Spirit Message of the Day – Return To Innocence

“Deep within all of us is the perfect unblemished innocence of source. When we are born, we each begin a new journey along our life’s path and gradually we forget where we came from and the purity that lies at our core. The sweet spirit of the Aquilegia flower is bringing us back to an awareness of a higher power, as we begin another journey back home to reconnect to that innocent perfection within, our true selves.”

“Take time now to focus on the sensitive invitation of the Aquilegia flower spirit to bask in a state of purity and innocence. Free yourself from al preconceived notions of who you are and all the parts of yourself that you judge severely and unkindly. Let go of your adult critical mind and recall the innate understanding of our creator that is within. Allow that feeling of purity to resonate throughout your being. Know that this connection and peace is always there, it’s just a matter of remembering to look.”

“Take heart from the Aquilegia’s message of innocence and know that the flower spirit is helping you to recall your own inner beauty and perfection. Revisit a childlike innocence and inquisitiveness in your daily routine. Bring it into your relationships and feel how much easier it is to communicate and express yourself when you come from a place of innocence. Honor and love that side of yourself and know that this is where enlightenment dwells, in your purse connection with source.”

Today’s message comes from the Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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