but their relationship is one which is fed each day with embraces, sweetness, and passion. They remind us that in order to love well, we must actively love each day, and that to neglect our lover is to ultimately neglect our own happiness.”

“They spea484918_10151103896062477_491993786_nk to us of the necessity of romantic gestures: that keeping love alive is as simple as watering a garden daily to keep the plants in full health. Their own love is guarded by the Dragonfae, whose blood they carry. Your own relationships will be protected and looked over by a being of the Dragonfae, who will ensure that your true love will come to you when you treasure this love enough to nurture it, and have it grow, and to share the love in your heart with the other, generously, honestly, with courage. You will find love, and it will be sacred. Protect it, and know that you have your own Dragonfae guardian who will ensure this comes to be, when you believe in love yourself, truly, from the depths of your heart.”

“Your relationships need tending, as do all things that live. It could be a time to make a roman563338_474829599231034_675844261_ntic gesture, to love another as you would wish to be loved, to understand that love cannot flourish when there is mistrust and anxiety. You may be despairing that your relationship may never match your dreams – please know that your true love lies within your own willingness to believe that you too can experience passionate love, and that you are well-worthy of its ecstasies, no matter your beliefs about your age, your health, your beauty. You are a beloved one. The Dragonfae know this. Now they ask you to know this too.”

“Create self-loving moments in your day. Allow yourself to feel loved. Feel how loved you are, by the Dragonfae, and by the entire consciousness of all that is, and offer to yourself gestures and small acts of kindness that will further allow and attract passionate love into your life. Know that sensuality and physical union and bliss are birthrights and that you deserve these experiences now. Allow any feelings of need to fall away and replace them with a deep knowing: that you are worthy of love.”

Excerpt from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

Spiritblogger Says:
Remember, 405368_10150500037554734_1317162623_ngive the love you most desire, be the love you most want, and love the way you want to be loved.  Make the change you most want to see, by being the change.

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Spirit Message of the Moment – Celebrate Winter Solstice 2012

Hold a Family Yule Log Ceremony
“For people of nearly any religious background, the time of the winter solstice is a time when we gather with family and loved ones. For Pagans and Wiccans, it’s often celebrated as Yule, but there aFirebonfirere literally dozens of ways you can enjoy the season. If your family enjoys ritual, you can welcome back the sun at Yule with this simple winter ceremony. The first thing you’ll need is a Yule Log. If you make it a week or two in advance, you can enjoy it as a centerpiece prior to burning it in the ceremony. You’ll also need a fire, so if you can do this ritual outside, that’s even better. As the Yule Log burns, all members of the family (and friends) should surround it, forming a circle.

Here’s How:

  1. If you normally cast a circle, do so at this time. This first section is for the adults – if there is more than one grownup, they can take turns saying the lines, or say them together:

The Wheel has turned once more, and
the earth has gone to sleep.
The leaves are gone, the crops have returned to the ground.
On this darkest of nights, we celebrate the light.
Tomorrow, the sun will return,
its journey continuing as it always does.
Welcome back, warmth.
Welcome back, light.
Welcome back, life.

  1. The entire group now moves deosil – clockwise, or sunwise – around the fire. When each member has returned to his or her original position, it is time for the children to add their part. This section can be divided amongst the children, so that each gets a chance to speak.

Shadows go away, darkness is no more,
as the light of the sun comes back to us.
Warm the earth.
Warm the ground.
Warm the sky.
Warm our hearts.
Welcome back, sun.

  1. Finally, each member of the group should take a moment to tell the others one thing that they are thankful for about their family – things like “I am happy that Mom cooks us such wonderful food,” or “I’m proud of Alex because he helps people who need it.” When everyone has had a chance to speak, walk sunwise once more around the fire, and end the rite. If possible, save a bit of this year’s Yule log to add to the fire for next year’s ceremony.

chocolate yule-logFamily and Friends

Nothing says holiday celebration quite like getting together with the people you love. Learn about gifts, decorating, money-saving, and why it’s perfectly okay for Wiccans to have a big green tree full of lights!

Suggested Reading

By Patti Wigington

Wish Ritual for the New Year
Place a piece of holly bush on your altar for the Yule celebration, in keeping with Pagan traVariegated-Holly-Bush-821312dition. After the celebration, before dismissing the Quarters and taking down the Circle, write down a wish or wishes on pieces of parchment paper and tie them to the holly bush branches on your altar. You can write down as few or many wishes as you desire. However try to keep it simple. Bury the holly bush limb with your wishes attached to it during the next full moon, giving thanks to the Lord and Lady, to assure that your wishes will be realized during the coming year.

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Spirit Message of the Moment – Celebrating The Pagan Holiday Mabon 2012

“The Harvest surrounds us. The bounty of Summer, the fruit of our labor, is ripe and hanging heavy on the vine. The theme for this Holiday is abundance and thanksgiving, rightfully so, as Mabon is the second of the harvest holidays and the most productive, and labor intensive, of the three. In many places, this harvest marks the peak of the garden harvest and the beginning of the fruit harvest, especially of grapes and apples. Due to the grape harvest and the nature of wine making, this is also a wine celebration, as last year’s vintage is finally able to be enjoyed and a new batch is now being started.

This day is also the Autumnal Equinox, a day when day and night are equal, balanced. From here on out the days will be shorter, the nights longer, the Winter that much closer. A chill in the air, frost on the grass, these mark the entrance of the spiders into our homes, a desperate effort to escape the cold and perhaps survive a little longer.

Within these few characteristics of Mabon, there is an underlying theme: connection. Who is it that we worked so hard with to create the abundance we now enjoy and pull in, but our community, those with whom we are most intimately connected. Our family, our friends, they are our community and they are the ones who celebrate all of our joys with us, with whom we give thanks and of whom we are thankful for. Even the entrance of the spiders into our homes, taking up residence in the corners where they will happily take care of any biting insects, echoes this theme of connection, this time to the larger community. The spiders remind us that we are never fully removed from Nature, even when we hide ourselves away in our climate controlled homes, surrounded by technology and “proof” of our superiority over the natural world.

The energy of the Autumnal Equinox spills over, and at this time when there is so much, we find ourselves pulled to share the abundance with those around us. At this time when Day and Night are equal, so, too, are all people equal; divisions and barriers are taken down, and we are reminded that we are all the same and we are all truly members of the same community.

It’s all cause and effect. When we start to acknowledge our connections, that we are not separate, it is then that we notice the Community to which we belong and notice just how far the breadth of that Community stretches. We notice our place in the scheme of things, and this leads to compassion, to the desire to share what we have with those around us. This sacred day reminds us of the need for community, the blessing of community, and the obligations we have as members of a community.”

Article by Lady Althaea

Spirit Message of the Day – Balance Will Find You

“In the German fairy tale, The Goose Girl, the geese are symbols of innocence and vigilance. Their white feathers signify the wild and untamed spirit. The horse’s head represents judgment and reason; it serves as the goose girl’s conscience as she passes the threshold into wild pastures of unconscious matter. The stone wall divides helplessness and innocence from liberation and empowerment. She is becoming autonomous and no longer relies on her mother’s protection.”

“The stability of the stones contrasts the erratically growing vines. The white staff stands for truth and balance. The goose girl subconsciously points the staff in the direction away from the confining wall. her golden hair embodies virtue as winds sweep through it, indicating that a higher power is at work, and karma will bring about justice.”

“There may come a time when we face an injustice. We need to learn to trust our instincts and proceed in a rational manner. Karmic forces are at work, and the truth will surface in time. But we must remain perceptive to the possible messages that may reveal themselves either through conscious experiences or unconscious dreamtime.”

Today’s message is from Lisa Hunt’s A Fairy Tale Tarot.

Spirit Message of the Day – Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

greenery pentagramPENTAGRAM
“When this card appears it addresses matters of creativity and manifestation. The card reflects the ability to create in accord with mind, body, and spirit. Therefore the pentagram calls upon us to direct the manifestation of the things in our lives. the caution is to balance the accumulation of material gain with one’s spiritual values. This card asks the question: ‘How and what are your energies creating, balance or imbalance around you?'”

Pentagram by Mickie Mueller“The card calls to us to be aware of our resources and the tools we can use to achieve our goals. The appearance of the pentagram assures us that we have access to all the elements within and without. It is time for manifestation, expansion, transformation, and movement.”

“Among the most ancient of myths we find that before Creation the Universe was in Chaos, Divinity then entered into Chaos and drew the four elements of CreatioCelticPaganPentagramPaganArtPurp-1n into harmony. These elements are called earth, air, fire, and water. Traditionally the pentagram symbolizes the Divine Spirit presiding over the four creative elements. Spirit (the fifth element) provides equilibrium, which results in cohesion/manifestation as it directs the elemental process of creation. It is an ancient belief that one or more of the elemental natures are required in order to create anything on the material plane.”

“The card depicts the five pointed star being formed by the elemental natures. The flow of the elements can be seen against the full moon in the night sky. Here fire flows downward to its traditional symbolic placement at the lower right point. Leaves blow in the air, moving to the traditional assignmwiccan and crowent of air at the upper left point. Water flows across and to the right, meeting its traditional point of assignment on the upper right. An open furrow of fertile earth moves toward the lower left point of the star, which is the traditional assignment of earth. To complete the design, the essence of divine spirit flows upward to the top point of the star.”

“In the background of the card appears the night sky. This represents the procreative darkness from which all things issue forth. Here we find that the Universe supports the elemental process of creativity and manifestation.”

“You find yourself drifting up into the night sky, carried by a mystical vapor. Before you in the starry night sky the full moon emerges as the vaporous clouds dissolve away. You recall the ancient myth of Chaos existing before Creation, and of how the Divine Spirit then brought the four elements into harmony. You begin to feel a tingling sensation on your body, and you sense the presence of the fifth element of spirit. Your eyes seem to expand and a new clarity develops. It is as if you have never fully seen before. As you look at the full moon, the four elements of fire, air, water, and ewiccansettingarth stream across the face of the moon. Here amidst the stars, a pentagram forms.”

“You perceive that the moon is a portal to the astral realm where thoughts can manifest into things. It is the Divine Spark within (that which is of the eternal gods) that makes it possible to create, for you bear within you the spark of that which created the Universe. You realize that every material object is really an energy pattern held together in the cohesion of elemental earth. You see the interplay of the elemental forces within the inner mechanism of Nature. Here you see the elemental pattern of manifestation, expansion, transformation, and movement at work in the cycles of birth, life, death, and rebirth. From below you hear the voice of the Crone of the cottage calling to you. You begin to feel heavy, and you sink back toward the earth beneath. You are returning now to the Crone who waits in the woods.”

Today’s guidance is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day -Time for Celebration and Careful Reflection

The Harvest by Mickie MuellerHARVEST
“When this card appears it addresses the fruits of ones labor. This card speaks of receiving in accord with the personal effort that has been exerted. In essence this is a card of matched energy that returns back to the originator. The card can also indicate the completion of a matter or a situation.”

The Pagan theme of Harvest is associated with the Lord of the Harvest figure. He represents the living Spicom_wheatrit of Land. Is is an ancient belief that this spirit is passed into the sheaf when it is gathered and bound. This prevented it from escaping the fields during the harvest, and thereby the land was kept fertile. The life of the Spirit of the Land was passed back into the soil at a later time when the fields were being prepared for the planting season.”

“In parts of Europe where the firefly was found, a mystical theme arose. Fireflies mate at the summer solstice season when the grain is nearing maturity. At night hundreds of them swarm over the fields, alighting on the tops of the sheaves of grain. Here the glowing lights appearfireflies like fairies or spirits of Nature. A legend arose that the fairies were passing on their mystical secrets to the grain. This led to a belief that a person could partake of the grain and receive the knowledge of the Fairy race. This theme became the basis of the ritual meal of bread.”

You look out the window of the crone’s cottage and see a man and a woman harvesting and gathering the wheat, but you quickly realize that this is no mortal man or woman, for you sense within that this is the Lady of the Fields and the Lord of the Grain. Spirits have come into the planting fields. It is the Lady that births the Lord from the womb of the earth, and then gathers his life back into herself when the stalk falls and the seed is spilled. he is the risen stalk born of the earth that sways in fields with ripened seed.”

bread“As you watch you see the sickle shine like the silver crescent crown of the Moon Goddess. The wheat flashes its golden hue and displays its ripened tops like the antlers of the Stag-Horned God. The work continues as you watch the harvesting, and in time the grain shall be transformed into bread.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

The Religion of Harvest
“As October creeps upon us most modern society in the Northern Hemisphere is buckling down for an annual harvest celebration. Some may know this as being Thanksgiving, otRolls of Hayhers may call it Harvest Home, some call it Samhain and still others Harvest Festival. Nearly every culture celebrates it in one form another and almost every culture has always done so.”

“The significance of harvest is intricately woven into our identity as a civilization. Modern images of squash, pumpkins, harvest baskets and hay are only regional representations of something that Europeans, Asians, Native Americans, Africans, East Indians, Classical Greek and Romans, Ancient Egyptians, and Mesopotamians have been doing for thousands of years. Celebrating the result of a year’s crop had a twofold purpose: one was to pat each other on the back for growing such delicious food, but the other was to buckle down and prepare for the winter.”

“Harvest is a time to celebrate, but it is also a time for prudence. Before the modern era, winter wasn’t a picnic. Usually there would be a lot of death, certainly sickness and the harvest’s food was the one thing that kept everyone going. It was a prelude to the dark months because the sun poked its rays further away. A bad harvest meant a bad winter and a good harvest meant a not-so-bad winter. When celebrating the time of Harvest during the autumn, it is good to look at the cycle that this civilization-long tradition represents.”

wheat field truck“It is a time of prudence, reverence and calm. Where we pack our things and carefully plan for the unknown road ahead. It is a time of celebration and it is a time of reflection. The Religion of Harvest is there to remind us that with the seasons come times to let loose and times to buckle down. It may not matter to us that our forefathers depended upon the harvest to survive, but in our world we produce our own harvest. This is the time of year to fall into the ancient current and reflect upon what we’ve produced and how it will get us through the next year.”
Mark Havenner

Spirit Message of the Day – Use Time, Space, and Energy to Manifest

“When this card appears it is a reminder that our actions aThe Law of Three by Mickie Muellernd words create energy. The Law of Three calls upon us to examine how we are conducting our personal affairs. What energy we are generating, and what is the state of our relationships, career, and general state of being? Know that what we experience in the cycles of our lives is often the return of the energy we have sent out into the world.”

“The axiom presented by this card is: ‘Every action affects us on three levels: mind, body, and spirit’. This is known as the Threefold Law, or sometimes as the Law of Return. Every action that we perform manifTriquertaests an emotion. Emotion causes a change in our body chemistry, and so this results in a physical change. This change influences the way we feel, which affects our spirit. Through one single act our mind, body, and spirit is affected.”

“The imagery of this card depicts a section in the Book of Shadows that represents a foundational and traditional teaching. The symbol popularly known as the Triquerta appears on one page. This represents the ‘power of three’ and the interconnection and interdependence of the three elements of manifestation: time, space, and energy.”

“The candle on the bookstand symbolizes the keeper of the flame, a reference to the role of the initiate. The quill pen and inkwell represent guardianship, the role of preserving and passing on the value of important and vital traditions. The bower vine on the border symbolizes the interconnections that draw the worlds together.”

“You stand before the Book of Shadows as its pages turn. They come to rest at the Law of Three. A voice bids you to take the quill, and the symbol on the page captures your fingers and holds your hand to the book. The candlelight expands and the brighBook of Shadows Rosetness almost obscures the sight of your hand. As you stand staring at the events unfolding, a voice utters, ‘You, and the teaching, and the book, and the spirit of the symbol are as one. You are the law and the law is you’. The book does not release you, and you sense your needed response: ‘This I accept with my mind, body, and spirit’. You had touched the quill, an act directed by mind and felt by body, and embraced by spirit. The light withdraws back into the candle flame. The symbol merges back into the page. Beneath it you see the words ‘So mote it be’ written out with your signature.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.