Spirit Message of the Day – Walk the Creative Path, Embrace The Unknown

“The Cerinthe brings a message of creativity and asks us to be willing to find new ways to express our creativity. The passionate message from the spirit of the deliciously waxy, blue Cerinthe flower is one of pure self-expression and creativity. In its open expression of blissful presence, it shows us that to be fully present with one’s own pure creativity brings with it a deep understanding of self and a greater connection with life itself.”

“In this modern world, we may sometimes feel we are surrounded by chaos, so it is vital that we each find and nurture our inner core. This will give us a solid base from which to go forward in the craziness of our hectic lives without being knocked off balance. The sublime beauty of the Cerinthe flower is within us all — if we can but accept this we will have made a giant leap in faith and understanding. To help us even more to hold our heads high, to feel that we belong and to know that we are connected with everything that is, we must access our own creativity. If we can do this it acts as a reflection of the beauty within us and helps to nourish and strengthen our own core.”

“We are all creative — acknowledge the ways that you can develop and express your own creativity. If you have picked this card today, the Cerinthe flower spirit calls on you to open new doors to self-expression. Your inner beauty and creativity are crying out to be acknowledged and activated. Be inspired by the Cerinthe flower and begin to access your own infinite source of pure creativity.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.

Cerinthe Major Purpurascens
Blue Honeywort This wonderful plant has a long association with bees. More than 2000 years ago, Virgil described using this plant as an offering to swarming bees in order to entice them into a new hive: “Here sprinkle the odors ordained, crushed balm and lowly tufts of honeywort, and make a tinkling round about and clash the cymbals of the goddess Mother; they will settle on the scented seat and in their way creep into the inmost covert of their nest.”  It got its name “cerinthe” because of the waxiness of its leaves and because it was thought bees got wax for their hives from this plant. In his 16th-century herbal, Gerard recommends growing honeywort just for the pleasure of sipping the nectar bee-wise from the tubular flowers and enjoying the pleasantly waxy flavor of the leaves. This plant is very attractive to bees because of the great amount of nectar in the flowers; hummingbirds will also visit it. Although it was popular in the Renaissance–enough to rate a mention in Culpeper–this native of the Mediterranean region was subsequently rarely grown the West until a couple decades ago. Apparently because it is a quick-growing plant–it can go from seed for blooms in 10-12 weeks and have two generations in one season–this is considered a Mercury herb. Because it is so favored by bees, a martial insect, it would be a good herb to use in works where you want to win over a hostile force or attract defensive hosts. This member of the borage family is also known as the blue shrimp plant and the blue wax flower.

Excerpt taken from www.alchemy-works.com


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