Spirit Message of the Day – Personal Integrity Brings Honor


“Patient work you will need to fulfill
Your knowledge and skill indispensable
Your tasks bring honor to you and your clan
And community spirit be you woman or man.”

“You will need self-discipline in order to stay focused and complete your tasks at hand. The work that you do is very important and honorable; you can take pride in your accomplishments. Your skills are needed by your family and perhaps even by your community, and your abilities have the potential to boost your status. You may be up for a promotion, more responsibility, or even a new career. A new opportunity may come as a big surprise or a sudden change, as the wheels seem to have been set in motion by outside forces. Your ability to make something out of nothing may benefit you as you attempt to roll with these changes in an unselfish manner.”

“Patience is your focus at this times; the winds of changes are blowing, but you must allow things to happen in their own time. Meet your current obligations before moving forward with other activities. Take this time to spin your own thread and plan while you wait for the outside forces that weave the future.”

“A spindle tree is seen beyond the door of the roundhouse where a woman spins wool into heavy thread. The first spinning wheels weren’t what we think of today, with their big wheel and spokes, but were instead simple, rustic drop spindles. the spindle tree’s wood is perfect for making drop spindle because it is very straight, hard wood. This is patient work, but each family and the entire community relied on this important work to clothe them, and the Celts were known for their bright-colored clothing with intricate checks and tartan fabrics.”

“If a woman was skilled and dedicated, she could spin and weave enough for her family and to trade with others, bringing her high status in the clan. The whorl stone on her drop spindle is similar to ones found in archeological digs from the third to fifth centuries. We also see a loom in the background, which she will use to weave her cloth. Spindle was indeed the wood used to craft its namesake textile tool. In fact, there were even whorl stones found up until the eighth century with ogham and Latin inscriptions carved on them with complimentary messages or blessings on its owner. One can imagine the power of that blessing as the spindle spun away, sending that blessing into the air with every spin, and into each thread as well. Maybe this old practice is why, in the language of flowers, the flowers of the spindle tree mean “your charms are engraven on my heart.”

“A spindle is a powerful tool indeed. Through hard work, it transforms one thing into another, seeming to do the impossible. Spindles and, later on, spinning wheels became associated with the Fates, the mystical women who hold sway over life and death itself, further pointing to the spindle’s tree’s equal benefits and dangers, as its wood is useful, but its berries are poinsonous.”

Today’s message is from Voice of the Trees by Mickie Mueller.

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