Spirit Message of the Day – Nurture Your Unconditional Capability

“The vibrant, alert spirit of the pink Dahlia flower sends us a beautiful, heartfelt message to feel deep compassion for ourselves.  There is a growing belief that we need to learn to love ourselves and others unconditionally. If we were truly enlightened, then maybe that would be possible. As it is, most of us seek to become more loving, but unconditional love is something we experience only in rare moments in our lives.”

“It will become easier to begin to accept ourselves unconditionally if we can feel deep compassion for who we are and where we are. If we are able to access our feelings each moment, and then surrender to them in compassion, we open the door to self-acceptance. Once this happens, our self-worth begins to grow, as it does not depend on any outside influences for acknowledgement. As soon as we begin to learn unconditional compassion for ourselves, our need to criticize and judge others also drops away. Then we can truly feel unconditional compassion for others, and the love we feel will flow unhindered and without resistance or reserve.”

“The lesson from the pink Dahlia is important: it suggests that you may have been a little harsh with yourself and shut down feelings that you have experienced. On a regular basis, sit quietly with a feeling of unconditional compassion for yourself and see how this gradually softens and expands your whole being.”

Today’s guidance is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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