Spirit Message of the Day – Goddess Day 2010

In honor of celebrating the Goddess within us all on Mother’s Day this year – I’ve pulled three Goddess cards from The Oracle of the Goddess by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber to represent three distinct aspects of self: Your Head, Your Heart, Your Home.

“My Head is ready to receive
new ways to think and to believe.
My thoughts are deeds;
their powers great.
My mind will help me rule my fate.
My Heart will fill with feelings true
that will my weary heart renew.
Emotion’s waves,
they ebb and flow,
but I avoid their under-tow.
My Home is here. I feel secure.
This space is now a Temple pure
where I can safely speak my mind
and leave my hurt and fear behind.
It’s time to let my head and heart
align to bring me Cupid’s dart
or any other goal I seek.
It’s time to hear the Goddess speak.” 

“Think Affectionately. Feel Capable. Make Big Changes.”

“The Head card represents the purely mental qualities attributed to the Goddess selected which can help you identify how to obtain the relationship or goal you desire. This part of the answer helps you look into your own head to gain perspective on the thought processes and attitudes that can affect the matter in question.”

“The Heart card represents the purely emotional qualities attributed to the Goddess selected which offer gentle guidance for successfully dealing with the emotional aspects of the attainment of your goal. This part of your answer can also help in identifying your true feelings.”

“The Home card represents the type of physical actions associated with the Goddess selected and reminds you that emulating those actions can help in attaining your goal. The word ‘home’ here refers to the body, the temple where the Head and the Heart dwell.”

“Love, laugh and enjoy the moment. Enjoy all forms of creativity. Don’t worry. Be charming and gay. Take a vacation from logic and worry. Believe what you are hearing. Enjoy the ecstasy that emanates from the meeting of two lovers. An existing relationship must renew this heady excitement or it is in danger of failing. Heed the thoughts that are described in the Head card you have selected. By aligning yourself with these thoughts you can best enable your subconscious mind to create the reality you desire.”

“Believe in  your ability to handle anything you may encounter. Emotions must be analyzed to prevent misguided reactions to unfounded fears. The unknown is always with us and must be embraced if we would live a full life. Anxiety builds when we are desperate to know the outcome of plans and actions before they have reached fruition. Heed the feelings that are described in the Heart card you have selected. By aligning yourself with these emotions you can best face the reality of how much work attaining your goal will entail.”

“Face your fear of the unknown. Fundamental changes must take place as you progress towards the goal you desire. The process has already started. The present moment is your point of power. Use your power to change now. You cannot change another, but the envy of good results often provokes change in even the most rigid.”

“Goddess of Affection: Aphrodite means ‘risen from the sea foam’ and that is why the Greeks who worshiped her built many of her temples by the sea. In appearance she was the essence of feminine beauty with a graceful figure, a perfect face, and an amiable smile. A mistress of seductive conversation, she enjoyed arousing the passions of many of the Gods. Her interests strayed to mortal men as well, to whom she sometimes appeared as an earthly maiden. She was reputed to have a magic girdle which made all who saw her fall in love with her. Her Cupids were sent to Earth with their arrows to cause the joining of men and women; willing victims of the Goddess of Love and Affection.”

“Goddess of Discernment: Artemis was the very independent Goddess of the Moon and the odds, born of Zeus, the Greek God and Leto, an earlier Goddess of fertility. Her twin brother was Apollo, God of the Sun. Artemis wished for the freedom Apollo enjoyed. She asked Zeus for a bow and arrow and a short, masculine tunic so that she might pursue a life of hunting in the forest. In her Huntress aspect, she represented the Goddess as the Destroyer of Life. Artemis ruled a primeval, natural world of perfection unknown in the cities. She followed her own path and felt perfectly complete without a man. Her joy was to fall asleep without any worries under the stars, to excel physically and to seek her own destiny with all the ardor and the almost obsessively narrow focus of youth.”

“Goddess of Mysteries: Hekat was first worshipped in pre-dynastic Egypt where she was the symbol of the tribal matriarchal ruler. She came to be associated with women’s knowledge, the mysteries of childbirth and the magical side of life. In later years, she appeared in the myth of the Greek Goddess Demeter whom she accompanied in Demeter’s search for her daughter Persephone. The went to Helios, the Sun God, to ask where the child was hidden and were directed to the underworld realm where Hekat would later rule as Hecate. She was also referred to as Hecate Selene, another name for the Moon.”

Today’s special message is from The Oracle of the Goddess by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.


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  1. Always grateful for your enlightenment for all of us.
    Thank you.
    Love, light and smiles, Darinella

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