Spirit Message of the Day – Use Magick to Manifest

“Do you live a life woven with magic? Or do you know someone who lives such a charmed life? What would such a life look like? How do you define magic? At its most basic, magic is the application of intent to create change in the world.”

“If it’s so simple, then, why do we use all the symbols, candles, incantations, and other mystical tools and trappings? All of these things help to focus our mind and out intent. Symbols, like words, are filled with power, sometimes very ancient strong power. By their nature. symbols trigger a response deep in the human psyche. They help activate our connection with power, the power inherent within us all and the power available within the universe.”

“You can use symbols to increase your own magic and weave it throughout every aspect of your life. Even mundane, day-to-day activities can sparkle with magic. Sounds like a pretty nice way to experience life, doesn’t it? Our Celtic Witch embodies a life woven with magic. The Celts filled their lives with intricate and beautiful symbols. Behind our witch is an elaborate Celtic knot, showing the complexity and interconnectedness of the universe. It reminds us that magic is in everything.”

“Around her head is an odd symbol that echos another ancient magical tradition: the scarab was a symbol of creation in Egyptian magic. It is an appropriate symbol for a headpiece, signifying that by focusing her mind, she can create change in the world. She wears a pentagram, representing the elements (earth, water, fire, and air) and spirit, again showing how intent or will in harmony with spirit can influence the mundane elements. The various spiral and knot tattoos acknowledge the importance of the connectedness of all life and the cycles of nature. She carries a red candle, representing passion, fire, and the mother goddess from whom all creation comes.”

Magick is the art of manifestation; causing change by aligning your will with your desire, with positive intent, to manifest your wishes with harm to none. “It is time to imbue your life with magic…tap into your power…plug in to the universe. There is so much available to you. Notice signs and symbols around you; what kinds of power or magic are they hinting at? How can you share this magic? Research magical and historical symbols. Discover one that represents what you are seeking and that which resonates with your soul. Find ways to sprinkle that symbol throughout your daily life to inspire and encourage you. Draw it on a piece of paper and stick it to your mirror so you see it every morning. Find a piece of jewelry that incorporates it. Make a cover for your journal that includes it. Make a cake and draw the symbol into the frosting. Do whatever you can to focus your mind and intent to help create the change and make the magic you desire.”

Today’s inspirational message is from Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore and art by Jessica Galbreth.

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