Spirit Message of the Day – Live Beyond Resistance To Find Bliss

“The effervescent open armed joy and bliss of the Ox Eye Daisy spirit brings a sense of completion. It is only possible to feel a deep state of bliss if we first surrender ourselves to all that is. As we drop through the layers of emotion protecting our innocent inner core, we meet a point of resistance. If we can allow ourselves to sit with and experience all that is, then we can transmute any pain into consciousness and bliss. First, we need to know how we feel, then we can move past the resistance and without judgement accept exactly where we are and how we are.”

“Try this now. Sit quietly and notice how you feel inside and where there is any resistance, pain, or tension. Just sit, allow it to be and notice if you would rather be avoiding it. We have many ways of running away from ourselves. Just surrender and accept it and, as you continue to be in the moment with your feelings, all resistance will fade and you will become aware of something else.”

“Once we can surrender to our own state in the moment, we can learn to access deep calm and tranquility. Within this state is the potential for bliss and a miraculous sense of heightened awareness. Start to live your life beyond all resistance and notice those moments of bliss begin to expand into more and more of your being. As we take time to be aware of how we feel, we can use it as a tool to become conscious and live more in the moment. An expansive sense of bliss is the reward, so keep practicing and revel in the essence of the Ox Eye Daisy spirit.

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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