Spirit Message of the Day – Honor Cycles of Time – and Move Forward with Grace

“At this time of life change, you are drawing to you other beings and people, including divinities, who bring you solace, comfort and their unconditional love. You are surrounded by this comfort even in the beings of this Earth known as pets, but who are truly your guardians and beloved companions…these pets are those who comfort you with their love and warmth, and their desire for your well-being, your company and your happiness, come what may. You may draw to you new friends at this time, or just be gifted with the kindness of strangers.”

“There are many wonderful beings in this world, some of whom are being sent directly to you to bring you comfort, to hold you, and to rock you safely to sleep each night. You are a being who is valuable, and who is loved beyond measure. Allow us to come close to you, and let us in. Be prepared for kindness, small gifts and valuable windfalls when I make an appearance. Also, know that the old way of viewing this stage of life has fallen away…there is no need to take the lie up again. Let it be, and come forth into this new stage as beautiful as we know you are. I also wish you to know that the time for change is coming: that you are passing from childhood of a kind, to a true deep maturity…this is a fine thing, and we will celebrate together, you and I, together with the friends who want so very much to meet you!”

“Older than any being truly knows, she is the Mother of Mothers, and her lineage is as ancient as vast as time and space themselves. Yet this Grandmother of us knows that we sometimes need to be held and to be rocked, as well as instructed and taught well. At this time, Grandmother Magicks comes to tell you that yes, your new way of living may seem too difficult at times, but now that you have awaken, there is no going back to sleep. There is so much that she wishes to show you; please go to her in trust and love, and allow her to introduce the inhabitants of amazing realms to you, safely, and in great love.”

“There are many untruths about growing older: growing older does not mean forsaking your beauty, your vitality, your sexuality or your energy. It does mean being there for those who are younger than yourself, and stepping into the shoes of a mentor, without losing your identity. It is time to grow up when she appears, and she will assist you in growing through this stage. She appears at menarche (when a woman beings to menstruate) and at menopause (when a woman’s period begins to change, and finally departs). So she is a blood Grandmother too, and teaches us the wisdom of the body’s cycles, and of living with them in joy and harmony, rather than shame and fear.”

“Respect your cycles – understand more about your body and its needs and functions. Treat every function of your body with love and respect. Unearth and dissolve negative conditioning about bodily functions and know that Grandmother Magicks will re-teach you what there is to learn about your body, sex, sexuality and fertility so you can pass it on with love and wisdom. There will be no more shame about the physical body in your bloodline. She heralds a new beginning of empowerment. Growing older, you can still be beautiful, vital, desireable, and powerful. Do not fall victim to the false lies of the cultural hypnosis that tell you that to be older is not desirable. To be an ancient – a Grandmother – is to be wise. And there is no better thing.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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