Spirit Message of the Day – Dream Your Wisdom

“I am the Dragonfae being who comes in the night, who travels through dimensions to the doorway of the worlds. I will stand while you sleep and send you messages that you can unravel in your waking hours. All that is no longer needed will come to me, if you allow it, and I will catch it in my web between my hands, lit up by the light that travels from the solar plexus of this Universe, the being you call Sun, but which I call Bel.”

“This Bel shines through your day and at night I reflect that light into you, cleansing what is irritating and difficult for you, but keeping all that which you need to go forward. There is nothing to fear from the presence of we dream beings…I am yours, and in your dreams we will journey, we will explore, we will share and we will be happy together.  I will help you reach your goals and if you believe, great blessings from Spirit will be yours. We are part of the same tribe and your blood is mine. This dreamcatcher is at your service. Every night you allow me to visit, I will be your protector, your solar plexus will be opened a little further and your light will shine a little brighter in this world. I can help you see the threads of your future and to follow them. Let me into your dreams. Invite me in. This is my request of you.”

“Prophetic dreams; precognisance; dreams of elders speaking with you, working on opening and empowering your solar plexus, beginning to seek your dreams out purposefully, placing action with dreams. Finding feathers during the day, receiving messages from owl and eagle, and from wise women. Breathing deeply while  sleeping, sleeping well with the air being well-oxygenated, using oil burners.”

“The import of dream oracles has been spoken of in many ancient cultures, from the Greeks to the Lakota, from the Celts to the Norse. We are all being given chances to learn and to dream into being the truth of who we are while we do this thing called sleep, in which our being is trained and worked with in the spirit world. The Dreamcatcher being will come to you as the teacher you need, holding the sacred feathers of the air, the bells which will be run by the Dawn Watcher and the threads which woven together create your perfect and knowable and unknowable destiny.”

“Keep a dream journal; dimensional travel; communications between worlds, receiving messages without judging them; ensuring regular, healthful sleep, changing bedroom, clearing sleeping space, clearing space generally. Trusting that you are safe and protected while you sleep. Knowing that friends believe in your dreams; but that you must believe in them most fiercely of all.”

“Allowing the ephemera to slip through fingers in the past: know that now the chances and dreams can be held. Looking at the elder’s teachings in your dreams. The beings of all four directions, and the sacred or magickal circle or hoop of the Dragonfae and of all the indigenous peoples of the Earth, are with you now. You are a part of this divine circle and we are returning to speak with you, particularly at night, when you feel most safe receiving our messages. These are not imaginations. They are real messages, from real beings, and the Earth changes we speak of and your part in them are true prophecies.”

Today’s message is from Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

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