Spirit Message of the Day – Practice Serenity, Promote Peace, Be Blessed

“You are a peaceful being. When this card is drawn forth, a sense of peace and new depths of serenity become truths for you. Simply breathe deeply and learn that your peaceful nature can become a daily source of delight and courage, of strength and beauty. Peace is like a quiet glade within, a sacred grove to which you can go and belong. Take strength and draw nourishment from this place within you, and be sure to visit it daily.”

“Practice acts of peace within your life. Be strong, be free, be blessed and be at peace. When you come into this place daily, all around you will benefit. Do not mistake or confuse peace for inaction – being a peaceful activist is one of the most dynamic and powerful choices a being can make in this world, now and ever. When all around you is drama, and all within you feels in turmoil, go to that place and know the truth of your being in peace. Is serenity. Is serenity. Is blessed. And is free.”

“Many legends say that apalala was a convert to Buddhism. But the truth is that the Buddha and the Dragonfae wisdom-keeper Apalala shared many feelings, beliefs, and discussions, and the Buddha learned as much from the loving compassionate heart of Apalala as Apalala did from the wide-open eyes of Buddha. Apalala encourages you to take part in discussions about peace, and will support you in finding ways to promote peace on a personal, practical, and global levels. You may be interested in speaking with people who live a monastic life when this card is drawn.”

“This card can also indicate that you have already experienced other lifetimes as a member of a Buddhist Temple or monastery. Investigate this connection, but most of all, take care to be loving, peaceful and harmonious in the present moment. Remember, the Buddha loves laughter too!”

” You are a peaceful being, bringing more peace into your life. You may be wishing for more peace and for conflict on a personal and global scale to be done with. Please do not put your energy into fighting war, instead, create peaceful moments wherever possible. This does not mean that you need to be weak or passive, but instead, choose to draw incredible strength and do not waiver from your choice to bring more peace in. Know that your conversations about peace and beliefs are bringing about change. People may have also told you lies about peaceful ways meaning lack of strength. This is not so. Choose to be stronger, more peaceful, and watch harmony and joy flower in your life.

“Invite peace into your life by choosing to work with people and beings whose beliefs are aligned with yours, and who are held with integrity. Understand that the conflict around you is the result of people attempting to control each other’s hearts and minds and futures. Apalala teaches us that the here and now, when tended with love, creates exciting and peaceful outcomes for all.”

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.



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  1. thank you for sharing this card in this message. may you be blessed as you have blessed others.

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