Spirit Message of the Day – Release To Take Flight

“What burdens are you carrying on this part of your journey? Are you transporting those of others out of generosity, obligation, or codependency? Is this burden so heavy that it slows you down? This marker called burden asks you to stop and look at your responsibilities, your commitments, and all that you bring and actively choose to carry with you on your journey.”

“Are you clinging to an unhealthy situation or burden out of fear? Are you taking on the burdesn of others to prevent them from getting hurt? Do you know that this adversely enables others to avoid learning their life lessons and doesn’t really help at all? Drawing this card encourages you to release others to their own path. It may also be time for you to re-evaluate your intentions and analyze why you’re helping. Perhaps you like helping because it makes you feel needed. If this is the case, it is time to let go of this burden, for it’s born of self-centered and selfish reasons.”

“Release all burdens you’re carrying for others to the universe and let the divine assist you in this process. Remember, anyone you may be aiming to help has their own unique path to walk, their own special journey to explore, and their own angels and guides to assist, just as you do. Trust in the divine plan for all.”

“On the sacred path to the Isle of Avalon, you must be aware that you pack all the essential wisdom tools you will need to chart your course. Integrity, kindness, compassion, discernment, discretion, faith, forgiveness, truth, and love are merely a few of them. Take stock, and once your tools are counted, see if the rest of what you’re hanging on to is healthy, appropriate, and in the best interest of all parties invovled. Now is the time to leave behind any unnecessary burdens; and focus on your own path and life journey. Rest assured you have all the strength you need to carry only what is yours.”

Today’s message is from The Wisdom of the Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

Click here to learn more about the history of The Isle of Avalon.

Click here to read The Isle of Avalon by Nicolas R. Mann.


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