Spirit Message of the Moment – Take the Reign of Change


“I am Raven. I am the deep magic from the north and the ancient connection between you and the immortal. I am proof that your world is changing. You are missing the hidden threads that bind your experi73372_474598435933242_2130469691_nence. There are great things at work. There are manifestations at your feet. I want to help you see the magic and teach you how to use it. I am the bird that transports you from one realm to the next. I am the portal, granting you access from the solid grounds of Earth. I am that which appears from nothing. There is no greater power than your own will to sustain your vision. When you see me coming down from the lonely mountainside it is time to take the reign. I may appear only once, so grab the chance when you see it. Take your whims and ground them. Take your futility and shatter it to pieces. Stop accepting the chaos around you. Stop allowing your energy to dissipate and give it form and substance.”


“You are a magician. You are the missing piece of the puzzle. You are connectivity. You are Raven.”

lisahuntToday’s guidance is from The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck by Lisa Hunt and Lesley Morrison.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Open To Enlightenment

“When this card appears, it indicates that you have reached a position in which you can offer guidance or direction to others. It can also indicate a need to move on in some matter, in order to serve a greater community or worthy cause. It is time to be a Teacher, Emissary, or Director.”

“In ancient times, trees were worshipped or venerated. Among some tribes it was believed thElderStaff Mickie Muellerat trees were the dwelling place of a god or goddess. This is one reason why sacred groves were established. A branch was taken from the tree and carried by the priestess or priest as a sign of his or her connection with the deity of the grove. Traditionally, the branch measured the height of the person plus the length from the elbow to the end of the middle finger. The height represented personal rapport with the deity of the grove. The bend of the arm, and therefore its extension outward, symbolized that the elder was to reach out to those whom he or she encountered. Together these were the full measure of the elder. With staff in hand, the priestess or priest went out to the people as an emissary of their deity.”

“The card depicts a robed figure carrying a staff, which symbolizes his or her connection to the deity of the sacred grove. The full moon, an ancient symbol of the mystery tradition, shines in tMerlinhe night sky as it sheds light upon the path. This represents the inner mystery that light is at home in the darkness, and that enlightenment is found passing through the night.”

“The Elder Staff informs us that the path we walk takes us through worlds not known by the average person in life. The light of the moon and stars guides the soul in different ways that does the light of the sun. The subtlety of their emanations is alluring, and their seeming aloofness drawn us on to vistas of worlds unknown. The message of this card is to live and walk the chosen path with lasting devotion.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide to the Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Challenge Your Spiritual Warrior to Receptivity

“When this card appears it is an indication that the issue is one of receptivity and mutability. This card can indicate a reminder to be receptiveThe Challice by Mickie Mueller to new forms and expressions. The chalice is the channel through which its counterpart (the energy of water) manifests it’s objective. In essence the chalice denotes the ebb and flow of the tides and cycles of life. It is the expression of the inner fullness, which is aware of itself. The card can also point to the welling up of emotional nature. The chalice teaches that we must freely give from our inner fullness, just as we freely receive withint our inner depth.”

“Traditionally the chalice is a ritual tool associated with the element of water. On a mystical level it is assigned to the west, which is traditionally the portal to the Otherworld or Underworld. The chalice is usually made of silver, and it is used to contain the ritual wine. Silver links the chalice to lunar influences, adn the tool itself represents the ‘Womb of the Goddess’. The chalice is used in the rite of cakes and wine, where it symbolically contains the essence540401Woman-Meditating-on-Beach-Pos of the Goddess. In some Pagan traditions this is sometimes called ‘The Great Rite’.  Here it represents the female genitalia in a symbolic rite of sexual union. The wand (or in some systems the athame) is dipped into the chalice to symbolize male and female union.”

“On the card the chalice is depicted nestled in a black cloth. Black is the presence of all colors aborbed into one place, and symbolizes the procreative energy of generation/regeneration. Here the chalice is cloaked and protected from outside influences. The chest symbolizes that the elemental nature is self-contained, and is not reliant upon other elements for its existence and function. The latch lock is fashioned in the form of a shell to represent the fertile ocean and the deep well of manifestation.”

“The Crone of the cottage sets a small chest before you. She opens it and presents a chalice to you from within the chest. The Crone instructs you that this is the helmet of the spiritual warrior. Here is the symbol of your compassion. You look upon the chalice and see the helmet’s visor. You realize that your foes cannot easily blind your eyes. If none can take away your ability to clearly perceive, then none can break your vision of the divine reflected back to you from the souls of others upon whom you look.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Utilize Your Spiritual Gifts

“When this card appears it addresses the value of ones experiences and the legacy that is passed from one generation to the next. It is the covenant between the past, present, and future. Those who came before your time have cleared the spiritual path upon which you walk. It is now your turn to extend the well-worn path for those who follow behind you in their own time to come. This card asks the questions: ‘What is the work you nAncestral Spirit by Mickie Muellereed to do for yourself and for others?’ Something has been gifted to you, entrusted to your soul when it came into this lifetime. You must share your gift and fulfill your soul contract.”

“It is a very old belief that the voices of our ancestors speak to us. It is said that each generation carries the ancestral memory within the blood. The new generation adds to the memory with its own experiences, and then passes the enriched memory on to the next generation. Traditionally offerings were made to the ancestral spirit at the time of Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve). The card depicts an ancestral skull set on the center of the crossroads. The crossroads has long been viewed as the doorway between the worlds. Red candles appear on the skull and crossbones, symbolizing the lifeblood that joins generations. The crossbones represent guardianship and protection.”

“It was an ancient belief that the skull represented what remained after death. this was the knowledge and wisdom of the life experience. the skull was thought to retain this and keep it from perishing with the death of the body. The crossbones served to open or close the threshold between the living and the dead by their placement.”

“You hear familiar voices calling to you, but you cannot make out what they are saying. you walk along the well worn path to see who is speaking in the night. Day of the DeadAs you walk you come to a crossroads. In the center appears a human skull with crossbones set in front of it. Voices whisper in the breeze that blows across, and the candle flames bend in its passing. You realize that the voices sound familiar because they are those of your ancestors. It is your blood that recognizes them. The ancestral spirits offer guidance and protection. They possess oracle power and convey messages in dreams.”

“As you stand gazing upon the lighted skull, the voices flood your mind with images. You see a river of living blood flowing in a vast circle. The full moon shines in the night sky from above. Voices chant to the moon from the past, present, and future. You realize that the ancestral voices speak loudest here because the crossroads lies between the worlds, for the ways of each world are not binding in this place, which is not a place. You spend the night listening to the stories of your ancestors. They are preparing you for your time, for you have yet to pass through to the true crossroads. As the night grows darker, the ancestral voices direct you down the path. It is the hour now to step beyond the threshold and become one who is prepared to pierce the veil of the mysteries. You head down the dark path with only the moon to light your way.”

Today’s special message is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – It Is Time To Walk The Well Worn Path

“When this card appears it addresses challenges that lead to wider perspectives and opportunities. This card also speaks of trust and endurance as one faces a new phase of life. The card of initiation can indicate the old axiom: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’.”

“Initiation is a traditional rite of passage. During the ritual the initiator passes on the alignments and memory-chain associations to the initiated. Initiation Mickie MuellerThese are the ancient roots that connect to the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. Here the initiate is connected to the ‘momentum of the past’ which is an energy flowing from the living ancestral spirit.”

“The card depicts a priestess and priest who wait to lead an initiate to his or her rite of initiation. In their hands appears the ancient mystical spark that is passed in the time-honored ways of our ancestors. in the background a path moves amid a row of trees. This is the path that lies ahead for the initiate; it is the well-worn path. It leads toward the full moon, which has come up from the horizon and into the starry night sky. The moon symbolizes enlightenment, and the stars represent the vastness of other worlds that can now be perceived through new eyes.”

“As you walk along the moonlit path you are met by two waiting figures. They are a priestess and priest of the Old Ways that were known to your ancestors. In their hands you see a glowing sphere. Here abides the living memory of the Ages, joined with the Fairy spirits of the Otherworld. It is the only light now that can guide you down the path that lies ahead. You realize that before you stand the initiators, tInitiation by Mickie Muellerhey who are the light-bearers. They can reveal the way, and guide you to the threshold, but the journey and the walk is your own. The light they bear shines upon where you stand, and lights the choice of paths you may take ahead. The initiators are the openers of the way, but you are the path walker.”

“The priestess asks if you are ready to walk to the end of the well worn path. You answer that you are ready. The priest asks if you are ready to extend the path at the end for others. You reply that you will do so when it is your time. As you stand there, the eyes of the couple search behind your own to discern your inner spirit. The moment of initiation has arrived. After a few moments they turn and bid you follow them. The trees form a row of guardians as you pass. You hear their branches move, and you hear the sounds of the fields and woodlands. In front of you appears the full moon, and the stars gather as watchers of all that shall transpire.”

Today’s message comes from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Resonate Fulfilment, Contentment, and Assurance

“When this card appears, it indicates fullness, completion, abundance; a harvest to be realized.”

“The Tree in Summer symbolizes the ripeness of maturity and abundance, and tells us to enjoy and appreciate the fruits of our labor. A tree in summer does not cling to the achievement of its goal. SummerTree by Mickie MuellerIt stands as a tree in summer, embracing what is natural to the conditions surrounding it while it prepares to release its gains to the coming fall season. The card depicts the fullness of summer with a tree filled with lush foliage. A stag approaches, symbolizing the virility and power of the season of growth.”

“The Tree in Summer card speaks to us of the richness and fullness that comes from the joining of vital components. In nature it is the fruitfulness of plants and the fertility of herds. In the spiritual sense it is the joining of the feminine and masculine polarities into one consciousness, through which manifestation is birthed.”

Today’s message comes from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Move with the Ebb, Rhythm, and Flow

“When this card appears it reminds us that everything moves and operates within cycles. Winter gives way to spring, spring to summer, and summer to fall, and fall to winter. When the Wheel of the Year card is drawn look for patterns, both of gain and decline. Acknowledge whatever condition or situation in which you find yourselwoodenwheelofyearf, and be in harmony with it. Understand that nothing is permanent and that existence equals change. Be part of the cycle.”

“The Wheel of the Year is a term for the eight solar festivals that mark the winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice, and autumn equinox (as well as the four midpoints of the year that fall between these periods). The eight festivals of the year are often called Sabbats. The most popular names for them are (in order of appearance): Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon.”

“This Wheel of the Year card depicts the remains of an old tree standing at the crossroads. Upon the tree is a wreath or garland bearing seasonal vWheeloftheYear Mickie Muelleregetation. On the top of the wreath is a pumpkin, which represents the time of Samhain (traditionally the beginning of the year in old European lore). Moving clockwise, the wreath bears other seasonal representations that mark each of the eight Sabbats of the year. The tree terminates into two branches, which represent the waxing and waning halves of the year. The crossroads extend into the background, indicating the journey ahead as the Wheel of the Year awaits us.”

“You come to the beginning of the Well Worn Path, where the Wheel of the Year stands at its center. The sacred tree venerated by your ancestors guides your footsteps. The living wreath of Nature Crossroadsappears on the tree. Here it displays the gifts of the bounty of its harvest symbolized by fruit, grain, and the berries of the seasons.”

“The road ahead divides into the waxing and waning forces of Nature, for you must walk each season, and in your life you will experience gain and decline within the endless cycles of Nature. All the seekers of knowledge and wisdom who came before you have trod the well worn path. You will follow the way they have cleared, and at its end you must extend the path for others who will follow your footsteps. Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down each path in its turn. What lies beyond the horizon? It is your walk, and you must journey to meet your destiny. Blessed be your path!”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Reclaim Your Inner Compass

ArtMagic by Mickie MuellerART OF MAGIC
“When this card appears, it indicates skill and knowledge which comes from many sources connected to the practitioner of the arts. The card reminds us to draw upon our resources, both inner and outer.” It is time for interaction, emersion, and mastery.

“Traditionally, the magical arts were taught over many years and required personal application and effort. Tools were created as an aid to learning how to attract and direct magical energy. Ritual and magical tools are a mean of connecting and interfacing, as well as wielding the forces to which we have access. They serve as a means of touching what is essentially untouchable.”

“The card depicts magical items and tools on a desk along with an old grimoire containing spells and rituals. A black cat, symbolizing the mysteries that reside in the shadows, sits amidst the magical items. Behind the cat is the grimoire of ritual and magic, which contains all that is worthy of preservation. The pentacle, wand, athame, and chalice represent the interplay of the four elements of earth, air, fire, water. On the desk are several papers containing symbols, which serve to encapsulate vital and important concepts. By looking at the symbols, the mind is directly linked to the energy that is connected to the thing it represents.”

Watchers by Mickie MuellerTHE SHADOW’S EDGE
The Art of Magic card takes up the idea that reality can be reshaped and redirected by mystical means. The card reveals that tools and concepts exist that we may draw upon. These are the time-proven methods of those who came before us. The message of this card is that we can tap into the momentum of the past, a living current of ancestral energy flowing through time.” Tap into the magic that resides within you to help redirect or reshape your life and future. Use your innate ability to connect with your past, present, and future; thus who and where you were, who and where you are today, and who and where you want to be tomorrow.

Today’s message comes from The Seeker’s Guide to the Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

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