Spirit Message of the Moment – The Snow Goose Fairy

WOODLAND WISDOM – The Snow Goose Fairy
“The Snow Goose Fairy is dressed in white goose down and varies the shape of her wings according to the type of flight. For long flights she follows the geese south in the winter she lengthens her wings along her body into a snail shape. She is seen in more norThe Owl Queen by Brian Froudtherly countries in the summertime.”

“The Snow Goose Fairy says, ‘You are about to feel better about what you do. The thoughts that have held you back in the past are undergoing a change. You are now a more determined person, so allow this to stimulate a better future. Do not try to escape the need for authority in your life, but take it and enjoy the love that it brings you and those around you’.”

“‘Are you aware of your need to move on or have you been allowing yourself to feel that it was not yet necessary ? The time has come to prepare yourself to move forward in all ways. You will not flounder if you align yourself with the full power of the fairies. They are by your side to help you move forward.'”

Today’s message is from Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards by Frances Munro and Peter Pracownik.

Art: The Owl Queen by Brian Froud.

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