Spirit Message of the Day – You Are Timeless and Eternal

“You are stronger than you think. I know who you are. I know the good of you, the multiplicity of you, and the incredible richness of you. I know what you have survived. I know what great lies have been told. I know how hard the path has been, how deep the despair, how savage the untruths. I am here to help you restore your own sense of glory, your own truth, your own shining self. the truth is that you are all things and all beings, you are magnificent and truthfully Heaven is your mother, the Earth is your mother, the Sea is your mother and the fire of creation is yours, too.”

“You are all these things – star-being, dragonkin, sea-creature, Earth dweller, and forest child. You are sea and salt, and wood and stone, and you are grander and more magnificent than words or thoughts can tell you of. Know that these different parts of yourself naturally can dwell together – that there need be no war within, no conflict, no refusal to acknowledge all of who you are. I am here to tell you that soon you will come to understand the whole of who you are, and that there is no evil or darkness within you, only instinct and truth, all of which is right and innocent.”

“Grow and begin to feel more secure in the truth that who you are is timeless, ageless, and have wisdom from far beyond this lifetime and far beyond this planet. The truth of who you are is beyond all of our imaginings, because you are vast, powerful, and wondrous. I, who am the mother of this Earth, tell you so, and know you to be so. You are me, and I am you. And your capacity to become who you truly are is now a possibility. Do not be frightened by the power of who you feel within you – know that this power is to be used for good, to assist, to love, and to create.”

“You are an amazing, galactic being, an earthy, sensual being, a glorious body and soul entwined. I am here to let you know that you are eternal, beyond time, beyond space, beyond form. You are. And I am here to show to you that who you are is of value to us of the stars, of the sea, of the land. We support you and we love you. Always.”

“In the beginning there was one being…she was all things and nothing. She was the creator of all, and yet known by no one. She was alone, and yet without her, we would have no existence. She is Tiamet – a being who is at once galactic, crystalline, mer-soul and Dragonfae. She is the ancient primordial mother of us all. known to the Sumerians as the mother whose body formed the Earth and the galaxies, her story is one of a female all-powerful lightmother who survived the attempt to destroy her. She is Alantean, galactic and angelic in form, and her understanding and ancient wisdom is profound.”

“Tiamet is truly a being from beyond the stars. Her energy is beyond that of individualised energy and when we have this card show up in our lives, we know we are being connected with her in profound, radiating ways. She is here to remind us of our very nature, the roots of our existence, the atoms of our being. Through her all-beingness, she shows us the real possibility of unity and through her survival and her destruction, she shows us that we are indeed eternal, and that life is cyclic. She is associated with a galactic empire known as Arkadia, a Sumerian dynasty of 2500 BCE. the Arkadians greatly venerated and respected Tiamet.”

“Her energy can be almost overwhelming, but she is such a strong, super-protective mother being that she knows that any seeming significant during this time of climatic Earth change. She brought to this beautiful planet the knowledge of building pyramids and ziggurats. She was said to have been sacrificed upon a ziggurat during the battle to take from her the Tablet of Destinites…but this was truly the place of her reformation and recreation.”

“You are more powerful than you realize. The knowledge of the eternal nature of the soul, be aware of your own soul’s journey through time and space, be aware that you are made up of galactic (star) material, earthly materials, of the ocean and of fire. A time when others say things about you that are not only untrue, they are inspired by their own fear. Soon you will have recognition and a kind of rebirth, and you will realise that you are a strong warrior, a being whose spirit can never be vanquished, just as your complexity and brilliance can never be fully captured in words or images.”

Go on, and recreate your life from this ending that seems hard to bear. What you go on to create will have beauty, genius, wisdom, and grace in it. You may face challenges in finding a home, or a construction or dwelling may not be going to plan. Build on, and know that your plans will reach fruition, for generations to come. Astrology, astronomy, and the science of the stars.”

“Build something for you, now, and for the generation to come. Consider the legacy you wish to leave for your descendants and for the planet, and work from this place. Surround yourself with people who share your values and insights, and learn more about what it is that you can do to stop others being persecuted. Know that no matter what appears to have happened and no matter how tragic or disastrous it may seem to be, you are in face strong enough to not only cope, but to transcend this circumstance and rise again. You are greater than those who have hurt you and you no longer need to live with fear. You will soon be free, washed clean and reborn to yourself. Never underestimate your own strength. Just quietly begin to build again.”

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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