Spirit Message of the Day – Expansion Promotes Growth

“The message of the Tulip flower spirit is one of growth and regeneration. Pushing up from the apparently dormant winter earth, this exquisite tulip blooms in the late spring. It is an evocative representation of all that is new, fertile, and fresh. It’s paper-thin petals appear almost as if by magic on a long elegant stem; but although delicate in appearance, this growth from a tight, hard bulb displays its powerful life force.”

“Sometimes we, too, have times of reflective quiet, when all goes dormant and life seems less fulfilling. Bereavement and emotional loss may leave us feeling lifeless and flat. The Tulip flower spirit urges you to lift up your head, as your low times are now in the past. It is time to celebrate life and the regenerative capability of heart and soul.”

“With deep pain we grow and become wiser and more compassionate. It is easier to understand others once we have experienced our own difficulties. Feel the restored inquisitiveness towards life that is growing inside you, like the perfect form of the tulip emerging from the cold earth.”

“Celebrate this regeneration by choosing a simple way to make yourself feel fresh and different. Change your hair, the colors you wear, the books you typically read, your style, try a new food, or redecorate your home. Making positive changes brings about new energy and a refreshing vitality that you may have been lacking lately. We are all capable of enormous growth in all areas of our life; regeneration is yours, once you decide what you need and go for it.”

Today’s message is from Flower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare.


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