Spirit Message of the Day – Awaken to Brilliance

“The delicate Primrose, flowering in the early spring, comes as a reminder to us to reawaken to our true selves after a time of spiritual hibernation. The Primrose flower spirit brings a lightness and ease to the process of change and encourages a fearless openness to the extra-ordinariness of life. Sometimes it feels easier to play it safe and continue in a way that maintains the status quo. In a sense this is a form of hibernation, as we put to sleep all our abilities to see, feel, hear, and know on a deeper level, and we stop being inquisitive about all the potential that could be.”

“The Primrose flower spirit is laughing and asking if you may be about to awaken to the amazing possibilities that life offers. It is saying to you that there is so much more out there waiting for you and it is time for you to be true to yourself and accept this with open arms. You are a truly incredible, powerful and perfect being and you are now being asked in this moment to accept it and awaken to your brilliance. Begin to use it, feel it, enjoy it, and nourish it. Follow up on areas of life that you want to know more about and throw yourself into new experiences. With this will come a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical awakening – a freshness and vitality expressed by the Primrose flower.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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