Spirit Message of the Day – Release Old Emotions, Feel Free

“The languid, drooping flower of the Pulsatilla, with its petals close to the earth, has a powerful spirit that reminds us to release the past. Sadness, difficulties and anger may have been yours, but they are ready to be released so that you can feel lighter and more connected. If you have picked this card you may be feeling a little emotional at the moment and long for the embrace of someone you love to make you feel better.”

“Although not technically a bulb, its fibrous rootstock and message relating to releasing the past put it in this category. This delicate alpine flower grows in harsh rocky conditions, its blooms held dangling on soft furry stems. Sense the softness of your love for yourself and remember that we are all ultimately alone in the world and can only be truly loved if we take responsibility for our own lives and love ourselves first.”

“Feel the calming, soft reassuring essence of the Pulsatilla flower spirit coming into your life now. Release fear, pain, resentment, and neediness. Access your own grief and let tears of relief flow unhindered. Take some quality time to be by yourself to let your emotions release gently. Move into a more self-loving, peaceful place within. Feel the calm of releasing the physical and mental pressure of holding on to all those old feelings. What a relief.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie EClare.


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