Spirit Message of the Day – Travel Through Time; You Are a Timeless Being

“The feelings you have, of time contracting and expanding, are real insights, not simply your imagination. Time is a living dimensional being, whose powers include the ability to devote more time to those of us who require it, and for time to speed up or slow down when it may be necessary, too. It is in this way that we are able to divine and travel through threads and weavings of time, and move forward into seeing our future…in truth, we are already there. And much of who we truly are remains an echo.”

“The time beings of the Dragonfae, of whom I am one, know this, and guard and protect you from confusion. Similarly, they can assist you when you require time to be created. If you feel you are short of time, send a thought message to me, the Guardian of Time, and I will send you all the help you need to meet your goals within the time you feel you have. Know that time is available to work for and with you; you need only tune into it as a dimensional reality, and connect with the time beings.”

“Call upon me to create the time you need, and call upon me when you wish to speed time up, too. Travelling will take a shorter time, time will expand to assist you to meet the deadlines for pressing tasks, and arriving on time will be perfectly simple and easy, no matter the apparent obstacles. Above all, know that you are a timeless being. Know that you are dimensionally vast, that you are protected, cherished and loved by the Time Guardian. From this time forth, you will become the time traveller you were born to be, that is part of all of your inheritance.”

“The Dragonfae Lord is a keeper of time: he arranges and rearranges its weavings and natural laws, dedicating portions to individuals that can expand and contract according to the will, the beliefs and the measure of the heart of each being working with time. He is teaching us all to understand that time is indeed subject to its own special laws. His great lesson is this: if we work with time, rather than trying to compartmentalized, control, and define it, if we return to the lunar and solar and astronomical ways, if we celebrate the time changes apparent in nature all around us with the Wheel of the Year, then the time span we have will be richer and more joyful, our vocations will be discovered and we will no longer struggle to cram so much into our days.”

“Because changing our perceptions is such a mammoth task, the Time Guardian is something very tired, as the prevailing human mindset now is of time needing to be contained and watched. He encourages us all to experience the natural flow of energy we call time, and experience its multi-dimensionality. There is one simple way to work with him. Be in the present moment, more often. You have enough time.”

“Feeling pushed for time, that time is moving too fast or too slow, feeling left behind, or that all is moving forward so fast we are no longer important or relevant. A need to ensure that natural timekeeping is kept. It is likely, when this card comes up, that you may have a theme of running late, or never having enough time, or of feeling that time is not on your side. Not so!” If we are fully aware, focused on living in the present moment, and are intimate with all things, we can embrace where we’ve been and where we will go next; who we were, and who we’d like to be, all at the same time, in the moment called now.

“Nothing would make you  happier than to start to greet the sunrise, to enjoy the sunset, to diminish and dampen the unnatural sources of light in your home that give the appearance of a uniformity of time. Time changes, flows, and moves as you interact with it, rather than entering into a struggle against it. Grow closer to natural time. Give yourself a watch-free day soon, and begin to understand what time is from the solar position, the moon cycle, and how you feel. It will help maintain an abundance of energy, and it also means that you will be in the flow, making it impossible for you to be late to what it is you are meant to be doing.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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