Spirit Message of the Day – A Quiet Strength

“The myriad flowers of the delicate Wild Carrot send their spirit’s message, calling on us to soften our defenses and learn to be who we really are. It is time to soften those hard, overprotective edges of your character to reveal a gentler, more accepting side of yourself. It is important to be aware of and nurture both our feminine and masculine energies and to create harmony with both.”

“Perhaps there is an appropriate message for you here from the Wild Carrot flower spirit to access your own inner gentle harmony. Have a look at your closest relationships and observe how many different roles you are acting out. Do you tend to mother and nurture those around you, or do you expect someone else to do that while you concentrate on achieving goals and expressing a more masculine energy? Often we fall into a set patterns and lose sight of the inner gentleness and acceptance that is in all of us.”

“Be still and become more whole by accessing the powerful, gentle nurturer within you. We all need to feel safe and protected in order to open out to our vulnerable soft nature, which is beautiful and soothing. Take time to notice where you are denying your own gentleness and begin to ease it out into the open again. Reveal the real you behind your protective shell and witness how much strength you gain by allowing a new vulnerability and honesty into your life. Your newfound softness will be your strongest guardian from now on and will create more balance in your entire being.”  

Today’s guidance is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

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  1. love this….your site.

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