Spirit Message of the Day – Be Relentless, You Are Unlimited

“It’s you who decides on your mission and fate. For how else could you learn of your gifts to create?”

“Really. If secret elements, lucky charms, or other ‘non-you’ energies helped to craft your reality, how would you ever know what you were responsible for versus what was done by another? How would the credit be split? Mostly you or mostly them? What if something really bad happened? What if something really good happened? What if you wanted to initiate change in your life? Would you have to ask someone, would you have to get approval, would you have to wait?”

“Do you see? Any subjectivity in the matter of your destiny would entirely rob you of your creative sovereignty. No longer could it be said that ‘You shall reap as you sow’, or ‘Believe all things are possible’, or ‘Knock, and it shall be opened’, because these would all be lies.”

“When the light goes on for the first time and you get this, it’s kind of scary. You feel alone, even though you’re not. But in time, it gets kind of exciting as the truth reminds you of how far you can reach. Better still, eventually it becomes impossible to see yourself as anything less than totally unlimited.”

Today’s guidance is from Mike Dooley’s book entitled Chose Them Wisely: Thoughts Become Things! 


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