Spirit Message of the Day – Find Hope in the Moment

“Crimson – a color of passion, of danger, of blood. A crimson moon cannot be a pleasant omen. And yet it is the color of courage and the mother goddess. We all live through dark, desolate times. Life, even one filled with magic, has ups and downs. Dark times have phases, just like the moon, just like all of life. Sometimes we are in shock over a new pain or loss that is fresh and sharp. Sometimes we are in the midst of mourning, where everything is a dark and black and devoid of hope as it is possible to be. And sometimes we are near the end of a dark time. The pain is not as sharp. The blackness is not as bleak. Instead, the pain is becoming part of us, not intense and cutting. It is not destroying us, but instead it is shaping who we are becoming. The darkness still hides a great deal, but it is lifting, allowing glimmers of hope to catch our eyes. We may still feel alone and a long way from happiness, but we do sense that life will continue and that maybe, just maybe, joy will be possible.”

“Our Crimson Moon Fairy embodies this moment of darkness giving way to dawn. She stands on a pillar, disconnected still from everyday life, but she is starting to look around and see that life continues. Above her shines a slim crescent moon tinged with crimson. While much of her heart remains dark, light is beginning to show, bringing with it the courage and passion needed to deal with her loss. Behind, and yet out of sight but ready to be noticed, is a white flower, representing new growth and hope. She wears jewels of deepest red, as if made from her heart’s very blood that fed her mourning. From this journey through darkness, she has grown, and these jewels represent those changes. She carries a wand that symbolizes her intent and focus. Even though she still holds it listlessly, it is starting to glow. She is beginning to feel the need to do something, that her time of weeping is almost over.”

“Whatever you’ve been through, however much it has hurt, no matter how long and dark this time of loss and pain has been, you can know that it is nearly over. You are coming to terms with what has happened. It no longer cuts you harshly to think of it. You’ve taken that pain into your soul, and you’ve grown from it. You are starting to find the courage to go on. You are feeling the stirrings of the passion for life. You need only look, and you will see the gift of hope that the universe is offering you. Then you will be ready to start a renewed phase in your life.”

Today’s message is from Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore and art by Jessica Galbreth.


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