Spirit Message of the Day – Maintain Focus on Goals

“Over the moon and past the stars, when you dream with a friend you fly twice as far.”

“Want to know a scary truth about the power of thoughts” and actively thinking with purpose and positive intention? “Thoughts can actually manipulate, shape, and change the people, events, circumstances, and your experiences in life.”

“Now, this isn’t a bad thing, and I’m not suggesting you try to change someone who doesn’t want to be changed (that’s impossible), but there is a whole ton of people out there, hordes even, who want exactly what corresponds to you getting your way.”

“Essentially, they want what you want but for their own reasons. And your thoughts, when clear and unfettered by limiting beliefs, reach out to these people and literally begin changing their behavior, drawing them closer and closer and closer to your life.”

“How? Realities are actually switched around, like a train jumping tracks, in ways that are invisible to the physical senses until after the change has happened. And then, presto, they’re there. Who? Friends, lovers, customers, employers, employees, agents, partners, associates, manufacturers, publishers, directors, deal makers, or any kind of cohort you could possibly imagine.”

“The trick is not to try to manipulate any specific someone but to maintain a clear focus upon your goal so that all others can clearly hear your calling.” This involves being honest and vocal about creating your life and happiness so that others can hear it and see it come to pass.

“Another trick is never underestimating the power of your thoughts.”

Today’s guidance is from Mike Dooley’s book Choose Them Wisely: Thoughts Become Things!


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