Spirit Message of the Day – Prepare For New Beginnings

“Agrimony is a perennial of grassy places, native throughout most of the British Isles and Europe, introduced in America, growing up to three feet tall. It has a starry yellow flowers that are apricot scented and turn into rust-red burred fruits. Its leaves, fragrant when crushed, have small toothed leaflets between pairs of larger ones.”

“The card show Agrimony in full bloom at the time of the Druid festival of Alban Hefin, the Summer Solstice in June. To one side grows the first of the Celtic Ogham trees Beith, the Birch – the tree of beginnings and purification -which offers the same qualities as Agrimony. In the distance stand the lonely stones of the ‘Druids’ Circle’ erected during the early Bronze Age at Penmaenmawr, Wales.”

“One of the Gaelic names for Agrimony is mur-druidheann, which has been interpreted as ‘sorrow of the Druids’. However, a more complete interpretation would explain that it is a ‘dispeller of sorry used by the Druids’, since Agrimony has the special property of helping to liberate people from depression and lethargy by eliminating negative energy from their aura and their home.”

“If you have drawn this card, this may suggest that you are ready to let go of feelings, thoughts, or attachments that are no longer serving you. Agrimony brings a sense of purification and liberation that makes you want to step boldly forward into a new phase of your life, or perhaps a new job or relationship. Any sorrow that you may have been lingering in your home or workplace will soon vanish as swiftly as the night vanishes at dawn.”

“If however any feelings of sadness or lethargy may be weighing you down at present. Life may seem to have lost its savour, and you wish that it felt like Spring again. Often, such feelings come from attachments that once may have brought you joy or comfort, but which now seem to have ‘turned’ – just as milk that once was nourishing, can later turn sour. This may mean that you need to spend some time ‘spring-cleaning’ your life, both inwardly and outwardly.”

“See if you can give or throw away any unnecessary clutter in your home, and ask yourself ‘Do I really need this?’ of just about everything. Just as physical pain is a sign that your body needs attention, so feelings of sorrow and lack of energy may well be symptoms telling you that you must look after your own needs before those of others – at least until you feel better. By doing this, blockages will clear, negative energy will be dispersed, and you will start to move towards a new phase in your life.”

“Such was the name the Roman writer Pliny gave to this herb, which is also known as Church Steeples, Cocklebur and Sticklewort. The herb is a powerful astringent, tonic and blood cleanser, and for centuries was used to treat debilitating conditions in which the patient seemed drained of energy. In France, Agrimony is still used as a major ingredient in a spring tonic tisane, and in Germany it was highly revered for its protective properties and is often mentioned as an ingredient of a sacred ‘nine-herb bundle’, used as a panacea for all kinds of physical and spiritual or psychological afflictions.”

“In addition to its tonic and healing properties, Agrimony is also able to bring deep and peaceful sleep. Its dried leaves and flowers can be used to make a herb pillow, and such is its power that the sleeper will only awake when the pillow is removed, according to this Old English rhyme:

If it be leyd under mann’s heed,
He shal sleepyn as he were deed;
He shal never drede ne wakyn
Till fro under his heed it be takyn.

“Agrimony is the perfect herb for a lustral bath taken before meditating or engaging in any kind of spiritual work, or before participating in a ritual. To make an infusion, pour 1 pint of boiling water over two teaspoonfuls of chopped leaves, and leave to steep for ten minutes. The infusion can then be drunk as a tea, added to water for cleansing, or poured into your bath, which you can also strew with leaves and flowers if you wish.”

“In Druid magic, Agrimony is used as an incense to cleanse the aura and the ritual circle, acting in the same way that sage is used in certain Native American traditions for ‘smudging’. The dried leaves sprinkled over glowing charcoal exert a powerful cleansing and purifying effect.”

Today’s message is from The Druid Plant Oracle: Working with the Magical Flora of the Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.


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