Spirit Message of the Day – Cultivate the Beauty that is You

“Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Some say otherwise, that beauty is the inner light shining out. Grace is moving through the world in beauty. Is beauty merely physical, or does it come from somewhere else? In fairy magic, there is a kind of magic called glamour. With that magic, fairies can make themselves appear more beautiful. That magic is available to those who seek it.”

“Who hasn’t wished they were more physically beautiful? We all have beauty within us, but how do we make that beauty shine through? If we feel beautiful, we usually are more confident and less self-conscious. By expressing our inner beauty, we can move with grace through our lives, enchanting them and touching the lives of others with magic. We can be more beautiful by expressing that which is good, compassionate, wise, and generous within ourselves. Ah, but  first, we must acknowledge that this beauty does indeed dwell in our souls.”

“In this card, we see a charming Jewel of the Sea. Although she is still at this moment, it doesn’t take much to imagine her moving with grace and beauty through her world. Her flowing white hair indicates purity of thought and intention. She is crowned with treasures from the sea floor, showing deep, ancient wisdom. A shining bubble surrounds her head. It is the certain knowledge and belief that she is truly beautiful. She radiates light, even in the darkest depths of the ocean. A point of light adorns her fingertip, and she knows she can spread beauty and light with the wave of her hand. She leaves bits of sparkly magic behind wherever she goes.”

“Acknowledge your beauty. Recognize it, nurture it, honor it. Realize where your beauty comes from. Look at all that is good and wise within you. Commit to cultivating it. Be secure in your beauty and make good use of it. Let your every action, thought, and word be an extension and expression of your inner beauty. Leave beauty and magic behind you wherever you go. Recognize and honor the beauty in others.”

“Cultivating inner beauty is all very well and good. But sometimes a girl just wants to feel beautiful. Here’s a simple little spell that might provide you with just the pick-me-up you’re looking for. Mix a few drops of rose and sandalwood essential oils. Draw a warm, comfortable, bath and light a grey candle. Add some of the oils to the bath and relax in the lightly scented warm water. Lean back and close your eyes. Visualize yourself at your absolute best. Notice all of your beauty and admire your body and imagine how you will dress to accentuate it. Perhaps wear something lavender since that is a color of personal power, spirituality, and fairy magic. See yourself moving through the rest of your day (and evening too) with ample beauty and grace. See the smiles, feel the magic.

Today’s message is from The Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore with art by Jessica Galbreth.


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  1. Self acceptance is a beautiful inner sunrise .gedeprama|bellofpeace.org

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