Spirit Message of the Day – Remember Your Lightness of Being

“The flower spirit of the Nomocharis brings us the message of freedom. Floating as if suspended in the air, this sublime flower oozes contentment, liberty, and openness. Let this flower spirit become part of your essence, as it is a reminder of who we really are: free spirits, but trapped within physical bodies and constrained by our own conditioning. Now is the time to free yourself from subconscious patterns that may be ruling your life. We can’t achieve freedom by running away, because as soon as we return, or incidents remind us of where we were, we are triggered into automatic behavior – our buttons are pressed -and we feel the same way again.”

“If you have chosen this card, perhaps you are ready to release some of the ways in which your buttons are pressed by situations or people. The most effective way to do this is to become aware of how you feel in certain situations and with certain people. Watch how you sometimes get triggered and feel as if your energy is being drained or irritations arise within. Once you begin to notice these feelings, simply remain alert and in the moment and dont’ try to push them down. As soon as we accept feelings and acknowledge where they have come from, they begin to lose the control they have over us. If we do this with compassion, then we can truly liberate ourselves and transmute old subconscious patterns of behavior that have been running our lives. Float with the Nomocharis and feel the essence of pure freedom.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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