Spirit Message of the Moment – Take the Reign of Change


“I am Raven. I am the deep magic from the north and the ancient connection between you and the immortal. I am proof that your world is changing. You are missing the hidden threads that bind your experi73372_474598435933242_2130469691_nence. There are great things at work. There are manifestations at your feet. I want to help you see the magic and teach you how to use it. I am the bird that transports you from one realm to the next. I am the portal, granting you access from the solid grounds of Earth. I am that which appears from nothing. There is no greater power than your own will to sustain your vision. When you see me coming down from the lonely mountainside it is time to take the reign. I may appear only once, so grab the chance when you see it. Take your whims and ground them. Take your futility and shatter it to pieces. Stop accepting the chaos around you. Stop allowing your energy to dissipate and give it form and substance.”


“You are a magician. You are the missing piece of the puzzle. You are connectivity. You are Raven.”

lisahuntToday’s guidance is from The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck by Lisa Hunt and Lesley Morrison.

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Spirit Message of the Day – Commitment and Integration

“When this card appears it is addressing mating, partnership, union, incorporation, and integration. This card speaks of what unites and binds one thing to another. The card can also speak of matters of love, marriage, and close relationships in general.”

Handfasting by Mickie MuellerTEACHING
“Traditionally the rite of Handfasting is the Pagan equivalent of marriage. In some ancient cultures the couple agreed to be joined together for a limited amount of time (such as a year). At that time the union could be renewed if both members of the couple agreed. In other cultures the rite of Handfasting was intended to join a couple together until the end of their lives.”

“The Handfasting card depicts a couple with their hands fastened together with a cord. The bride holds a bouquet of flowers, which symbolizes thbeltanegrove Mickie Muellere blossoming of a new life. The groom holds an antler with oak leaves, which symbolize endurance and protection. Rings appear on the hands of the couple. The ring is the symbol of completion and unity. It is a token of the love that encircles the couple, and is a sign to the community of their commitment to one another as husband and wife.”

“You move down the well worn path and pass into a clearing in the woods. A wedding is taking place with much merriment. You pause to watch for a few moments. As you watch the couple standing together, you notice her flowers and his antler piece. The figures begin to shift and change into a fairy maiden and a powerful stag. The maiden is born from the flowers in the meadow, and the stag is born from the antler in the woods. These are the timeless figures of the Lady of the Fields and the Lord of the Woods.”

natures_embrace“As the vision continues, the red and white cord binds the maiden and the stag. It is a red, flowing river of ancestral blood giving new life to the white bone of the dry ravine. Here the souls of the ancestors are carried to the womb of the maiden, where they await rebirth. You hear the voices of the ancestral spirits coming your way from the cottage in the woods. You decide to move on, and the vision fades away. As you look back you see the bride and groom holding hands as the wedding continues.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Muller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Expand Sense of Self to Encompass Your Future

“The reality of other dimensions that are not evident to one who sees only the surface or what is apparent or in plain view.  This card reveals that there is more depth and a greater connection than what seems apparent in the situation. It is time for expansiveness, all encompassing, and elaboration.”

Three Great Realms by Mickie MuellerTEACHING
“There are three realms that comprise the Universe. These are known as the Overworld, Middleworld, and Underworld. The Overworld contains the stars and the heavenly worlds. The Middleworld is the realm of mortal kind. The Underworld is the realm of the dead, and also contains Otherworld of myth and legend. In one of the earliest writings to mention the Three Realms (Hesiod’s Theogony), we find that the goddess Hecate reigns over the three known realms of the ancient world. Hecate, in her earliest reference, is depicted as a great goddess who grants fertility, victory, and good fortune. In late times we find the introduction of elements that associate her with the dead and the crossroads, and portray her as a crone figure.”

“In the mystical tradition of the broom, we find it made of an ash handle, a birch brush, and willow straps that bind it all together. In old lore associated with the broom,broom it is used for magical flight, and is therefore connected to the Three Great Realms as a vehicle for traversing the worlds. The card depicts a Book of Shadows opened to a page portraying a broom-like tree that represents the three worlds. Its branches reach into the sky where birds, the messengers of the gods, come to nest. Its roots twist and move downward like serpents into the dark secrets that reside in the shadowy Underworld.  In many old legends we find tales of the World Tree symbolizing the structure and supporting system of the Universe. In some myths we find the tree as a symbol of enlightenment, such as in the tale of Odin, who hangs suspended from a tree until he gains enlightenment. The tree is, in essence, a bridge that unites the Three Great Realms. In the Middleworld of mortal Faerie Door by Mickie Muellerkind, the tree is often shown with a hollow in the center, which is known as a faery door. Through the gateway located Middleworld, one can enter and exist in the other dimensions beyond. However, the way is open only to those who have the courage and fortitude to explore the mysteries within and without.”

“The Three Great Realms card speaks to the three levels through which we connect to other realities. In a spiritual sense it also reflects the three parts of the soul: the higher self, middle-self, and the lower self. This spiritual design establishes a transitory state that allows the soul to explore and integrate all levels of its consciousness and its experiences along the path of evolution. The message of this card is to not be bound to any sense of weakness, but to honor personal achievements as well as failures with an eye towards what is ideal and beneficial for the future.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide To The Hidden Path” by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Nourish Your Spirit

Cakes and Wine by Mickie MuellerCAKES AND WINE
“When this card appears it is addressing the core issue of spiritual nourishment. It also speaks of the balance between feminine and masculine energy. Essentially this card focuses on spiritual results rather than religious practices. It is more about who you are than it is about what you do. This is a card of the inner self, the place where you connect and meet with the divine. The appearance of this card asks the questions ‘From where are you drawing nourishment for your soul?’ and ‘Where do you find your inner balance?'”

“Traditionally the ceremony of cakes and wine represents the sacred meal, which is the meeting place of the Divine Spark with the Divine Source. This joining together revitalizes the spirit or soul. The wine symbolizes the essence of thhot_cross_bunse Goddess, and the chalice is her womb. The cakes represent the substance of the God, and the cakes are his body. Initiates partake of the wine and cakes in a sacred rite of connecting with Goddess and God, spirit, and form. On a mystical level the rite of cakes and wine establishes the recognition of the soul’s relationship to deity.”

“The Cakes and Wine card depicts two candles, which represent the presence of divinity manifesting as Goddess (feminine) and God (masculine). The cakes and wine are the divine offering versus the mundane meal. Here the wine is the menstrual blood of the Goddess, the essence of the cycles of life. The cakes symbolize the body of the Harvest Lord, the seed-bearing vessel of life’s renewal. The cakes and wine appear set onHistoric Chalice a black cloth, which represents the ever-present potential of creation. Through the window the starry night reminds us of the great expanse to explore, knowing that we are never alone.”

“As you stand looking out the cottage window, you hear a noise behind you. You turn to find that the crone of the cottage has set something on the altar chest. It is a chalice filled with wine, along with a platter of bread made from wheat and barley. The crone directs you over to the objects. She explains that the wine is the vital essence of the Goddess, and the chalice is her womb. Then the crone describes the bread as the vital substance of the God, the essence of the sacred seed that is received by the earth. Next she recounts an ancient tale.”

“The croLisa Huntne’s tale is the recollection of an ancestral belief that the seed, while in the dark earth, is taught the mysteries of the Underworld. The sprout brings these teachings up from the earth when it rises. The plant contains them and preserves them as it matures from leaf to bud and flower. When the grain appears, the Fairies come and touch the ripened seed. Through this the teachings of the Otherworld are passed to the new seed. Here, in an endless cycle, the seed receives the mystical teachings of the worlds that are above and below.” As Above, So Below.

“The crone bids you to drink the wine and taste the bread. As you comply, the crone explains that the essence of the Goddess, and the substance of the God, will awaken the spark within you where the divine meets the soul. She smiles at you and says, ‘May you come to know that within you, which is of the eternal gods’.”

Today’s guidance is from A Traveler’s Guide To The Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Cycles, Exploration, and Culmination

“When this card appears, it indicates a life passage related to birth, life, or death. Some significant event is unfolding, which will create profound changes in your life and your relationships with others. It is time for cycles, exploration, and culmination.”

Three Great Mysteries by Mickie MuellerTEACHING
“The Three Great Mysteries are birth, life, and death. In essence these ask the questions: where did we come from, what are we doing here, and what happens to us when we die? In ancient times the Fates were believed to rule over life, and were depicted as three women: a young woman, a mature woman, and an elderly woman. In art they are portrayed at a weaving loom, working with the threads of life. At the end, the elderly woman cuts the thread, which ends the life of the person whose life-pattern was woven.”

“The Three Great Mysteries are sometimes referred to as the Wheel of Life, which is a teaching connected to reincarnation. In this view the soul enters into a new physical body, through which it learns valuable lessons as it works toward spiritual evolution. After many lives the soul obtains release from having to return to the material world. At this point it enters into life within the spiritual realms that exist beyond the world of mortal kind.”

“One associated teaching portrays souls traveling through time and space together, bound by karmic energies that reunite various souls in a vari34157avxszuuj0qety of relationships. In this scenario, parents and children may trade places in various lives. This also holds true for gender roles in love relationships. One very old teaching maintains that magical ties bring souls back into the same family lines. Such teachings indicate hereditary families of magical or witchcraft lineage. The Three Great Mysteries card depicts a Book of Shadows opened to a page. On this page are the three symbols of the mysteries: the seed, a ripened plant, and the harvest sickle. These represent the agricultural mysteries wherein the seed is the struggle for survival, the plant is the fullness of life experience, and the sickle is the return of seed, and life, back into the soil. This is associated with the old belief that from the womb of the goddess all life issues forth, and to her must all life return.”

Fate by Mickie MuellerTHE SHADOW’S EDGE
“The Three Great Mysteries card takes up the idea of reincarnation: the process and the portals through which the soul enters, experiences, and then leaves material existence. The message of this card is that our lives have purpose and meaning, but that this lies in something greater than ourselves. The clues are veiled from the soul by material birth; where did we come from? They are bypassed by the distractions of material existence; why are we here? The final clue is diverted by the thoughts of eventual death; where do we go from here? the answer resides not in what is the meaning of life, but in what is the purpose of existence itself.”

Today’s message is from The Seeker’s Guide to the Hidden Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.

Spirit Message of the Day – Use Time, Space, and Energy to Manifest

“When this card appears it is a reminder that our actions aThe Law of Three by Mickie Muellernd words create energy. The Law of Three calls upon us to examine how we are conducting our personal affairs. What energy we are generating, and what is the state of our relationships, career, and general state of being? Know that what we experience in the cycles of our lives is often the return of the energy we have sent out into the world.”

“The axiom presented by this card is: ‘Every action affects us on three levels: mind, body, and spirit’. This is known as the Threefold Law, or sometimes as the Law of Return. Every action that we perform manifTriquertaests an emotion. Emotion causes a change in our body chemistry, and so this results in a physical change. This change influences the way we feel, which affects our spirit. Through one single act our mind, body, and spirit is affected.”

“The imagery of this card depicts a section in the Book of Shadows that represents a foundational and traditional teaching. The symbol popularly known as the Triquerta appears on one page. This represents the ‘power of three’ and the interconnection and interdependence of the three elements of manifestation: time, space, and energy.”

“The candle on the bookstand symbolizes the keeper of the flame, a reference to the role of the initiate. The quill pen and inkwell represent guardianship, the role of preserving and passing on the value of important and vital traditions. The bower vine on the border symbolizes the interconnections that draw the worlds together.”

“You stand before the Book of Shadows as its pages turn. They come to rest at the Law of Three. A voice bids you to take the quill, and the symbol on the page captures your fingers and holds your hand to the book. The candlelight expands and the brighBook of Shadows Rosetness almost obscures the sight of your hand. As you stand staring at the events unfolding, a voice utters, ‘You, and the teaching, and the book, and the spirit of the symbol are as one. You are the law and the law is you’. The book does not release you, and you sense your needed response: ‘This I accept with my mind, body, and spirit’. You had touched the quill, an act directed by mind and felt by body, and embraced by spirit. The light withdraws back into the candle flame. The symbol merges back into the page. Beneath it you see the words ‘So mote it be’ written out with your signature.”

Today’s message is from A Traveler’s Guide to the Well Worn Path by Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor with art by Mickie Mueller.