Spirit Message of the Day – Remember You Deserve Happiness

“Our paths have crossed on our way back home, making small the price of times spent alone.”

Enjoy today; relish the moment. “Allow your joys to ebb and flow. Don’t define spells of uncertainty, loneliness, or unhappiness as the way things are, because they are Not the way things are. You always have something to look forward to, whether you know what that something is or not. And best of all, it’s not just a ‘something’, it’s the best of times and the best of friends. New adventures, experiences, and circumstances lie just around the corner, and they need only your expectation to transpire and manifest.” Expect a miracle; get ready for many adventures.

“Laughter such as you’ve never known, peace such as you have never experienced, love such as you’ve never felt, and fun! These aren’t just for the fortunate, the blessed, or the holy; they’re your inalienable birthrights. No matter what you think you deserve, you do deserve these –and more. You always have — and always will. Stake your claim, look ahead, and know of the happiness that awaits you” – Today – in the present -in this very moment.

Today’s message is from Mike Dooley’s book entitled “Choose Them Wisely – Thoughts Become Things!

He reminds us to

  • Shed limiting beliefs and false conclusions.
  • Harness the fundamental, non-judging principle that shapes your world.
  • Be emboldened to think BIG and clearly imagine the life of your dreams.
  • Understand your supernatural, spiritual nature and heritage.
  • Be able to draw on the support, love, and power of your greater-self.
  • Realize that your destiny lies in your own hands.
  • Grasp the true nature of your reality.
  • Release yourself from the past and misunderstandings that have robbed you of your power.
  • Love who you already are and all you already have.
  • Draw comfort from knowing that you are never alone, that it’s never too late, and that you already have all you need to have, do, and be all you want.
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