Spirit Message of the Day – Connect With Your Inner Dragon

“Have you ever wished you had an extra reserve of energy that you could tap into? Sometimes you want just an extra little boost. You have a feeling it is there, if only you knew the secret that would allow you to access it.”

“The world is filled with different types of energy that are appropriate for different purposes. This elemental energy is often seen as earth, air, fire, and water (the points represented in a pentagram symbol). Each type has its own properties. Earth energy is grounded and practical, useful for manifesting tangible goals. Air energy promotes clarity of thought and problem solving. Water provides emotional richness and creativity. Fire energy is all about drive and passion. there are lots of practices that allow you access, focus, and use these energies.”

“One way is to visualize them as creatures that embody certain characteristics such as a sylph or bird for air or a sprite or mermaid for water. Dragons are ideal representations for fire energy and are also traditional symbols of personal power. If you want to incorporate drive and passion into your life, exploring dragon magic is an ideal practice.”

“The Dragon Witch is a keeper of dragons. She can handle and direct them, though no one can really tame them. She is an expert in the properties and use of fire energy. Behind her is a Celtic knot interwoven with a pentacle. This represents the complex interconnection of all things with the elemental energies of the universe, including spirit. She wears a crescent moon headpiece with three jewels, acknowledging her devotion to the goddess. The three jewels represent the triple goddess, but the main symbol is the crescent. This is appropriate, because fire energy is never stable, always waxing or waning. She also wears a cross, a union of the world of spirit and the physical world. Her expertise and power come from a well balanced understanding of both realms. In her hand she holds a small dragon, representing her area of expertise. Naturally, she wears red, the color of fire, passion, and energy.”

“Whatever it is you wish to accomplish, you are very close to doing so, but your energy or drive may be waning. Now is the time to give yourself a burst of energy so you can successfully complete your task. Take a deep breath, focus your mind, set your intent, and finish what you’ve started. Victory is at hand, but you have a little way to go before it is complete. The power you need is within your reach. Connect with your inner dragon, and you won’t be disappointed.”

Today’s message is from Barbara Moore’s book Destiny’s Portal with art by Jessica Galbreth.


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  1. Hello
    May I borrow the picture of your delightful dragon Hideki to show as an example of the kind of small dragon I’m looking for? With a friend I’m developing a children’s part animated programme and one of the characters is a small dragon.
    Best wishes

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