Spirit Message of the Day – Allow Your Life To Flow Naturally

“People always imagine that we who are of the Dragonfae have special powers that render us immune from sadness. Not so. From time to time, I have found my own sadness overflow, and it is at those times that I need to return to water, to commune with that element’s wisdom until I am calmed, soothed, and refreshed. At this time, I understand that there is sadness and a sense that only after some time will you feel strong again. This sadness is held at the heart and solar plexus chakras and feels a little like a stone that has been swallowed, harsh and heavy inside your sweet self. Know that simply by going to a body of water – this can be your bath, a lake, river, pond, puddle, or even oceanic majesty – you will be soothed.”

“Know that as water takes on the characteristics of the environment, so too will the Dragonfae of the water come to you and gently dilute and dissolve the sadness that has weighed so heavily upon you. Also allow your tears to fall at this time. They are a beautiful way of reducing the high levels of stress chemicals within your body, and shedding them leads you to feel softer and lighter. Take steps at this stage to protect and soothe, and know that all the spirits of water are your allies right now. So allow tears to fall, bathe in the waters of the Goddess and drink plenty of pure, fresh water today. Notice how soothing this element is for you.”

“I know this, as I am of water, and although I am sad at the moment, this shall pass, the flow of life will move on and I will move with it, feeling again inspired, happy and at peace. For now, I know that water’s presence is a true blessing, and I give thanks for her presence in my life. Your life swirls and flows like water…keep moving, too, to avoid stagnation in sadness. Sensitivity is yours and will be yours for this lifetime, but how you use this gift can either cause you pain or the most wonderful pleasures. Please seek to allow your sensitivity to flow, as does water, today.”

“Andelle is a sylph-like Dragonfae being: her heart is very, very open and she feels things so very much. A natural empath, she connects with others deeply and this can lead her to sadness. However, mainly she weeps for the ways she sees us hurting each other, and she knows that it is no longer necessary for human beings to believe in so much lack and pain. She knows that sensitivity is a gift and she wishes to demonstrate this to you by allowing you to see how her sadness and weeping cleanses her.”

“She is often known as an angel and her presence is one of great gentleness and lightness. She helps those who have not cried for years to release their pain, in a sweetening of the emotions, and an overall softening of who they are. She is so gentle and exquisite, and she is truly a Dragonfae, precious and fragile, yet so strong in her willingness to assist others. Assist her, by releasing your tears, taking in the gift of water and allowing your life to flow naturally.”

“Feeling deep sadness; having trouble expressing sadness and emotions to others; judging emotions as negative and denying them; refusing to cry; not drinking enough pure water; dehydrated; dry quality to life; judging tears and emotions as weak; learning to let go; needing to connect more to the element of water and its flow. Feeling stuck, misjudged. A close friend will provide help and nurturing.”

“You will know when Andelle is with you, as you will feel an urge to cry, to release your tears. After you do so, you will feel software, lighter, more open, and much more relaxed. Allow her to guide you to a sacred body of water – even if this is your bath – and as you enter the water, see your pains and sorrows literally being washed gently away by Andelle, as a mother would bathe her child, and tend their hurts. For you are her child, her sister, her beloved soul-friend, and she cares for you.”

“Know that your sensitivity to pain is something that the world needs, and in time this blessing will seem like a curse…Do not become stuck in your pain: express it gently, and flow on. Andelle is a being of exquisite sweetness and her energy is deeply soothing and blessed. She will help you accept your emotional nature, and not be overwhelmed by your own feelings.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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