Spirit Message of the Day – Look Beyond Illusion

“The Page of Wand is represented today by Circe. The ancient Greeks believed that the moon goddess Circe had a great palace in the Aegean Sea. Her name is linked with the word circle, marking this deity as a fate spinner and weaver of destinies. Circe knew the ancient mysteries of making creative or destructive magick by braiding or knotting her hair. This power is symbolized on the card by the sparkles in her hair. The lunar hare of creation and the owl of wisdom join Circe in her magickal activities. Her spell book of secrets covered with spirals signifies her creative and destructive energies. The owl brings her a wand of change. “

“Important news and messages come to your attention today. Be careful how you use this information.” Prepare to look beyond the surface of the situation and see through any illusions or false appearances. Aim to see the simple truth.

Today’s message comes from Fantastical Creatures Tarot by Lisa Hunt and D.J. Conway.


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