Spirit Message of the Day – An Inner Awakening

“The Angel of Spring represents hope and renewal, a time of planting new ideas, embarking upon new journeys, and taking advantage of newfound creative and spiritual energy. This time may signal an unexpected turn of events, a new development, or a new way of thinking about a current issue at hand. It may also be a time of resurrection, a way to resurrect the higher spiritual aspects involved. Pay attention to any visions you may receive in the coming days, in dreams, songs, print, or elsewhere, regarding your query.”

“Spring is traditionally a time of joy, but we must remember that joy and lightness can be born only through pain or darkness. Birth is not possible without labor. If you have experienced pain regarding the issue at hand, now is the time to allow the angels to bring you joy, and allow yourself to feel the energy of hope and renewal, and to release that energy into the world. Spring is a time of opportunities that abound to fulfill the destiny of new growth. Drawing this card alerts us to the fact that opportunities are all around us. Spring forward with confidence and move gracefully with the aspiring life force to turn this energy into ambition.  Think about your aspirations. What does this issue have to do with them? Does it help you or hold you back? If this issue is in alignment with your highest aspirations, it is a time to move forward. If not, it may be appropriate to put your energy elsewhere.”

“Like the fall equinox, the spring equinox is the balance of day and night. But whereas the autumn equinox signals the waning of the light, the spring equinox burns with the approaching passion of the bursting day. The Spring thus embodies a singular power an enormous energy that can either help us to restore balance and wholeness to our lives or cause us to burn out with passion and enthusiasm too quickly spent. It is a tempting, seductive time of the awakening of all the senses. Allow The Angel of Spring to help you soar with joy and enthusiasm but with a proper tempered balance of energy.”

Today’s guidance is from Angel Journey Cards by Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain.


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