Spirit Message of the Day – A Gift of Grace, A Time for Gratitude

“Think about the people and things you feel grateful for. Gratitude warms your heart with good feelings that are healthy for your mind and body. You can make yourself feel better by making a list of everything and everyone you’re thankful for. Gratitude replaces sadness, and makes everything go better. Gratitude is such a powerful way to make your life better that it’s almost magical! Everyone loves a thankful person. They want to be friends with, give to, and help a person who says ‘Thank You’. When you say ‘thank you’ and really mean it, you find more reasons to feel gratitude.”

“People who aren’t grateful or who have self-pity actually make themselves sad. They can’t understand why other people avoid them, and why they don’t receive many gifts. They take away their own power because they believe that life doesn’t give them much. But if you count your blessings and think about all the reasons you have to feel grateful, then you’ll see how generous life really is. The more you believe that ‘life gives me lots of gifts’, the more you’ll receive. Then you’ll want to give to others, too. To get more out of life, stop and feel grateful for all that you’ve received so far. Then, get ready to feel gratitude for countless blessings that are coming to you now!”

Doreen Virtue, PHD. Magickal Unicorn Oracle Cards.

“Prosperity is an attitude and a perspective. What you value, what thoughts you think and beliefs you hold, will determine the riches in your life. Goodies are born out of the seeds of gratitude. The new shape of wealth is hidden in our intentions and the actions we take to manifest them.”

-Colette Baron-Reid. Excerpt taken from article The Desire For Security.


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