Spirit Message of the Day – The Path You Take is Your Life Purpose

“How do you know which way to go
Whether upon that path you’ll meet friend or foe?
Will you end up in the slippery swamp
Where the red-eyed crocodiles romp?
So at the crossroads you must stand
And ask the fairy folk to lend a hand”

“Many times on our life’s journey we will come to a crossroads where an important decision needs to be made. We are confronted with a choice that will change our lives forever. Wisdom and courage are needed! When seeking for direction, it is important that we listen to the voice of our inner selves. Be wary of what other tramps and travelers will tell you. Rely on your own insight to guide you. Contact your source of strength and sincerity before you decide.”

“Decision-making helps you to discover a strong inner center from whence your whole energy can move in the right direction. Don’t move until you get a clear idea of where you want to go. The answer will arise from within of what’s best for you but so too will all the hidden doubts and fears. With awareness you can avoid falling into the swamp. Your mental alertness is the magic tool you most need at these times. Be careful not to stand at the crossroads longer than necessary; don’t postpone your decision. Once made, act upon it like a warrior and know that great benefits will ensue.”

“You are now ready to become a true traveler on the road, undaunted by decision-making. Whatever path you take, you will succeed. Your shining optimism and warm heart will attract friendly help and support. The light from this fairy will shine upon you to dissolve any fear of traveling on alone.”

Today’s St. Patrick’s Day Message is from Irish Fairy Cards for inspiration and guidance by Jaya Moran.

SpiritBlogger would like to remind you that no matter what step you take, or what direction you decide to move in, it is your unique life path.  Move forward, and be confident it is the right direction for you. The path you take represents your life’s purpose. To schedule your personal life path reading, go to Angel Soul Storms.


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