Spirit Message of the Day – Allow the Impossible to Cross Realities

“Nothing is impossible. Nothing. Those who tell you now that what you wish for, that what you yearn for, that the road you take is too hard, too difficult, too challenging, that it is not for you, for yours is not of the adventure of the dream, yours is of compromise and slow heartbreak…I am here to tell you they are wrong. Do not be angry with them, they are only speaking with the voices of the others who also feared…their true voices they have forgotten and buried because to remember them now hurts them so, as they feel the distance between who they really are and who they have allowed themselves to become. Do not fall into their illusion…their resistance will grow stronger, so be prepared…but the strength that is within you, if fed and supported, will grow till the seemingly impossible is made real. Nothing is impossible…and your dreams have a chance of coming true…most of all you have a chance to be truly yourself…rather than the cut down to size version others wish you to be. There is no safety to diminishing who you really are. Be yourself. Follow the dream and listen to your own clear, calm, inner voice. Be guided to do the impossible…now.”

“The Beautiful Dragonfae Lady grows in her garden the things that others believe are not possible…when told she was ‘making it up’ or inventing her garden, she invited all in to see her blue roses, which no one believed she could grow. Even then, many turned away, claiming she simply used a sorceress’ trick. But it is simply that she could do what others could not, because she trusted that still small voice and allowed the impossible a loving space in which to take hold, grow strong roots and burst into flower. What is impossible to some is quite natural to her, she believes in infinite and precious possibilities, and allows what others declare impossible to come forth.”

“People may be speaking to you from their fear, they tell you that what you wish for and hope for cannot be…and it’s not about the mundane, it is about precious jewels of hope that form our existence and our identity. The question truly is: who do you wish to be? An amalgamation of the fear and conditionings of others? Or do you wish to bravely be yourself and risk the falls that may come? Because The Lady of the Blue Rose tells you that falls will come, as will resistance, but she also tells you that breaking through to the other reality is your role in this lifetime: to carve out a path for yourself and to light the way for others travellers. You are unlimited – do not allow the fear to bind you and burdon you. You are free, and as such, the impossible is simply an act of magickal will and self-determination.”

“Summon your inner courage, and cast away the thought that courage is muscled and wears armour and a shield. Courage can be gentle and delicate too: it simply needs to stay true to who it is and what it does. Take steps to separate advice that comes from experience (widsom) and advice that comes from fear (conditioning). Understand that you are the being who must make the decision about your path: no matter how caught up and bound you feel you are, there is always a way to be truly free. And that by expressing the essence of you, and being true to your own heart and talents and powers. Stay strong, stay true, and do not waver. Call on the Blue Lady, and she will gently guide you…finding others who can mentor you through the ‘impossibles’ will also be of great assistance at this time. Also, take time to clarify your own conditioning, and make a renewed commitment to come from your talent and your gifts and your truth each and every day. Small powerful moments of courage create a life fully lived.”

Today’s guidance is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.


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  1. glorious.i expect nothing less of your beautiful wondrous wisdom….L*

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