Spirit Message of the Day – Dance With Your Intuition and Heart’s Desire

“It’s you who decides
on your mission and fate
For how else could you learn
of your gift to create?”

“You are unstoppable. You have full creative sovereignty over your present which creates your future. All things are possible because you are possible – and the possibilities are endless without limits. Allow your entire being to fill with joy and excitement as the truth reminds you of how far you can reach. Let it become impossible to see yourself as anything less than totally unlimited. You are worthy of complete happiness. Allow the Universe, unseen forces, entities, spirit guides, angels, helpers, aids, fairies, and more – to conspire on your behalf – and achieve your dreams.”

“Let your dreams become a reality today. What does your heart desire? You’re at an important juncture in your life when it’s time to make decisions about what you truly want. Spend time alone in quiet contemplation and consider your heart’s desires, as many options are open to you now. The great news is that once you’ve clearly pinpointed your deepest desires and know that you are deserve them, the doors of opportunity all easily open for you. You’ll dance in partnership with your intuition; first listening to the inner voice and next taking action upon that guidance. Although your path may involve some work and tenacity, it will be smooth and peaceful. You deserve to be happy. Your happiness has the power to uplift the entire world and radiates healing energy wherever you go – with everyone you meet.”

Excerpts taken from Choose Them Wisely: Thoughts Become Things! by Mike Dooley and Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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