Spirit Message of the Day – Expand Your Perception

“It is easy to ignore our innate powers of perception and feel that we need to follow tradition, seeing things as others around us do. Each one of us has many layers of other people’s thoughts, ideas, and concepts filling our minds. We learned them as we grew up and they feel familiar and comfortable. Sometimes it isn’t easy to know if what we feel comes from deep within us or is something inherited from everyone else’s way of perceiving.”

“The Globe Thistle Flower Card brings you a message of perception. This flower spirit enlightens us with a clear reflection of the absolute perfection of our own inner perception. It asks that we forget about trying to please others and begin to access the purity inside. Our most powerful action is to be honest and speak our truths in every area of our lives.”

“Enter a new phase in your life and learn to be more yourself than ever before. Tap into your instinctive perceptive qualities, listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance. For heightened perception, breathe deeply seven times into your belly. Each time, imagine clear light filling you and building up until on your eighth breath you can sense a ball of light, clear energy. Now imagine bringing that light up the back of your spine, over the top of your head and into the center of your mind, your pineal. Relax your breathing and feel the calm and clarity as you become aware of expanded perception coming from your pineal. This is a place where you can find your own inner answers. Practice this exercise and experience the clarity of the Globe Thistle’s spirit.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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