Spirit Message of the Day – Fly With Courage Into the Unknown

“For wonderful outcomes; all decisions must be made in the spirit of trust and adventure: the very spirit you have displayed in asking us to assist you. In order for you to understand which direction you must now travel in, you must gain a higher perspective. It is not mean to try and be ‘better’ or in any way ‘higher’ than anyone else, but to fly as an eagle or one of the Dragonfae would, high above the situation, so you can see its ramifications and lessons, its wisdom and knowledge spreading through time and space. This way you will know which direction to take next.”

“Ask the Dragonfae to send you visions and messages from this higher perspective, so we can assist you to make the decision, always understanding that while you may see much from this perspective, you will never know all. We will fly you high above this crossroads and from this point you will see your choices in their splendour and diversity.”

“These beings are  your magickal helpers, they are able to lift you up in order to assist you in seeing. If you feel you cannot see, they will describe to you the choices before you, but they will also help you to understand that at this time you are indeed at a crossroads, and that you are under their care. They are kin and they will walk or fly the road with you, until you are ready to take the steps yourself. Be unafraid of the decision you now need to make, of the move that may be necessary. Your haven is within  your heart, your sanctuary is within your soul. Be ready to become a being who travels and explores, who is about to embark upon an adventure to unknown lands, both inner and outer.”

“Travel, change of address or circumstance, be prepared to carry what you feel is yours forth into the new place that is calling you in the world, a new time, a shedding of your sacred place-skin, a return to an ancient home; a calling to a future self, and an answer. help from powerful companions when it comes to relocating, friendships in faraway places. Astral travelling to lands that are sometimes known as ‘fantasy’ realms, but which are in fact dimensional realities you have access to – now. Ask the Dragonfae to carry you safely there are back. Promotions, recognition, increase in attention in your career.”

“Making plans to move forward, packing up and letting go of the old, reducing the amount of material possessions that no longer speak to you, becoming the wanderer, the traveller for a time, a time of exile where you may be unsure of where your home lies. Know that this is the time of the being who migrates and takes flight, and who has many lives and homes in this one span of time where you are in your present earth body which, by the way, is a sacred tool. Use it to fly above what you can see from the ground, and gain a higher viewpoint. Think of the Dragonfae, flying high above, and you will fly further than you have dreamt of. Consider the element of air more often.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish

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