Spirit Message of the Day – Cultivate Your Garden for Growth

“See how my garden has grown about me? See how my children, the darling buds, clamour for my attention? They cry at night and can be so touchy during the day! I must shelter them from harshness and keep them in a safe place, till they are strong enough to branch out…even then, my watchful eye will look out for their care.”

“You see, so many people see the beauty, and do not understand where it sprang from; the rich, loamy soil. The sweet water poured from the water Dragonfae into the earth, the minerals of the natural realms, the light of the Sun and the shining sweetness of the crystal moon have all anointed my garden with their blessings.”

“And then there is me. So many see my garden, and wonder at it, but they do not see the work and the care that has preceded my domain. Its beauty is a result of love, care, natural growth and attention to each and every one of its inhabitants. When your growth appears around you, from the seeds you have planted, take time to tend this garden. Enlist the assistance of like-minded souls, as just as you would not feed these tender buds poisons and pollutants, do not feed your ideas the opinions and energies of those who are not in integrity.”

“Stay true to the vision of your creation and truly take a little time each day to tend this garden, be it of love, ideas, little ones or creative endeavors, until they are robust and begin to grow into their own energy. For now, it is the tender time, the time when the buds are at most risk from the frost of rejection, the poison of judgement, and the choke of cruelty. Be vigilant, and you too will have a garden for all to enjoy and love. Many will feel you are fortunate indeed to have created such a beautiful Eden, but they will not see the care you have taken to grow this. But I have seen. I have seen it all.”

“She is the Dragonfae being who cares for all new tender growth – including yours. Whisper to her your dreams and ideas, plant your seeds, and watch them grow. She waters her plants each day, clears the dead wood from the garden, ensures that all has sufficient water and that the soil in which all is planted is rich and fertile. Start from these basics and you too will have a wonderful experience.”

“Allow the Lady of the New Buds to inspire you with care for your own budding projects, beings, loves and responsibilities. In this way, you too will grow a secret and sometimes very public garden, which creates more and more beauty in the world. And you will know that caring for the tender bud creates long-lasting beauty and joy for the senses – a treasure for Gaia to cherish.”

“An affinity with flowers and gardens. Projects need tending. Care every day for small matters, and the large matters will care for themselves. Resisting change is resisting the life force itself. Look at everything in nature. The seed does not remain a seed. The seedling grows. The tree seems unrelated to its origins, but at the moment, by holding on tight to the person you believe you must be, you are running the risk of denying your own life force. Change is positive. Stasis, as a resting point, can work well. As a life choice, it can be a kind of slow death.”

“The emergence will come at the right time, because the bud will be forced to flower at some stage –do not allow yourself to wither in your growth. Divine guidance needs practical application and work. Action teamed with inspiration will create a beautiful, bountiful paradise. Work hard at what it is you love.”

“Herb lore, flower readings, growing a new garden with magickal and symbolic meaning, coming up with a daily routine to nurture and grow your new projects, flower essences, essential oils. Accepting compliments for hard work, knowing your efforts have come to fruition and accepting that you have been a driving force in a beautiful achievement.”

Today’s special message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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