Spirit Message of the Day – Feel Affinity With Nature

“Today’s message is one of balance. Nature is a perfect example of harmonious balance. The spirit of the Lupin flower presents us with its simple message: to seek a more balanced approach to living. Take note of the exquisite balance in the make-up of this flower and let it be a perfect reminder of our own potential for balance and calm.”

“Perhaps you have been feeling out of balance lately and need to bring about changes in your life? One of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to gain perspective and balance is to spend time in nature – walking, swimming, gardening, or simply sitting and being. Take time to connect with a specific flower or a tree.”

“Notice the perfection in a flower or a leaf, and feel affinity with all living forms around you. Close your eyes and feel your heart opening to the consciousness of the spirit of any plant, flower or tree you are close to. In your mind, ask the flower or tree to take away all your negativity and imbalances, leaving you cleansed and harmonious. In return, send back warmth, and appreciation and love.”

“Simply keep your heart and mind open and imagine a response coming back to you from the spirit with which you are connected and you will be amazed how much they have to offer. Feel at one with nature and all balance will be perfectly restored, leaving you feeling refreshed, clear, and open.”

“You have chosen the Lupin flower spirit to reflect your sensitive nature, so nurture your soul’s desire and find your own path to balance every aspect of your wonderful life.” Allow yourself to feel affinity with nature today.

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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