Spirit Message of the Day -Honor the Sensitivity of Timing

“Timing, as they say, is everything. We pay attention to time in so many ways. We acknowledge the importance of large chunks of time, such as childhood or summertime. We celebrate birthdays and other annual events. We mark the passing of days and months with a calendar. Some of us organize our time down to the hour with a daily planner.”

“Then there is another, more nebulous concept of time. If we have something to tell someone, we may ‘wait until the time is right’, even if we don’t know exactly when that will be. Sometimes we may break off a relationship or refuse a project, saying, ‘This just isn’t a good time’. These sorts of times aren’t measured by a clock or a calendar. They are spaces in time created by circumstance. The moon has her own timing and phases. Each phase has different energy and can be used to enhance the magic in your own life. Below is a brief idea of what each phase is particularly suited for.”

New Moon: beginnings
Waxing: growing and increasing
Full: completion, the full power of the moon
Waning: decreasing, eliminating, banishing

“So, for example, if you wanted to start a new diet, setting a start date during a waning or new moon would be better than during a waxing moon. Experienced practitioners of moon magic break the phases down even further. they also pay attention to what astrological sign the moon is in, as those positions bring their own specific energies.”

“Our Maiden Moon is a priestess dedicated to honoring the moon. She holds a wand topped with a full white moon, to gather and focus the moon’s power. She wears a slim black crescent about her waist, because every phase of the moon should be respected. The hem of her gown is decorated with spirals and swirls to remind her that all her magic affects the flow of the universe. Her calla lilies are signs of grace and beauty, the subtle, elegant luminosity of the moon. The crescent on her head indicates that the moon is foremost in her thoughts.”

“Whatever you are thinking of doing, pay attention to when you plan on doing it. The matter at hand is particularly sensitive to timing. This may be either lunar timing or circumstantial timing. Whichever it is, do pick carefully in order to assure the best possible success.”

“If you are planning on doing something, use these journal questions to help you determine the best time. Describe what you want to do. What aspects of this would you consider a new beginning of something? What is the role of increasing growth in this project? Is this something you’ve already started? If so, how close to completion are you? Is it something that requires a lot of energy? how does the idea of decreasing or banishing play into the plan?”

“Whatever phase you select, you can enchant your charm to focus the moon’s energy to support you in your plan. You can do this enchantment during your selected moon phase or during a full moon. Carve a circle in a white candle and then add a crescent. Anoint the candle with either jasmine or ylang-ylang oil (both are associated with the moon’s power). Light the candle, and place your charm in front of it. Say this:

“Goddess of the night
Guide me with wisdom
And your shining light.
I honor you when dark
I honor you in fullness
And as you fade and go.
Goddess of the night
Fill me with your wisdom
And this charm with light”

“When you are done, if safe and appropriate, let the candle burn out. If not, snuff the candle. Carry or wear your charm as a symbol of the moon’s power that is within you.”

Today’s message is from Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore and card art by Jessica Galbreth.

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